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Video Cost Description
R-958 Caught Short Again $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video features 9 ladies who find themselves in a social situation that they can't get out of but also having to pee in the worst way. First, a lady quick steps into a ladies room and finds all of the stalls in use. She paces back and forth, puts her knees togther, puts her hand into her crotch, but inevitably, she cannot hold it in. The next lady is trapped in a stalled elevator - same result. The next lady has her car break down and she loses it in front of the auto mechanic who is trying to help her out. Next, a nurse is caught in a conversation with a patient. The next lady is posing for an art class (wearing panties and bra rather than being a nude model). The next lady is caught short in a park. The next lady is caught waiting in a line for an outdoors ladies room - she was in tears and even cuts in front of everyone. We don't see her pee herself, but we do see her exit the ladies room with the tell-tale stain.Next, a nurses aid suffers a similar fate and finally a lady travelling home in a train humiliates herself. Except for the last lady and the underwear clad model, the rest are wearing slacks. A nice, low key video.(100 minutes)
R-873 Sharked and Pissed (literally) $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I love Japanese ladies, but if they have one fault, it is that they have bladders the size of thimbles. For me, this means stopping frequently to let them use the ladies room but for the guys at Eleven it is an opportunity to raise the stakes against the guys at Phi, not only are the sharking the poor ladies of Japan, pulling their skirts up to their waist, but then they pull the poor girls legs apart. For some of the ladies, this literally scares the piss out of them as they pee through their panties. Other ladies need a bit more encouragement to do something that is the ultimate humiliation. Some of the ladies opt to wear the damp article of clothing but some slip out of them, wring them out and put them back on. In other cases, the sharks steal the panties. One poor lady is simply startled and she pees. Many ladies end up walking home with stained skirts. Amazing! (51 minutes)
R-848 OL (Office Lady) Humiliation - Unbearable Urge to Pee $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Japanese women are famous for many qualities - beauty, brains, subservience but if they have one failing, it is their bladder is the size of a thimble. In this video 15 ladies are delayed on their way to the ladies room. They are stopped by some guy who insists on speaking to them even though it is obvious from the ladies body language that the really have to go! The poor ladies are humiliated as they fail to find a restroom in time and end up peeing in their panties, which they remove in view of our cameras.(115 minutes)
R-764 Peeing Scenes - Dressed Up, Outdoors and Desperate $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I don't think anyone does pee desperation videos better than the Japanese. In this video, we see 13 lovely ladies who agree to load up on water than be interviewed in public places while bursting for a pee. You hear over and over the phrase "hazukashi" (It's embarrassing!) as they pee through their clothing and onto the ground. Afterwards, they strip off their panties (even if they were wearing shorts or jeans) and some treat us with a bit of a flash to round out the session. Some do it standing, others squatting, other sitting. I especially like the knock-kneed, pigeon toed, fist in their crotch pose as they try to break a lifetime of training and pee in their clothes. (90 minutes)
R-720 Shark Attack at a most incovenient time $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Many of my shark videos fans might find this one a bit gross - a little background first. In Japan, many of the beaches are not the parks you often find in the US. Sometimes you just stop along the road and take a dip in the ocean. As convenient as that might be, it also means that there are no "facilities" around. Another thing about Japan, it is not at all uncommon to see a guy taking a wiz in public, but it is a bit rare to find a woman doing so - although if one were to enounter either, it is polite protocol to simple look the other way (since you yourself might be in that fix someday). In this video, 27 ladies are caught short on the beach and search for a reasonably out-of-the-way place to drop their panties. (Note - there are a lot of good desperation scenes here!) They fully expect to have their privacy respected but in mid stream/dump some shark zips in and either strips off their bikini top or gives it the old college try and usually manages to cop a feel as well. Given their condition, they cannot very well chase after the guy, so they simply have to "bare" it until the time is right when they hike up their panties and go searching for their tops. Please note - about 8 of the ladies take a dump. (70 minutes)
R-675 Desperation Saga - 9 (Voted Best Pee Video of 2008) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video starts off with a sweet looking lady in a tight short uniform skirt - possibly a stewardess walking down the street. She spots her girl friend and they hop into her car for the ride home. Unfortunately, for the friend, it seems our heroine is bursting to pee, but there is nowhere to stop and the traffic is heavy. Her friend seems to be enjoying her discomfort a bit too much (maybe it was a rented car?) Amazingly, they make it to their destination, but the toilet on the first floor is locked and the elevator seems to be out of order as well. Our heroine has to struggle up many flights of stairs, desperately trying to hold it, but the effort is too great and she loses the battle on the stairs, in front of her friends. In the next scene, she is at some sort of interview when she desperately has to pee again. The next scene features an office lady who is too ashamed to leave her desk. Later in the video, we see the original lady tied up and force fed water. You know where that is going to lead, right? After she pees, she is stripped and cleaned off while still tied up. The last 26 minutes are out-takes, some tips on how to make these videos, interviews with the stars (as they shower) and some coming attractions. If you like desperation videos, this is certainly worth owning! (90 minutes)
R-669 Pee Gun $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another interesting video for those who enjoy peeing and desperation. It opens in a 7-11 type of store - 3 girls are picking on a 4th - bullying being a big problem in Japan. The store owner sees it and takes pity on the girl. He orders a magic gun - one that makes the target pee when fired. The next time the girls gang up, he zaps all 3 - probaly a bad move as after they try to hold it in, they pee on his floor! Total humiliation! The girl who was saved, rewards the owner as only ladies can - peeing through her panties onto his bed, and then makes up for that little mess. In the next scene, a couple of ladies walk into a bar, the bar tender has the same gun and zaps one of the ladies who has the sudden urge to pee - which she eventually gives in to. Humiliated, she permits the bartender to have his way with her. Finally, an office scene - all of the ladies are working very hard, but the guy is goofing off leading to his female boss giving him a tongue lashing. Of course, he goes out and buys a pee gun and shoots his boss with it causing her to pee herself. He then goes after some of the office ladies as well. In most cases, it seems that peeing makes Japanese women very horny. A great fantasy nicely presented. (120 minutes)
R-651 New Desperation Scenes - 7 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! For the fans of desperation videos, I have another top notch effort from Giga. In this video, there are 5 scenes. The first opens up in an office. A real hard driving woman executive is reaming someone out on the phone when some delicate young office lady enters the room and is so intimidated that she gets the strong urge to pee. The executive needs to be driven to the warehouse and cannot wait while the lady pees, so the young lady finds herself driving the bitchy boss and aching for a pee. To make matters worse, it is raining out. The young lady is so desperate she finds it nearly impossible to step on the gas pedal! Eventually, they get to the wearhouse and she disgraces herself in front of the wearhouse workers. The second scene is again in the office with some office workers trying to get a project finished. The lady doing much of the work really has to pee, but when the same bitchy boss appears, her fate is sealed and she ends up having an accident while leaning on the office copier. The third scene takes place at a factory's medical office. There are a female doctor and nurse and in this video, the nurse is bursting to pee, but the doctor won't give her a break. The next scene is at a night spot where one of the hostesses gets stinking drunk and pees and passes out. The final scene is a dance audition - the lady auditioning is in a tight top and tiny shorts. She has to pee, but bravely goes through her routine, until she pees all over the floor. I'm guessing she doesn't get the job. First class videography as you would expect from Giga with an additional 30 minutes of behind the scenes action, coming attractions, etc. (60 minutes)
R-619 Pee Mopping $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! If you are a lady in Japan, you are expected to clean up after yourself - even if it means mopping up your own pee with your damp panties. This video opens with a lovely young lady dressed in standard business attire walking through the streets of a modern Japanese city, looking for the office where she has an interview for a stewardess job. She is quite nervous and it is clear that she is having a bit of a bladder problem. She makes it through the interview with flying colors, but watching her feet below the table, it is clear that she really has to go. She is on her way home (to the privacy of her bathroom) when she realizes that she has forgotten her notebook back and the interview. She races up the stairs, but the office door is locked. She cannot hold out any longer and ends up peeing a river through her panties and pantyhose. Just after she finishes, the woman she interviewed with returns, much to the humiliation of the young lady. She ends up stripping off her panties and pantyhose and uses them to mop up after herself. In the next segment, it is the woman doing the interviewing that has the problem. She is a TV reporter and just as she is getting desperate and at the end of the interview, her producer tells her to stretch the interview out a bit. You can guess the result as she disgraces herself on camera, standing knock kneed and pigeon toed while peeing through her panties and pantyhose in front of a celebrity. Next, we meet a stewardess who finds herself with her hands tied, a woman lifting her skirt above her hips and desperate to pee. Next, a lady in a school girl outfit sits down with a tutor, a workbook and a large bottle of water to study. She tries to get away, but the tutor insists that she gets some answers right first. Too late - as she wets the rug and of course has to mop it up. Finally, my favorite segment - two ladies are in the air conditioning repair business. They are called to a house to fix the a/c (which in Japanese houses is usually near the ceiling). One lady (in blue jeans) is left holding up part of the a/c while her mate goes for some parts. She is standing on two chairs, her hands high above her head and she gets the urge to pee. Beyond desperation, she lets it go. When her mate returns, she humiliates her by pulling down her genes and panties to just below her bottom. Eventually, the lady strips them off the rest of the say and mops up after herself. The last 11 minutes are out-takes and behind the scenes shots. A fine video! (96 minutes)
R-565 Dare Bus Tour $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This odd little video is my favorite for this month. 6 ladies who work for 3 different adult video companies in Japan (in the production side of things) compete to see which team can accomplish a variety of dares. For the first dare, each team has to send out a lady to stand at the corner of a very busy intersection in Tokyo. While there, she has to find a way to remove her panties and let them sit on the ground in front of her for a set time period. It is hilarious to watch the ladies as they wiggle, shimmy and hop in order to inch their panties past their hips, but in the end, they all succeed and attract some unwanted attention to themselves in the process. Sometimes, just as they get their panties almost to the point of dropping, a person comes by to use the post box on the corner. Great embarrassment! When the time period is up, the lady gets to pick up her panties from the street and run back to the bus. (They also have to prove that they didn't have a backup pair of panties on!) One of the ladies actually had some guy pick up her panties to ask if they belonged to her! The losing team's players have to strip in the bus in front of the other ladies. The second game gets a bit more daring. One lady from each team has to kiss a rather horrible looking homeless guy. Remarkably, one lady absolutely refuses. The penalty game for the losers of this dare is that both ladies on the team have to pee in public in full view of pedestrians and traffic! This is a bit awkward as one lady is wearing a skirt while the other is in a pants suit. Much to their humiliation, they attract the attention of another homeless guy in mid stream. For the next dare, the ladies have to strip down to their panties and bra, run across the street and buy some items from vending machines. Finally, for the fourth game, the ladies have to go to a phone booth, close the door (which turns on the light) and strip down from their street clothes to their panties and bra, make a call, then run back to the bus holding their clothes. Finally, the last dare is to have all of the ladies enter a public bath - on the men's side! What a crazy video! (155 minutes)
R-561 Desperate Stewardess $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A classic peeing video from Giga. And we are talking the stewardess of your dreams, with really short skirt, heels, and even hose with a seam up the back. Just watching the opening credits as she walks along the narrow streets of Tokyo in full uniform and pauses with a look of wanting to find a place to pee on her face is enough to make one's day. As the video opens, she is strapping herself into the stewardess seat, facing the passengers. A cute passenger (also with a bladder problem) asks her to help bring her to the rest room, but it appears to be occupied. Luckily for the passenger, she is let in, but the stewardess now really has to go as well and while strapped back into her seat starts to do the pee-pee dance. We get great close-ups of her face, hands, thighs and patent leather pumps as she tries to find a comfortable position. Passenger demands for cups of water keep her jumping up and down, which does not help her situation at all. Finally, the other lady finished in the bathroom, but before the stewardess can get there, another customer jumps in. It just isn't her day - and in the end, she ends up having an accident in front of all of the passengers. Next, we see in a flashback an earlier desperation incident when she was at college where she has a spectacular peeing accident in a pair of jeans. Next scene has her back in her stewardess uniform, but not (for some reason) she is tied to a post in the middle of a Japanese style room, and quite desperate to pee and worst of all forced to drink large amounts of water. You know what happens next. In the next scene, we find her in a doctor's office, where they try some sort of exotic treatment (with a vibrator) that just leads to another accident. Then in the final scene, she is back on the airplane when it is hijacked - and these guys are not letting people go visit the rest rooms! While she does her best to hold it in, she ends up peeing at gunpoint. Top notch peeing/desperation content! (90 minutes)
R-533 Desperate to Pee - Miniskirts and Hot Pants Edition $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There are 10 great scenes in this one. First, a lovely lady is working as a private eye. She is out walking at night in a hot-pants outfit, casing an office when the urge to pee hits. Just after she finishes, the suspect appears and she tries to arrest him. However, she is at a disadvantage, standing there in a puddle with wet pants, and in the end has to strip them off to complete the pee. Next, she is in a house wearing an impossibly short skirt when she loses control. Next, in the street in another impossibly short denim miniskirt. Next, in an office she disgraces herself. Finally as a reporter. This video also has some backstage scenes and coming attractions that you might want to avoid. (90 minutes)
R-532 Desperate to Pee - Factory Scenes $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is another great Giga desperation pee video. This one consists of 5 different scenes. First, a lady dressed in business wear (a very short skirt!) is struck with a sudden urge to pee while walking down the street. She successfully holds it in 3 or 4 times, but then ends up ducking into what looks like a factory yard, hoping to be able to take a quick pee and get out. But, she is discovered by a number of workers who invite her into the factory, she is able to fight off another urge, but the workers send her up to their boss. It doesn't seem like anyone can find a bathroom in the factory. In the end, she has to pee outside. In the next scene, she is on a date visiting a temple. After saying a quick prayer, she and her boyfriend sit on a ledge, but her miniskirt does not protect her from the cold granite up against her bottom and the urge to pee starts to build. Suddenly, a mean lady appears who had once caused her to pee in her clothes (we see in flash back). Next, she is in some very cute shorts, has to pee and finds herself locked out of a bathroom again. This time, she pulls down her shorts and tries to pee, but a fellow runs into her and she has to quickly pull them up and look for another bathroom. She tries it once again, but is interrupted and eventually has to pee in her shorts - but she is discovered anyone. Next scene, she is caught again in a factory with a huge urge to pee. She tries to escape from those who found her and while climbing a ladder has to stop and let go. In the last scene, she is wearing cutoff denim shorts and is tied up with her arms outstretched. The actual video lasts for about 80 minutes, but there is a 10 minute "making of" video that is worthwhile as well. Be warned there is 15 minutes of coming attractions afterward that may offend some people. This is a great desperation video!(90 minutes)
R-418 Desperation Tournament 4 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It's been a while since I've added a Giga video. This video follows their current trend in creating peeing competitions - the ladies, in this case dressed up as bunnies, drink tons of water, play silly games and do their best to hold it in - unsuccessfully. Things are not helped out by having a female MC who cannot stop peeing herself. There a lots of knocked knees, grit teeth, and groaning, but the fact is, when one drinks tons of water, it has to go out somewhere. (100 minutes)
R-364 Desperation Tournament - 3 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The third video in this months trilogy. Once again, it is ladies in their school gym outfits drinking plenty of water and doing their best to hold it in. At the outset, the ladies are required to "break the seal" so that they will have an even harder job holding it in. Next, they drink some more water and start some tug of war battles. Various other devious means are applied One by one, the ladies give it up, leaving one dry lady in the end (and even she treats us to an in-pants pee.). (120 minutes)
R-361 Desperation Tournament - 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The hits just keep coming with Giga with yet another competition to see who can hold it the longest. Four ladies, this time dressed in little white dresses and then later in sharp looking white jean, blouses, and heels, try to outlast each other. They drink, drink, drink, do the pee dance, jam their hands into their crotches (even if they have to lift their skirts to do so), and of course get into the ever popular knock kneed/pigeon toed stance all in a futile effort to hold it in. In this video we get to see a bit of the behind the scenes action and the second match features the competitors trying to make the other ladies pee first by pressing on their bladder. Cool video! (120 minutes)
R-358 Desperation Tournament - 1 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! From Giga, a video featuring 4 lovely ladies in a heated competition to see who can drink the most water without peeing. In this episode, the 4 ladies are first dressed in tight-tight gym shorts. First they drink a lot of water. Then as a dirty trick, the MC makes them "break the seal" and take a quick pee. More drinking, then jumping rope. One by one, they ladies can't hold it in anymore and let go. At that point, they are out of the game. The ladies are all very attractive. All in all, more desperation than you can imagine. (120 minutes)
R-316 Modern Girls Peeing Stories - 15 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another interesting offering from Giga featuring women just ?bursting for a pee?. It starts with a lady trying to visit a house. She is walking down the street and her bladder is acting up. She knocks on the door, but nobody answers and she becomes more desperate. She goes around the back of the house and while there, starts writhing in discomfort, and eventually pulls down her panties and pantyhose in order to squat and pee. But just as she is about to go, a really weird guy comes out the back door (he was watching everything) and she has to quickly pull up her panties and pantyhose before relieving herself, which only makes her dilemma worse. She has no choice but to pee while fully dressed. Other (very attractive) ladies visit the house and have similar experiences. This video features several ladies peeing inappropriately and also has some cool out-takes. (95 minutes)
R-249 Bursting for a Pee. $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It has been a long time since I've added a Giga Omorashi (bursting for a pee) video, but a recent request from a customer sent me back to get this one. A young lady seems to have trouble holding her pee. First, while out shopping in a typical Japanese department store, she starts to do her ?bursting? dance, runs outside and pees right on the street corner while dressed in heels, pantyhose and an attractive miniskirt. She runs to the doctor, but has another episode in the waiting room, and then in the examining room, in the hospital and finally on the way home from the hospital. This makes your worst day look not too bad! This video features Giga's usual attention to detail as the lady suffers through her maladies. (60 minutes)
R-205 Pee Desperation Games $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It's been a long time since I've added a peeing desperation video to my collection and a few of you have been bugging me about that, so here it is. 4 contestants and 1 MC (female) play a number of games where they drink a lot and try (unsuccessfully) to hold their pee. Some nice desperation dances scenes and peeing while fully dressed scenes fill this video. (100 minutes)
R-112 Endurance $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! You probably have heard of the Japanese Endurance TV shows where the contestants undergo amazing tortures in order to win some modest prize. This video brings this to the next level. The contestants, all attractive ladies are first fed really hot food. They are permitted to drink lots of water with this, but they may not visit the bathroom. The first test of endurance is to see who can hold it in the longest. Later, they are dropped into a pool of snakes wearing only a t-shirt and thong, and in one of the most bizarre scenes ever, they are tied down naked, have some tasty liquid brushed over their bodies, then have a number of piglets let loose to lick it off of them. (Please note - there is no sex as defined by Kings and Presidents between our fair maidens and the swine.) (120 minutes)
R-70 More peeing and public nudity in Japan $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Two more tapes from Giga (OD-04 and YH-06). The first of these is mostly a peeing tape as a lady who appears to be a student teach seems to have trouble controlling her bladder in front of the class, in the street, at the nurses office and in bed. The second part however is quite interesting. It seems a young lady is being totally controlled (MC?) by an off camera voice as he tells her, sometime over a cell phone, to perform humiliating acts - stripping in public, playing with herself in public, and even peeing in public. There are dozens of passersby who witness this and lots of cars pass. I'm amazed there were no accidents! A great tape. (120 minutes)
R-62 Buck Naked Challenge 1 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In this series, 108 ladies compete in contests absolutely naked (except for shows and maybe elbow pads for prizes of over $20,000 in cash. This tape features a naked 50m dash, riding a bicycle on floats, a contest to see how many lovely naked ladies can be packed into a phone booth, and most bizarre of all, ladies are lifted by crane up to a height of 15m. They then take a leak while their team mate on the ground tries to catch as much as possible in a beaker. I couldn't make this stuff up! (90 minutes)
R-55 Naked in public 3 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! More Giga tapes of ladies stripping and peeing in public. One lady pees in the middle of a road (right on the yellow lines) while another pees at a subway exit, panties on one leg only. (see picture) (120 minutes)
R-54 Caught Short 5 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Two more Giga tapes. I don't think the first is an original, so the price is a bit lower. The quality is very good however. The first hour features a lady who plays piano in a hotel restaurant and has some sort of problem with holding her water. She pees in the street, in the restaurant and later on in a bar when the ladies room is locked. The second hour features 3 ladies peeing in their dress, jeans and shorts. Very interesting! (120 minutes)
R-50 Caught Short 4 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 2 more hours of Japanese ladies who have week bladders. The first hour features a girl working at a hair dresser's who keeps peeing in the store. The second hour features an Office Lady (OL) who arranges a cherry blossom viewing picnic. The look on the old ladies faces on the next picnic blanket when she has an accident is great! I've lowered the price a bit on this because I don't have the original tape, only a very good copy. (120 minutes)
R-46 More Hidden camera bathroom tapes $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A video camera is hidden in a ladies room in Japan. The second hour takes place in a sports facility, so many of the ladies are dressed for tennis. For part of the video, the ladies see the hole in which the video camera is concealed and stare right at it. If you liked R43, you will like this. It has a mosaic over pubic hair. (120 minutes)
R-44 Naked in public $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is from the same company that produces the Caught Short tapes. It contains peeing scenes, but also has attractive young ladies walking down public streets quite exposed, either completely naked or with nothing but shoes and socks below their waist. The ladies in this video are *Gorgeous*. (120 minutes)
R-43 Hidden camera bathroom tapes $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A video camera was hidden behind a toilet in some business location. Girl after girl walks in drops her pants, does her business, wipes and leaves. This isn't a production number like R41, but the quality is quite good for hidden tapes. (100 minutes)
R-41 Caught Short 3 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 2 hours of Japanese Office Ladies (OLs) who have week bladders and tough bosses. The ladies pee through their clothes (short skirts, panties, and pantyhose) in cars, on the street, in their offices etc. The ladies are quite lovely and they do seem ashamed. (120 minutes)
R-31 Does a lady pee in the woods?/Lovely Dog 3 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The first video features 18 ladies talked into dropping their draws and peeing for the camera. Many do it outside in the snow. It's tough enough to write your name if you are a lady, but in Japanese? The second video is a bit stronger fetish. A cute young woman is treated like a dog - tied up, taken for a walk, and even given a cute tail made of pearls. Man's best friend. (90 minutes)
R-26 Caught Short 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Two hours of 2 lovely ladies who really have to go. One hour features a story about a lady is is a TV reporter who pees in her skirt on a crowded Japanese street, while interviewing some people, while delivering the news from the studio etc. Lots of hopping from foot to foot. The second hour features a secretary who has an accident on her bosses couch, while sitting in an office full of co-workers, on a train, and a restaurant. She seems to prefer the fist in the crotch technique. (120 minutes)
R-17 Caught Short $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Two tapes, each chronicling the story of ladies who have to pee with no ladies room in sight. If you enjoy seeing the embarrassed efforts of ladies trying to hold it in, this tape is for you. In the first tape, office ladies celebrating "Hanami" or flower viewing at a park in the spring drink too much beer, get caught on a rowboat in the middle of a pond, and find the lines for the ladies room too long. The second tape features a bus tour guide who finds herself far from any facilities. There are very attractive women in these videos. (120 minutes)
X-7 White Boots and Black Boots $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! She pees while giving a blow job. Reddish hair (very fashionable in Japan now) and peeing on demand. (90 minutes)
X-6 The Jealousy Game and The Rape $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is kind of the usual hard core video, but it is much more informal. It involves 3 guys, 1 very lovely lady and the loudest orgasm you have ever heard. At the end of the video, the actress actually has to assure everyone that she is ok. A kind of nasty movie. Some of my customers have asked to see some peeing tapes. I have 2 that are pretty great. The mosaic used here is to invert the image, so not much is hidden at all. In both, a *very* pretty lady pees outside, inside (at least once) and at the top of a stairway. She is brought to orgasm by a vibrator and has sex with one guy - a blow job. (90 minutes)
Y-10 Pee 1 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 15 scenes from videos R1 - R70. Ladies doing their best not to embarrass themselves and a few flaunting their ability to pee on demand! (90 minutes)