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Video Cost Description
R-964 Stripped and Leashed $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 19 ladies. Each enjoying being young and looking fine. Suddenly they are set upon by one or more bad boys who strip them, tie their hands and put a leash around their neck. The conversion from free and sexy woman to tethered pet is stunningly rapid. This is a bit on the kinky side, but you can't find videos like this anywhere else.(120 minutes)
R-963 50 Very Surprised Ladies $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a classic bad-boy video. 50 ladies, dressed in fine clothes are walking down the streen when suddenly they find that their skirts have been yanked way up and their panties are on full display. It is a quick hit and run, but their reactions are terrific. The 50 scenes typically feature a bit of stalking of the victim, the attack itself and an aftermath as they try to recover their dignity and/or call a friend. The end of the video features a section that just has the few moments of total humiliation. Great fun!(90 minutes)
R-962 Stripping One Piece $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 26 lovely ladies. They are dressed nicely in what Japanese call "one piece" outfits - a dress that they wear over underwear. And then 26 ladies are quickly and completely stripped naked by one of the bad boys of Japan. We get to see them stripped and then searching for what they can find of their clothing, then either trying to get dressed as quickly as they were stripped or seeking shelter. What a delight! You will enjoy this video!(94 minutes)
R-961 Sharks in the Pool $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a little nasty. There are 6 scenes, each features a young Japanese lady in a public pool who is surrounded by guys who have their way with her both above and below the waterline (some very good underwater shots). Eventually, the lady, afraid of being caught, leaves the pool with one of the sharks and he has his way with her on dry alnd as well.(90 minutes)
R-905 Melting Bikinis at the Beach $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The previous melting bathing suit videos have been a favorite with my customers. This video takes it one step further as the ladies who are wearing the booby trapped bikinis are not in a nice safe swimming pool, but out in the ocean and their nearest cover is a shameful walk across the beach, as naked as you can be. In all, 7 ladies are dressed up in bikinis and told they are having a photo shoot by the water. The ladies are all quite flattered and are eager to pose and follow the directions of the photographer, which include a dip in the ocean. When the ladies are in the water, the crew high tails it back to the bungalo leaving the ladies to find their way back. Most Excellent! (160 minutes)
R-904 Hosed! $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! If you've ever spent a summer in Tokyo, you know that it is hotter and stickier than most any other civilized place. Some days you just wish for a drink of water - maybe a rain shower to cool things off a bit. In this video, 22 ladies get their wish in spades! While walking through a park, one of the groundskeepers turns his hose on then and drenches the port ladies - their blouses, skirts, panties, bras, shoes - all are soaked. So if you enjoy seeing some wet ladies - you will really enjoy this video - but it gets better! Most of the ladies, after being drenched try to make their clothing presentable which means they have to wring out the water. That's hard enough to do with your skirt and blouse, but what can you do with panties that are starting to sag? Well, the ladies do their best - even it if means dropping them a bit to get the water out there as well. Often, while doing their best to dry off, they are hit with a bucket of water and they have to start the who process over again. (80 minutes)
R-885 Stripped Naked $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In these sharking videos, the ladies of Japan have had to suffer countless indignities - skirts up, pants down, blouses ripped off, clothing cut, but this video is perhaps the greatest. Just how long do you think it takes to strip a woman? One minute, she is walking down the street - thinking of - well, things ladies think of, all is well with the world and then, moments later, she is naked for all to see. In this video over the course of 70 minutes, we see 16 ladies suffer the humilation. Not that it took 4 minutes to strip them. In this video, usually between 20 and 40 seconds. Incredible! Beware - this is a pretty nasty movie and the ladies seem more than a little upset. In a few cases, they also get groped. (70 minutes)
R-884 Pantsed $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Once again, the ladies of Japan are fighting back against the sharks that roam the streets of Japan by wearing skirts. Well, I'm happy to report that it doesn't work! Often their hips are too slim for jeans that are sized for Americans so that just a quick tug can leave their pants or shorts puddled at their ankles. Other times, their pants are so loose fitting that a single tug pulls their pants completely off and the fiend who pulled them down leaves the ladies to fetch their pants down the road a bit, with their panties on full display. Delightful! The ladies of Japan might just have to take this a step further and stop wearing pants and skirts! (80 minutes)
R-874 Face in Pantyhose $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! You know the drill by now. A lovely young Japanese woman is stting in a public place. She is a bit distracted by her cell phone and suddenly... Well, this time it is a bit different. Of course, her top is pulled down exposing her breasts to the world and yest, many of them also have their skirts pulled up exposing their panties, but to add insult to injury, the attack starts by having pantyhose pulled down over their faces. Yes, a brand new fetish, but one that seems to resonate with the Japanese woman, who will leave herself exposed in order to get the pantyhose off of her face. Interesting. (100 minutes)
R-873 Sharked and Pissed (literally) $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I love Japanese ladies, but if they have one fault, it is that they have bladders the size of thimbles. For me, this means stopping frequently to let them use the ladies room but for the guys at Eleven it is an opportunity to raise the stakes against the guys at Phi, not only are the sharking the poor ladies of Japan, pulling their skirts up to their waist, but then they pull the poor girls legs apart. For some of the ladies, this literally scares the piss out of them as they pee through their panties. Other ladies need a bit more encouragement to do something that is the ultimate humiliation. Some of the ladies opt to wear the damp article of clothing but some slip out of them, wring them out and put them back on. In other cases, the sharks steal the panties. One poor lady is simply startled and she pees. Many ladies end up walking home with stained skirts. Amazing! (51 minutes)
R-872 Skirt Liftign - More Sexy Lingerie $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! When Phi started to put together their sexy lingerie video, they had more than enough for two videos, so here we find another 45 ladies who have their lovely panties revealed. There are many in these videos who are wearing stocking that all by themselves put the ladies into the sexy lingerie field - patterned stockings, thigh highs, fishnets, garter belts - you name it. Again, eye candy galore! (120 minutes)
R-871 Skirt Lifting and Exposing Sexy Lingerie $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Sometimes, when a sharking occurs in Japan, the skirt is lifted high and all we get to see are granny panties, but more often than not in Japan, the ladies dress to attact their men. Leopard prints, thongs, tie-side, semi-transparent panties are quite common. So this video features 38 sharking attacks, each of which reveals some very sexy panties that nicely complement the sexy ladies that they decorate. Also lots of sexy stockings! Wall to wall eye candy. (76 minutes)
R-865 Melting Clothes for Bath Attendents $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In japan, it is not at all unusual to be in a men's room using the urinal and to find the next urinal being cleaned by a lady. Similarly, you could be butt naked in public bath and find a (usually younger) lady appear in the same room and start to clean up things. This video expores that situation, but in this case, the female attendent is wearing clothing that disintegrates when wet. In all, 6 ladies are hired to do the job of tidying up the mens bathing area. Their employer gives them clothing to wear at the job consisting of a bikini, shorts and a t-shirt, all of them having been sabatoged to melt when wet. So, the ladies find themselves in a bathing area with 5-10 naked guys. The lady is mopping up the floor and "not looking", when suddently the guys dump buckets of water on her and her clothing falls apart. The first girl is really pissed so storm out of the bathing area, complains to her boss, but the group of naked guys follows her around. She isn't a very good sport about it, but eventually gives a guy a hand job. The rest of the ladies find a bit more humor in the situation and have some fun with it. (200 minutes)
R-847 Ripping of the One Piece (Dress) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Ah - the Japanese woman - always feminine, wearing dresses and skirts made of the most delicate materials, meant to flow with their walk, to catch the breeze - and the eye of a potential mate. It all seems so reasonable until they run into one of those bad boys who are perfectly ok with grabbing a handful of those silk dresses and ripping them off the lovely ladies leaving them standing in their delicate undies. The bad boys are kind enoug to leave the ladies with the rags that used to be their dresses, but it is pretty hard to head to go to work or home with a dress that has been ripped from hem to neck. Some of those bad boys also get the ladies bra unhooks and drag their panties down a bit. A total of 40 ladies are humiliated with the public loss of their clothing. Great embarrassing action! (105 minutes)
R-843 Car Wash Girls in Melting Bikinis $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It is hard to believe that the nobel prize committee passed over the inventor of the melting bikini when they gave out the prize for Chemistry this year. Has there been a more important discovery? Well, this month 5 ladies pick up some extra work with some easy work as car wash girls. Not only is the pay ok, but their boss supplies them with shorts, a tee shirt and even a bikini to wear underneath, just "in case" they get a little wet. You can bet your bottom dollar that they get more than a little wet. Also, that their shorts and t-shirts also disolve when wet! There are some great embarrassed moments here as the ladies find themselves exposed and subject to teasing from both sexes. Gentlemen, I suggest a write-in campaign for next year's Nobel! (120 minutes)
R-840 Harassing Bikini-clad Waitresses $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Most of us had been in a restaurant where the waitresses have been dressed in sexy outfits and I'd bet it had crossed your mind to pinch, pat, poke, or perhaps to even push some clothing aside to afford a better view! However, the consequence, facing a bouncer or cop, meant it remained a fantasy. Well there are no such restrictions in Japan! In this video, 6 lovely ladies are hired to work as waitresses in a sea-side restaurant where they uniform of the day is bikinis - very small bikinis, and the hard working ladies are the center of attention of all of the customers (male and female). (120 minutes)
R-837 Nopan (No Panties) Upskirt Views - Volume 4 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Once again - it is laundry day in Japan and it seems that all of the ladies have decided to wash their panties and take a chance walking through town "no-pan" (commando) for the day. Sadly for them it was the same day that the good people at Phi were taping their skirt lifting video. using two cameras to catch all of the action. 51 ladies suffer the indignity of having their nether regions exposed to all, especially those watching the video over and over again! I love the ladies reaction. Some are really ticked off, some embarrassed. Some try to see who did it - a possible boyfriend. It's a man's world in Japan gentlemen! (63 minutes)
R-836 Sharks at the Beach - Target: Clothes Changing Ladies - 2 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Volume 1 of this video was voted the best sharking video of 2008 and the tradition continues! More than 3 dozen ladies are enjoying the beaches of Japan, where I am happy to report there is a lack of facilities to change clothes from street clothes into bikinis and back again. So, the lovely ladies of Japan have learned to find a wooded area away from the crowds and to switch their clothing while covered by a towel. They are quite good at it (damn!) but that is only if some shark doesn't swoop down and steal their towel at the most (in) opportune time! So the ladies, somewhere between zero and half dressed not only have their towel taken away from them, but in a few cases, their clothing is also stolen leaving them quite exposed! Several times, 2 ladies are hit as they change together. This is an extended length video, but most importantly - a great video! (120 minutes)
R-832 Nopan/Nobra Waitress $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japan, to be Nopan means to be commando - no panties. In this video, a 20 year old waitress who is in need of her job is bullied by her boss - first to get a blow job but then to serve her customers in increasingly humiliating clothing, eventually ending up nopan. We first see her as a waitress in a traditional Japanese restaurant. People it on the floor at low tables. The waitress is wearing a non-descript pants and blouse. Her bosses first demand is that she insert a remote control vibrator which he controls from a hidden location. If that wasn't hard enough, her boss next takes a scissor to her pants cutting out the bottom to fully expose her panties. Now she has to try to maneuver around the room so that her back is never to a customer. (Of course, the vibrator is still humming.) Cusotmers keep arriving, men and women and she is running out of places to keep her back hidden. Next, her boss insists that she removes her pants, then her panties leaving her with only her blouse and apron covering her. Next, he gives her back her pants (but not the panties) and sends her back to work. By this point, one of the customers is pretty drunk so she accompanies him to the mens room and provides some "full service" there. Another customer is too far gone to make it to the men's room, so she is ordered to help him out at the table. She has to service him while trying to hide her bottom which is sticking out the back of her pants and visible to other customers. The whole situation is then repeated with another waitress wannabe, but this time, her boss cuts out big circles in her blouse, exposing her nipples. Eventually, she also loses her pants and panties. Women's work is never done! A good video if you have ever had any fantasies about your waitress! (135 minutes)
R-804 Forced Cosplay 3 - 2 Cameras at Work $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 25 ladies had the surprise of their lives - first, they are sitting around enjoying some quality personal time when suddenly a shark decends upon them and quickly strips them. Some are stripped totally, some are able to keep their panties on and some of thier bras prove to be too complex for the shark to unhook. The cad grabs all of their clothes and runs off, but first he drops a small pile of clothes nearby, but not just any clothing - some sort of fetish/cos-play clothing. The ladies, who look like they would never wear such things outside of their house are forced to don the clothes and try to find some sort of cover or help. What amazes me most about this video is the speed with which the ladies are stripped. The first woman goes from wearing a sweater, dress, top, and panties and 25 seconds later is naked! And she ends up wearing a see through top and miniskirt. The good people at Phi use 2 video cameras to catch the best angles possible. (103 minutes)
R-801 Skirt Lifting - 2 Views $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Many of my customer's favorite videos are the sharking videos where unsuspecting ladies have their skirt hoisted high by some of the miscreants of Tokyo who swoop down upon them in public locations. If these videos have one drawback, it is that initially, the camera-work was a bit amateurish at times but with each video, their hands steadied, the focus sharpened and the exposure was spot on. However, one problem remained - sometimes the photographer was not positioned exactly right to catch the lady's exposure. Problem Solved! In this video, 2 cameras were used to capture the embarrassment of 50 ladies who suddenly find their panties on display. In each case, a main camera follows the ladies for about a minute and captures the skirt lifting, then, the last few moments are replayed from the angle of the second camera. Nicely done! (64 minutes)
R-793 The Incredible Melting Clothing of School Idols $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video company has been haveing a great time making videos featuring clothing that disolves when wet. Most of them take place in a pool or bath, but this one sets the scene in a school. This is more of an acted video. The video begins with the "students" in some impossibly short skirts having an English lesson. (I'm a sucker for their accent.) They leave for gym class (leaving their clothing on the desks as is the custom in Japan. When they are gone, some fiend swaps their clothing for the melt-away kind. Upon their return, they have to take care of the classroom which includes watering the plants. One poor student gets some of the water splashed on here and her clothing slowly disintegrates, much to the rest of the classes delight as they pull out their cell phones to capture the moment and torment the daylights out of her. In the next scene, a new teacher is introduced to her class and is surprised and delighted to find that a uniform is provided to her. When she starts to teach, her unruly class pulls out their water pistols and her clothing starts to show some "wardrobe malfunctions", but it is too slow for the students so they pull out their super soakers and this teacher is as good as naked! The third scene has another student getting drenched and having her clothes simply fall away. In the final scene, a fetching sex-ed teacher gets the full treatment. What a great concept for videos! A joy to watch. When the ladies get tormented there is some sex which you can skip over on the DVD. (135 minutes)
R-787 Skirt Thief! $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The sharks are back and the ladies of Japan may just have to do without their skirts for a while! In this video, 51 ladies who are simply enjoying a walk or a moment in the park are suddenly set upon by some fiend who rips their skirts off and runs off leaving the ladies wearing only their panties and shoes from the waist down. The ladies are totally mortified to find themselves so exposed in a public area. First, they are frozen with surprise, then after a minute or so come to their senses and try to find a hiding place where they can call a friend. However, the thief often returns to pull down their panties for one final humiliation. A great sharking video! (104 minutes)
R-786 Embarassed Clerk $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! One of my favorite fantasy stories from the net is "Ted's Revenge" which has a scene where a lady is stripped from the waist down while acting as a clerk at a 7-11 type of store. This video is a bit similar - not as much as I had hoped, but still quite good. There are two similar scenes. It starts with a young (20 years old) lady being interviewed for the clerks job. She must be pretty desperate for a job, because she gives the owner a quick hand/blow job. Next we see her working at the store wearing a smock and jeans when the owner arrives and insists that she insert a remote control vibrator while kneeling behind the counter. He then torments her while she does her best to do her job. The owner decides that she needs a bit more humiliation and so goes to work on her jeans with a scissor, cutting out the seat and one leg and makes her continue to serve customers in that state. Next, he makes her strip off her own jeans, and then he strips her of her panties.My favorite parts of the video are when her customers ask her to get a pack of cigarettes which forces her to back away from the counter and expose that she is bottomless. He further humiliates her by cutting out holes in her smock that permit her nipples to poke out, and then makes her give him another blow job behind the counter.(135 minutes)
R-770 Bath Attendents Dissolving Clothes $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is another video with the delightful fantasy of clothing that dissolves in water. For this one, the focus is on the ladies that keep the public baths clean. Those of you who have been in Japan know that it is not at all uncommon to be in a mens room taking a leak when right next to you a female attendent starts to clean the next urinal. Or if you go to a public bath, even though the bathers may be segregated by sex, the attendents are most often women. So in this video, we get to see 6 scenes, each involving a lady who has been hired to be a janitor for a men's bath. Of course, the lady is given a uniform to wear but it has been specially treated to disolve when wet, and there is no wetter place in the world than the inside of the bath house - and it doesn't help that the guys think nothing of splashing wome water on the lady attendants. An absolutely delightful romp! (135 minutes)
R-767 Triple Threat Sharking 1 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Most of the Sharking videos stick with one theme, but this one combines 3 major areas of interest - tit popping, pantsing, and the kamikaze jack off. First, 20 ladies are treated to having their blouses pulled up (or down), suddenly finding themselves topless outdoors. Next, 20 more have their panties pulled down while strolling through Japan. 20 more have their blouses pulled up and their breasts exposed and the final 10 videos feature the suprise splattering. If ever the ladies take control of Japan, there is going to be hell to pay! (120 minutes)
R-757 Melting Bikinis 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the success of R726, a new video featuring melting bikinis has been produced. In this video, 6 ladies are vying for a job as a TV reporter. For their audition, they are to interview a local celebrity who is having a party at a hot spring resort. In the water are dozen or so people - all dressed in bathing suits and enjoying the party. The ladies who are trying to do the reporting of course didn't think they would need a bikini for the audition, but accepts a loaner. However, it had been chemically treated to quite literally melt when it hits the hot water. So nicely wrapped in a bikini and holding a wireless mike, she enters the hot spring hoping to start a new career and within moments, she is the one person naked at the party, with camera and lights and everyone's attention on her. To make matters worse, police soon arrive at the party (naked party goers?) leading to further embarrassment. At the end of many of the segments, there is some sex as the woman has to pay a penalty for her scandalous behavior. A great video! (135 minutes)
R-748 Bottoms Fine Enough to Spank $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is a new twist on the sharking videos - we see a delightfully lovely lady out walking - dressed in nice short skirts, some have over the knee socks - all seems well with the world when suddenly they are set upon by the urban sharks of Japan. In this video, her skirt is pulled up to above her waist, exposing her panties to the world. But it doesn't stop there - before she can react, the fiend has grabbed the leg holes of her panties and converted perfectly proper panties into thongs. The humiliation of having one's butt cheeks on display is soon overtaken when the lady starts to feel the burn of a pretty solid spanking! While Japanese ladies are used to having to defend their clothing from perverts, but they are not used to being spanked by a stranger. In a number of cases, the ladies, thinking that they are not being observed, lift their skirts and try to twist around to see the damage. Delightful! (180 minutes)
R-744 Rascal Harrasment - The A Team $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Once again, Japanese ladies find themselves as targets for some bullying. At the beginning, we find ourselves in a amall clothing shop. The lady picks out some clothes to wear. She goes into a simple dressing room with a curtain door, strips down and finds that all of her clothes are stolen and the store help has vanished. The next scene involves gluing a lady to a sheet of plywood and then taking certain liberties with her. Next, a hole is dug in the ground - maybe 3x3 feet wide and 4 feet deep. It is then covered up with some paper with dirt placed on it to disguise the hole, and some money is placed in the middle as bait. When a lady goes for the money she falls into the hole. Then, suddenly, the hole is surrounded by naked men jacking off on her. Next, 3 guys grab a lady in the park, hose her down until she is completely drenched. Next, ladies are grabbed in a park, their skirts lifted and tied above their heads. The next scenes have ladies being interviewed. At the beginning of the interview, she is given a drink which is spiked somehow - drinking it makes the victim feel an urgent need to pee. Unfortunately, the urge shows up when they are in the room alone (being watched by hidden cameras) and the door is locked Their only choice is to pee in the dogs water dish on the floor. (Poor dog!) Embarrassing!?! I'm guessing she didn't get the job. Next, a game of hide and seek. When the guys find the lady, they have a total grope fest. Next, a lady is convinced to play a childs game, getting completely dizzy and racing some guys. When they catch is grop city agin! Finally, some up-skirt action and blow jobs all around. Interesting! (120 minutes)
R-743 Keep on Pranking the Panty Peeks $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Some of the first videos that I every handled on this site (the Mischief series) often had video of guys secretly pinning up ladies skirts so that unbenknownst to the leadies, they were flashing their panty covered bottoms as they walked down the streets of Tokyo. Well, it has been a long time since the Mischief series went out of production, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a video featuring this behavior. In this video, 35 ladies are victimized. They are all wearing fahsionably short skirts or dresses and our hero sneaks up behind them with a clip that they use to lift their skirt him up to above their waist-line. Then, as the ladies walk down the street, they flash everyone. Best of all, they often discover by accident their exposure and they are never quite sure for how long they have been on display. Did their friends see? Their boss? Their brother? Was it their brother who did this? This is a farily common prank pulled on school girls in Japan - it is just so nice to see it continued to the adult years. (78 minutes)
R-741 Disintegrating Exersize Clothing $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Last month I added the wildly popular video with the bathing suits that melted in water. This video features ladies showing up at an exersize gym where they are given clothing to wear for their session. However, the clothing is all rigged so that the sweat and stress generated by the work-out simply make the garment disintegrate. Best of all, their humilation is quite public - their tits, pussies and ass on display for all. In all, 6 ladies get the treatment. (160 minutes)
R-738 Naked at the Laundromat $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is another odd video from those crazy people in Japan. It begins with a lady showing up for a job interview at an adult video producer. She is told what is expected of her for the day and then has a quick audition consisting of giving a guy a quick blow job. It happens so quickly that she doesn't even undress - which is a bit of a problem since the guy spews all over her blouse, so we take a trip to the local landromat. There, the director convinces her to toss all of her clothes into the washing machine. He gives her a t-shirt and jeans to wear while her regular clothes are being cleaned, but we do see her take off her outer clothing in a public place. She then slips off her bra from beneath a tight t-shirt and the director converts her tight jeans into a very tiny miniskirt with a scissor. He then decides that her t-shirt would look a bit better if he cut off the bottom half. Just to make the lady feel a bit more uncomfortable, he gives her a remote controlled vibrator to put into her panties. Finally, she gets to start the washing machine, but at the same time another patron has entered the laundry. She is faced with the embarrassment of being quit exposed and having the vibrator randomly turned on from outside the laundry. After that patron leaves, the director returns and makes the lady strip out of all of her clothes - panties and all and change into a nearly transparent leotard. Another patron enters and she has to stand there in a rather exposing outfit. By telephone, she is ordered to offer the guy a hand job which is is happy to accept - oops more soiled clothing! The leotard comes off and she gets a towel to wear instead, but that seems to be way too modest, so the director steals that, leaving her naked. Yet another patron arrives and enjoys the benefit of having a naked lady trying to hide behind the transparent door of a drier. With only her hands for cover, she waits for the washer to finally finish and to help pass the time, she offers a blow job. Then the whole scene repeats with another attractive lady who ends up going all the way. A very unique and interesting video! (150 minutes)
R-737 Thrown off the Bus Naked $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In this video, chikan (molesters) ride a city bus and single out one lady for the full treatment. It starts simple - a hand brushed across her bottom - then two hands from two different chikans squeezing her bottom. Next, one of those hands grabe her panty's waist band, giving her a little wedgie followed by the hands slipping into her panties. She escapes to a different part of the bus, but the chikan seem to be everywhere! Hands grab at her tits, her crotch and suddenly she has her blouse pulled up and her jeans cut off with a scissor. Soon she is naked and at the mercy of the monsters that surround her. Finally, the abuse ends when the bus comes to a stop and she is tossed naked from the bus. Overall, 5 ladies are victimized. Be warned - this is a pretty nasty video. (109 minutes)
R-736 Kimono Stripping $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Summer in Japan. For special occasions, young ladies dress up in traditional garb - either a full kimono or the lighter weight yukata. When properly worn, the wearer skips any underwear but some of the young ladies don't quite stick with tradition and wear panties possibly a bra. The fact that everything is held together by a simple piece of cloth acting as a belt leaves the lady quite vulnerable. In this video, 26 lovely ladies have thier kimono stripped off them leaving them wearing the little or nothing that they had on beneath. Their kimono is abandoned by the theif a short distance from where it was stripped off o the ladies, giving them a chance to regain some level of dignity - only it is all on video for our pleasure! (77 minutes)
R-735 Commando Skirt Lift 3 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Well, it has been almost 100 videos since the last one, but it seems to be laundry day in Japan and despite the fact that everyone knows of the roaming bands of skirt lifters stalking the good ladies of Japan, all of the ladies in this video seem to be going nopan - commando. 50 ladies experience that maximum humiliation of having their skirt lifted high above their waist to display their charms, unhindered by even the scantiest panties. Some of their skirts are so tight, that once their skirt has been hoisted to their waist, it is a tough struggle for them to get them back in place. Their mothers warned them! (57 minutes)
R-725 Sharks at the Beach - Target: Clothes Changing Ladies (Voted Best Sharking Video of 2008) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! At Japanese beaches, the lack of facilities means that there is no place to change one's clothing. Every Japanese woman learns from an early age to change their clothes completely while wrapped in a towel. It takes a bit of skill and a little bit of flexibility, but while they manage to maintain their dignity under normal circumstances, they didn't figure out the existance of guys swooping down on them just as they reach maximum nudity and stealing their towel, leaving them standing there completely naked. All in all, 30 ladies suffer the indignity. Great fun! (90 minutes)
R-722 Lo-Rise Jeans, Thongs and Sharks $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I'm afraid Japan is not immune from the rather vulgar fashion of low-rise pants along with thongs, but at least I find the more petite asian bottom to be nicer to view than what I see around here. In this video, 29 ladies are caught on video displaying either a classic plumber's crack or at the very least several inches between the waist line of their thongs and the waistline of their pants. The problem is, that Japanese ladies tend to be rather thin-hipped, so if the pants hang low enough to show some butt-cleavage, then it doesn't take too much of an effort to get those jeans (and thongs) down to their ankles and as we well know, Japan has no shortage of sharks willing to help! The humiliation of walking around town one minute wearing the latest fashion and then in a blink of an eye having those find clothes aound your ankles is exquisit! A fine new twist on the sharking theme! (77 minutes)
R-721 Mischief Makers Return $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It has been a long time since I've seen a (non-sharking) mischief makers video - and this one is pretty good although it seems to be a lot nastier than the previouse editions. The first segment features an attack on a young lady - it starts out innocent enough, but ends up with her tied up in a construction site victim of a very ingeneous use of some power tools. Next, a lady is taking a shower in a gyms locker room. She is in the shower, shampooing her hair when the guys drop some red paint on her head from the next stall - she ends up red most everywhere. Next, a lady is picked up on the road and given a rather bad time. Next, a young ladies dress is pulled up over her head and tied there leaving her exposed and the fiends take full advantage of her. Next is a glue board and they catch some unsuspecting young lady on it - at first she thinks it is all fun and games - until since she is immobilized, she cannot avoid having her clothes cut off with a scissor. In the next scene, the fiend break into a womans restroom and abuse the lady they find there. All in all, a much nastier and more violent version of the earlier videos - be warned! (90 minutes)
R-720 Shark Attack at a most incovenient time $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Many of my shark videos fans might find this one a bit gross - a little background first. In Japan, many of the beaches are not the parks you often find in the US. Sometimes you just stop along the road and take a dip in the ocean. As convenient as that might be, it also means that there are no "facilities" around. Another thing about Japan, it is not at all uncommon to see a guy taking a wiz in public, but it is a bit rare to find a woman doing so - although if one were to enounter either, it is polite protocol to simple look the other way (since you yourself might be in that fix someday). In this video, 27 ladies are caught short on the beach and search for a reasonably out-of-the-way place to drop their panties. (Note - there are a lot of good desperation scenes here!) They fully expect to have their privacy respected but in mid stream/dump some shark zips in and either strips off their bikini top or gives it the old college try and usually manages to cop a feel as well. Given their condition, they cannot very well chase after the guy, so they simply have to "bare" it until the time is right when they hike up their panties and go searching for their tops. Please note - about 8 of the ladies take a dump. (70 minutes)
R-718 Skirt Attack - Target: Office Ladies $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The people who brought us a number of great skirt lifting videos is at it again. The time, the targets are 67 lovely ladies, all dressed up in the usual Japanese office suit. We see them near their place of work - on busy city streets with many people around. The attackers lurk behind her, waiting for the moment that she turns a corner or heads up an escalator and is briefly out of view of others when they attack, pulling up the lady's tight skirt well above her waist line, and leaving her panties and (usually) pantihose on display. The lady knows she has just moments before she is in a crowd again so struggles (and it is often a struggle to pull ones skirt down over those hips) to quickly regain some dignity. These are all simple attacks - hit and run without any of the panty pulling/breast groping that sometimes accompanies this sort of attack - an excellent choice for those who appreciate that kinder and gentler videos. (75 minutes)
R-714 Extreme Reception - 3 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I have two other videos on a similar topic - R602 and R337 which many have enjoyed. The concept is that a lady works as a receptionist at a small company. (Every company in Japan has what they call "office flowers" that are just there to brighten the place up.) However, the ladies in this video must endure some pretty rigorous sexual harrassment while performing their minimal duties. The ladies work at a reception counter, their back are up to a curtain. Businessmen come and go (and some have meetings in front of the desk). All the while there is some guy behind the curtain who is going to town! He strips down her pantihose and panties, hikes up her skirt, unsnaps her bra and enters her from behind while she is trying to work. There are a couple of scenes where two ladies get the treatment at the same time and some scenes where they are pulled into a small room for some plain old naked sex, with a business meeing going on only a few feet away. This video is 4 hours long and features 7 scenes, but sadly there is a lot of overlap with R337. I'd guess about 3/4 of R337 is repeated here. My recommendation is that you you already have R337, you probably already have some of the best parts. However if you don't and the concept is interesting to you, then this is a great buy. (240 minutes)
R-708 Skirt Theft 4 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! While some guys like the school girl look, and other guys like the nurse look, I'm most fond of the smartly dressed Japanese female. Being well dressed, she exudes an air of confidence as she struts through the streets of the city - all the more exciting when she is abruptly brought down to size by having her skirt ripped off in a public location and she has to face the world wearing only panties and heels from the waist down. Totally delightful as 37 women are humiliated. (75 minutes)
R-707 Skirt and Panty Theft - T-Backs Save the Day $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japan, the venerable thong is known as a T-back. In this video, 18 Senior HS girls, dressed in their school uniforms are set upon by the sharks of Japan who rip off their skirts, pull their panties down and off (and if possible take a quick peek at some fresh pussy), then, out of the kindness of their hearts, leave them with a very scanty panty. It would be bad enough if they had their skirt stolen but were left with panties that a good girl would wear, but to be left with scandalous panties... It is all great fun to see them bottomless, then struggling into the tiny panties before trying to make sense of what to do next. (67 minutes)
R-706 Skirts Up - Panties Down - Nurse Edition $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The Tokyo sharks are at it again and this time their targets are nurses 45 of them - angels of mercy who daily selflessly take care of the sick and who wear their uniforms with pride through the streets of Japan only to find that quite suddenly their white skirts have headed north and their panties south. While the ladies may be a bit upset at the attack, the fact is, the guys get away with it 100% of the time. What a place! As they say, add a star if you like nurses. (75 minutes)
R-699 Stealing Panties at THAT Time of the Month $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In this video, 33 ladies get some pretty rude treatment. I guess the people at Shuri who have made a few panty stealing videos get a bit of a surprise sometimes when they pull down or strip off the ladies panties - yes, every now and then the lady is on the rag (and if you think she was pissed before!). Well, all of those indidents have been collected in this video. The guy manages to steal their sanitary napkins - sometimes just by reaching in and sometimes it requires the panties to be lowered or removed, but each lady suffers the humiliation of having it forcefully removed and shoved in her face. A strange fetish indeed and it is hard to imagine how this can be topped, but stay tuned! (50 minutes)
R-698 Tokyo Cutter - 4 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The pervert in Japan who finds hard working ladies who make the mistake of falling asleep in public places pay the ultimate price - having all of their clothing cut off of them with a scissor (and being felt up a bit) is still on the loose. (Thank goodness!) In this video, 10 ladies pay the price for their lack of vigilence. This fiend just doesn't cut their skirts a few inches shorter and he just doesn't cut a long slit up the side. Nope - he cuts right through the waistband - cuts the panties in 2 places - the bra in 3, the blouse is cut completely through. The poor ladies simply don't have enough hands to hold things together when they finally awaken and have to think about getting home. More than one has to leave her undies behind. One lady wearing shorts learns that even those are not safe as the fiend cuts both through the inseam and along the sides. She would have needed tree hands just to keep her bottom covered! One lady falls asleep in the back seat of a car, probably her boyfriend's. They are going to be in for a surprise. These are truly extraodinary and unique videos! (100 minutes)
R-690 Panty Shark - Keep Away $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! My panty sharking videos have been a favorite of my customers - ladies are suddenly set upon by some fiend who strips her panties off. The twist for this video is that after stealing the ladies' panties, the guy tosses them up into a tree or under a fence or in some other inconvenient place - close enough for the lady to try to get them back, but far enough beyond their grasp that we get to enjoy the additional view. It is just so delightfull to see their little buns peeking out from beneath their skirts as the try to retrieve their panties! Furthermore, a number of the ladies, if they successfully get their panties back end up putting them back on within view of the camera. Top notch! (60 minutes)
R-680 Shark Attack! Target One Piece $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japan a "one piece" is a dress. and in this video, the sharks of tokyo are targeting ladies in a dress in order to lift the hem. Why - well, with a one pice, you can pretty much lift the hem to the lady's neck, lift her bra up as well and quite often as she is fighting to get her breasts covered, you can go fot the big prize of taking her panties down a bit. The ladies in this video are really top notch and I'm willing to bet that none of them quite saw what was coming. A total of 35 ladies get the treatment. (60 minutes)
R-667 Stripped Ladies Fight Back $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another great sharking video. In this one, guys swoop down on unsuspecting ladies and partially strip them and run off with their clothes. However, the ladies are quite annoyed with this treatment and chase after the fiends. In all, 15 ladies get the treatment. In a typical scene, a lady is attacked while sitting outside. Her outer clothing (and sometimes all of it) is stripped from her and taken by a theif who runs off with them. The lady however is so pissed off that she runs off after the theif (and camera man) in an attempt to get back enough of her clothes to make it safely home with some dignity. Often, if and when she catches up with the fiends, they strip the lady even further and expose her most intimate parts! The men of Japan are not to be denied! This is a great addition to the sharking videos! (60 minutes)
R-666 Panties Down - Long Socks Edition $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There is a great fashion trend in Japan - ladies with very short skirts wear socks that go up to their knees or a bit higher, leaving a lucious strip of skin between the tops of the socks and the hem of the skirt. In this video, 61 Ladies are dressed like this and the men of Japan show their appreciation by approaching them on the street, pulling up their skirts and pulling down their panties - often leaving nothing between the tops of their socks and their waist! Excellent! Sometimes it is a typical shark attack, but at other times, the guy chats with the lady for a few moments - asking directions and to like and before she knows it, her panties are at her knees. (75 minutes)
R-665 Baggings 3 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Unlike the previous two videos where the short skirts worn by the ladies ensure that everyone will get a chance to view their panties, the ladies in this video are wearing floor length dresses and as they walk the streets of Japan, they seem to not have a care in the world -- that is until the hem of their long skirt has been yanked up above their heads and tied in a knot. The ladies have to struggle to get free and provide us with quite a lovely show! In all, 35 women get the treatment. (60 minutes)
R-653 More Naked Sword Fighting $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Given the good response from customers on videos R638 and R639, I've added another sword fighting demonstration video. In this video, a new young lady demonstrates both her sword fighting skills as well as her overall conditioning that has given her a really tight bod. The video starts with a short interview followed by a demonstartion match. That is followed by her stripping off her skirt and panties and staging another demonstration with just her shirt-tails (and a fuzzy mosaic) for cover. Next, she removes her blouse and bra for a zenra (naked) demonstration. Following that, she puts on the protective gear and faces off against another woman for a real match. Next, the two ladies go at it again, wearing the protective equipment, but no clothing. Then things get a bit more interesting. Our sword fighter takes off the protective gear and wearing only her clothing takes on a series of guys whose goal is to strip her without getting sliced. They have to be quick to get in close under her sword - it seems that the guys may not be up to the task! Her first opponent hardly lays a hand on her. Her second opponent is completely out matched as well. The third opponent does a bit better, and at least is able to leave her in a state of disarray. It isn't until the seventh opponent that we start to see some serious amount of skin. After that, most of the opponents seem to be trying to grope her rather than strip her, but she fight on until eventually the ninth opponent leaves her naked. At this point, about an hour into the film, it becomes more like a typical adult video. I really enjoy the first half of the video. Also at the very end, she has some demonstration matches where she is bottomless but otherwise dressed as a police woman, and then in a leather look bathing suit. (120 minutes)
R-650 Skirt Attack - 28 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! And now something for the guys who like the bottom halves of the ladies revealed. The good people at Eleven have captured on video 70 ladies begin accosted in the street, having their skirts pulled up high and their panties put on display for the world's (and our!) pleasure. Most of the ladies are dressed in school outfits and are bare-legged - all the better to see the patterns on their panties. Most of the attacks are sudden and swift, but in a few cases, the ladies are lifted off of their feet, their legs are spread wide and a much more expansive view of what lies beneath is displayed. (74 minutes)
R-649 Tops Down - 6 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I tend to be more of a "waist down and neck up" sort of guy, but a few of my customers enjoy the complete upper half if the Japanese female and here is a video for them. 50 ladies (that's 100 breasts!) find themselves in the great outdoors and in the camera's range when they are set upon by the usual Tokyo sharks. It seems to be summer in Japan when this video was shot and the popular fashion is strapless tube tops which are pulled off so easily. The overwhelming majority of the ladies seem to shrug off the attack as simply somthing they have to put up with for the privilege of being a lady. Lovely! (44 minutes)
R-647 Pantyhose and Panty Omnibus Vol 4. $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I just ran across this producer from Japan and he appears to have some interesting videos. Thhis video is a pantyhose/panty lovers dream. It begins with a scene taken by a hidden camera in an office and captures one of the office ladies working at a sink in the lunchroom. One of the male office workers comes up and as a joke lifts her skirt up to her waist, exposing her pantyhose and panties. Please gentlemen, do NOT try this in your office! This is repeated several times with different ladies - what is amazing, is that the some of the ladies are a bit peeved, but others take it in stride - just guys being guys. Next, an OL (Office Lady) is stopped in the hallway of a modern office building and chatted up and eventually is talked into lifting her skirts and letting us see her pantyhose and panties - she is talked into dropping her skirt which the guy steals and puts out on the rooftop of the building, causing her great embarrassment as she has to run outside without anything (but her hands) to cover her pantyhose and panties. Next, we see some racequeens out on the roof (as in R646) letting the wind have its way with their very short skirts. Next a few scenes from the bathroom, again focusing on pantyhose and panties. Finally, 3 lovely ladies in racequeen attire do some leg spreading gymnastics and play some twister for your viewing pleasure. A delightful mix. (110 minutes)
R-645 Skirt Lifting $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Sometimes, Japanese production companies produce a "best of" video, capturing scenes from their previous releases. I usually skip these, especially if there is a big overlap with my existing collection. However, one customer has been bugging me to add two of these - so I'll have one this month and one next. The focus of this video is attacks on skirts from the good people at Natural High. This video contains 41 skirt lifting scenes from Vol 1 - 5 of their Mischief series and 5 previously unseen scenes. This corresponds to R158, R208, and R243, so just about half of the scenes that appear on this video are on other videos of mine. If you are just dying to see new scenes or if you'd like to have a skirt-lifting only version, then you might enjoy this video (150 minutes)
R-643 Commando Skirt Lift 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Yes gentlemen, it seems to be laundry day in Japan and despite the fact that everyone knows of the roaming bands of skirt lifters stalking the good ladies of Japan, all of the ladies seem to be going nopan - commando In this video, 51 ladies experience that maximum humiliation of having their skirt lifted high above their waist to display their charms, unhindered by even the scantiest panties. A true joy! (56 minutes)
R-642 Tokyo Cutter 3 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A maniac is on the loose in Japan. He spots ladies who have fallen asleep in parks or bus stops and he cuts all of their clothes off, cops a feel and takes off. When the ladies awaken, they find their clothing turned into rags are are left to their own devices to figure out how to get home. In this video, 10 ladies are victimized. A favorite genre for many customers and, I have to admit, a personal guilty pleasure of mine. (100 minutes)
R-641 Panty Peeks Happenings $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! We all remember the times in our life when we have been blessed by a quick peek up a ladies skirt - maybe it was the wind, maybe a skirt caught on a snag or begin behind a lady going up stairs. This video captures 40 such scenes. We see the lovely ladies of Japan out and about on the street - all dressed in minis. Some young fellow comes up behind them, holding a small brief case and he manages to snag the zipper on the hem of the skirt. While profusely apologizing, he works to get it loose while at the same time lifting it high enough to allow his friend with a video camera to capture the glorious scene. What makes it especially Japanese is that the lady usually bows to the guy and thanks him for unhooking her! In one case, the ladies skirt gets caught while she is over a subway grate giving us a fine display. 25 of the 40 cases has this guy at work with his hook and the remaining 15 have panties on display accidentally. A wonderful video. (58 minutes)
R-623 Panty Thieves! $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In R621, ladies were left with their skirts tied above their head, but they could still get home safely. In R622, the skirts were stolen leaving them in panties only. In this video 38 ladies suffer the indignity of having their panties forcefully removed by some stranger in a very public location. In some cases, the panties are removed and we only get a fleeting glance at what they once covered. In other cases, the thief not only steals their panties, but hoists their skirts up as well giving everyone in the area a fine view. In other cases, the lady tries to sneak away from the scene, certainly aware of the sensation of the wind on bare pussy flesh, but hoping to finesse their exit when the cameraman himself takes "things" into his own hands to take a peek. Many times, the thief and the cameraman get together in order to check out the panties for stains or skid marks and in one case, the lady swoops down to steal her panties back! The nerve! Again, this is a highly recommended video! (71 minutes)
R-622 Skirt Ripping and Stealing 4 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Well, in R621, at least the ladies clothes are still usable after the attack. In this video, the skirts are quit literally ripped off of 31 ladies, leaving them standing in the street with only panties from the waist down (a wonderful fashion trend in my view!). The world is a scary place when you don't have a skirt or pants to wear! For fans of this genre, this is an excellent video. Highly recommended! (67 minutes)
R-621 Baggings - 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! With the popularity of R589, Eleven has produced another bagging video. There is hardly anything more elegant than a lovely lady in a long flowing skirt. She is self-confident and unconcerned with the concerns of short and/or tight clothing - the air seems to flow around her better - making her look quite formidable ... and then it happens! Suddenly, the hem of her skirt is above her head, her panties and bra (she did wear one, right?) are on display to the world. Her eyes are covered and she doesn't know who has seen the unseeable. Was this a rape attempt? Her creepy little brother playing his games in public? When she finally gets her clothing in order again - what next? Call the police? Her friend? Chase after the fiend? Go home? Go ahead? Her confidence is sapped. A top notch video as 35 ladies face their worst fears. (60 minutes)
R-620 Forced Cosplay 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the success of R528, comes the second video with 15 ladies who are suddenly and unmercifully set upon by some cad who strips them of most if not all of their clothing and runs off leaving them with only the most scandalous of cos-play outfits to wear - see through outfits, micro minis, school-girl gym outfits with strategically placed cutouts, an apron (with nothing else!), etc. The women, while thankful to have something to wear are humiliated and are left to fend for themselves to find a way home. To notch video! (80 minutes)
R-615 Skirt Lifting 27 - Senior High School Edition $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Sure, ladies have it tough in Japan, but as bad as it is for office ladies, the harassment starts in high school. In this video, we see the attackers go after ladies in their school uniforms. What can they expect? They start off with short skirts, they roll them up a few inches and all of the popular culture manga and anime encourage guys to get a peek (and the ladies to enjoy it!). Dozens of ladies have their school uniform skirts lifted and their panties put on display. Delightful. (50 minutes)
R-614 Skirt Lifting 27 - Office Lady Edition $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! My customers cannot get enough of these videos. The venerable office lady - a twenty something lady who has a job as an "office flower" in Japan, who dresses in a conservative business suit hoping to catch the eye of some up and coming salary man are a common focus of the Japanese erotic imagination - just what are they hiding underneath that long tight skirt? This video helps us to find out. Dozens of ladies are accosted on the street and have their skirts lifted to their waist, exposing their panties and and stocking or pantyhose. One lady gets mad enough to clock her attacker and then runs after him as he escapes. In another scene, a hero comes tot he rescue of one of the ladies, attacking her attacker. Just another day in the life of ladies in Japan! (55 minutes)
R-613 Erotic Beach Happenings - 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! When you go to a beach, you get to see a lot of sexy ladies wearing very little and if you are very lucky, even that small amount of cover will be dislodged enough to let you see what little was hidden. Well, you don't have to be lucky if you have this video. In the first scene, a lovely bikini clad lady walking back from the water's edge finds her bikini bottoms pulled down and off. Next, a trio of ladies frolic in the surf. Two of them leave, hand in hand sharing their friendship when their bottoms are pulled down and their tops up. The same fate awaits two other ladies, walking alone by the beach. Those just sunbathing don't escape. A few have their tops dislodged and one even suffers having a guy jack off on her. Other ladies have their bathing suits untied. There is no end to the abuse these ladies have to put up with. The action is fast and exciting. (50 minutes)
R-609 Pantyhose Tag and Strip Red Light Green Light $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Yes - this video is nearly 5 hours long! The arrival of new workers in a company is usually a cause for celebration in Japan as for the most part the relationship between a company and an employee will be lifelong. This video captures the celebration as done at Soft on Demand, and you know that is not going to be a boring party. All of the new female hires are gathered together to meet the ever beautiful Miu who runs them through some rather strenuous initiations. First, a good old fashioned game of Hide and Seek. Nine of the ladies have to find a place in the SOD headquarters to hide and one fellow has a limited amount of time to find them. Oh - two other things - when they go out to hide, they have to remove their skirts first, exposing (mostly) their pantyhose for all of the other employees to enjoy. Then if and when they are found, the fellow who found them is permitted to strip them and enjoy their charms for a few minutes. Then for about an hour there is an oddly harsh segment where 4 ladies a set upon by a bunch of guys inside of the SOD headquarters and manhandled. Then for the next nearly 2 hours, 15 lovely ladies play the Japanese version of red-light green-light - moving up toward a goal and having to periodically freeze. Of course, this being Soft on Demand, when frozen they are subject to the attentions of the loyal customers who get to grope, vibrate and squirt the ladies with water pistols. If the ladies should happen to be caught moving, they have to strip off an article of clothing and start all over. Since Miu is in charge of the game, she manages to strip all of the ladies. (I'm sure there will be a revenge video someday - lets hope so anyway!) A great time is had by all. (290 minutes)
R-608 Pulling their Panties Down and Stealing ... $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! How many more indignities be dropped on the lovely ladies of Japan? They've had their pants pulled down, their skirt pulled up, their pantyhose shredded, their panties stolen, their bikinis stripped off... Can there be more? Of course there can! In this video 19 ladies have their skirts pulled up, their panties pulled down, and in the ultimate insult, the fiend grabs a little tuft of pussy hair, yanks it out and runs. Ouch! (or should I say Itai!) The ladies are not only embarrassed to be exposed this way, but they feel like rubbing themselves down there to relieve the burning. Totally unique in the history of video! (50 minutes)
R-607 Panty Thieves $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It must be great to work for companies like this in Japan. The crazy guys at Phi are out once again terrorizing the female population of Japan, finding ladies dressed up in nice dresses and skirts and swooping in on them and quickly stripping their panties off (often ripping them) and running away with them! Yes, the ladies are left "no-pan" - Japanese for commando and probably spend the rest of the day, either in school or the office or just shopping where every breeze and every step they take reminds them that they are exposed and that some pervert has a new treasure. 28 ladies suffer the same fate. A top notch video! (65 minutes)
R-606 Bathing Suit Stripping 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the wonderful R496, 27 lovely ladies who are enjoying the sun and cool breezes of the beaches of Japan learn how quickly their bikinis can be stripped off of them! Some of the ladies have their tops stripped, some their tops and bottoms. The thieves are kind enough to leave the bikinis nearby so we also get to see the ladies struggle to get redressed in public. It isn't so easy to tie those knots when one is trying to hurry. A totally outstanding video! (64 minutes)
R-597 Commando Skirt Lift $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It has always puzzled me that with all of the is skirt lifting, skirt ripping, bagging etc, that we almost never get to see a lady "no-pan" - Japanese for commando. Well, it seems that the producers of these videos must have been saving up the footage, because in this video, we get to see 50 (!) ladies surprise to be walking the streets of Japan, and having their skirt lifted up to reveal nothing man made at all! Maybe we just hit "National Air-it-out day", or maybe the guys from Phi just broke into everyone's house and stole their panties or maybe it is just our lucky day! I like all 50 hits on this video, but one of my favorites is a scene with two ladies chatting. One is in a really tight denim mini. The attacker grabs both ladies' skirts, but the mini is way to tight to lift past her bottom. So the attacker concentrates on the one girl, grabbing her skirt with two hands and lifting with all of his might. The lady is doing her best to hold it down. Finally, he lifts so hard that it lifts her feet off of the ground, she topples forward and has to use her hands to protect herself and all is revealed! Top notch video from the genius filmmakers from Japan! (60 minutes)
R-596 Skirt Ripping (and stealing!) 3 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The skirt ripping videos have been very popular - the basic idea is that a lady has her skirt quite forcibly ripped off of her in a public place, leaving her standing there wearing only panties from the waist down and both shocked and embarrassed at the sudden and unwelcome exposure. Some of my customers have noted that it was too bad that the fellow who ripped off their skirts typically left the ruined fabric behind as he escaped. This often leads to the ladies having to run maybe 10 yards or so in their vulnerable condition which was quite delightful to look at, but they at least escaped with some cover. Well, NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY! In this video 30 ladies have their skirts ripped off of them and stolen. Good luck getting home ladies! It is a total delight to see their attempts to cover up with a sweater or jacket or their pocket book, all to to avail whatsoever. (70 minutes)
R-594 Down with Panties - 9 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video features 63 ladies all of whom seem to have not a care in the world ... until suddenly in a very public place they find their panties heading south, dragged down by another one of those Tokyo Bad boys. There are going to be a lot of people reincarnated as cock roaches in their next life! (50 minutes)
R-592 Tokyo Cutter 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! After the success of the Tokyo Cutter 1 video, the fiend with a scissor is once again out and about, looking for ladies who have fallen asleep in public places and cutting all of their clothing off. This time, there are 11 victims (2 of them at the same time!) each of whom wake up to find their clothing in tatters and totally incapable of providing them decent cover. Sometimes, the fiend even takes a clipping of their pussy hair - no doubt as some sort of keepsake. You cannot find videos like this anywhere else outside of Japan. (110 minutes)
R-568 Skirt Lift Show - 1 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Once again, 42 ladies walking on the streets of Japan are set upon by the low life sharks who swoop in a pull the ladies skirt up, exposing their panties to anyone who cares to look. What makes this video different from all of the others is that in the others, it is usually a 2 man operation. One guy has the camera, the other races in to do the deed. Then either they both run off leaving the woman to try to figure out what just happened, or the attacker escapes while the cameraman continues to tape in secret. In this video, the cameraman not only stays around, but approaches the lady to discuss what just happened, increasing the shame she feels. But strangest of all, the camera man is sometimes a camera woman and manages to get some interesting shots after the attack. (55 minutes)
R-564 Skirts Up, Panties and Pantyhose Down $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Well, the ladies in this video have it much worse than those in R563 and R562. In all, 60 ladies have their skirts pulled up and their panties and pantyhose pulled down in another kamikaze attack from those bad boys in Tokyo. Most of the attacks leave the panties and pantyhose in tangled up at the woman's knees and she has a damn hard time trying to get those things back up to her waist. In one scene after one lady had her panties and pantyhose pulled down, another lady runs to her assistance only to get hit with another attack! What further indignities must the good women of Tokyo put up with? (57 minutes)
R-563 Skirt Ripping 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Compared to the ladies in this video, the targets in R562 had it easy - at least they had a skirt at the end of the day. In this video, the attackers are able to rip the skirts right off the poor ladies. They stand there, stunned, for a few moments trying to figure out how at one moment they were walking down the street, looking good and enjoying life and then just a few moments later, they are standing there with their panties on display for all to see and their skirt a worthless rag. The guy who does the deed usually runs away, dropping the skirt a few yards from the lady, most always slit completely up the side and impossible to put back on. 35 women are victimized in this video. (72 minutes)
R-562 Skirts up! $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Those bad boys of Tokyo just don't let up. Here is another great 55 minutes of mayhem. The MO this time - a perfectly decent looking guy asks a girl on the street for directions. The Japanese ladies, always trying to be helpful do their best to point out the direction. (In Japan, finding anyplace always involves asking lots of questions as many streets are unnamed and the numbers on the building are not in order!) When they are finished, the guy thanks them by yanking up their skirts putting their fine legs and panties on display. In one of the funniest scenes, the guy hands a lady a map, and while she is trying to read it, he gets on the ground on his hands and knees and looks up her skirt before yanking it up! 50 ladies are the target over the 55 minutes. (55 minutes)
R-545 The Tokyo Cutter $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A new kind of "sharking video". In this video, 8 women who make the mistake of falling asleep in a public location (bus stops, park benches, etc.) awaken to find that their clothes have been cut off with a scissor. We get to see the guy sneak up on the napping lady, and slowly slice her clothing off, from the hem of her skirt to her neckline. Along the way, her panties and bra are rendered worthless. Needless to say, the fiend cops some free feels until the lady awakens. The women are totally humiliated, especially when they realize that there is no way in the world to hold their clothing together and maintain their modesty as they try to return home. A top notch video - perhaps a bit more on the fantasy side of things, but well done all in all. (90 minutes)
R-535 Tops Down 5 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The good people at Shuri have come out with another sharking video - this one targeting ladies tops. Strapless tops are quite popular among the ladies of Japan - generally complementing their necks and shoulders and de-emphasizing their (generally smaller) breasts - that is until some miscreant pulls it down in public! In this video 50 ladies (or 100 breasts) are exposed to the public in a most rude manner and the attacker gets to cop a feel in the process. There are some very nice breasts in this video that have been hidden far too long. Great fun. (52 minutes)
R-534 Skirt Lifting - Target Office Ladies 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Most of you know that many schools in Japan have their students wear uniforms. Most of the ladies who graduate and work in the city become "Office Ladies" or OLs who also wear a sort of uniform - a crisp blouse - usually white, and a knee length skirt and matching vest, often a dark color. You see them everywhere in cities and towns in Japan. Well, in this video they are targets for the sharks that seek out the unsuspecting ladies on the streets of Japan and yank their skirts up to reveal their panties. I am continually amazed at the reactions - usually a quick yell, a brief moment of shock and then they get on with their lives as if nothing happened. I think there would be a bigger reaction if water was splashed on them from a passing car. A couple of the ladies try to grab the guy or run after him, but running in a tight skirt and heels is pretty hopeless. In a couple of scenes, we see (and this is new) a passerby step in to help. All in all, 67 ladies are exposed. One lady stands out in my mind - she seemed to be a little insecure and perhaps naive. Her blouse sleeves were too long and she walked with her arms tightly crossed. Suddenly, the guy swoops in from behind, lifts her skirt high enough that we see some skin above her panties, then he flees. She quickly pulls her skirt down and then stands still - virtually frozen to the spot with an odd little smile on her face. Gentlemen, I'll let you try to figure out what was going on in her mind! There are also a couple of multiple hits. In one case, a lady is waiting by herself to meet her girlfriend for lunch. The shark attacked and then a few moments later her friend arrives and is told about the attack. While she listens to her friends story, you get the feeling that she is really thinking that she never has anything exciting happen to her, when she herself is sharked. A great video! (65 minutes)
R-530 Bad Boys of Tokyo Vacation at the Beach 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Once again, some of those bad boys from Tokyo are back at the beach, challenging the lovely ladies there to a sumo match. Everyone in Japan loves sumo and the ladies feel that it is all in good fun - until of course they get the wedgie of their lives! If you are a big wedgie fan, you will love this video. The sumo wrestler is able to grope the ladies at will, and pulls aside (and down) their bikini tops and bottoms. The ladies seem to be having a lot of fun as well. Sadly, most all of the ladies have a mosaic over their eyes (130 minutes)
R-529 Sly Skirt Lift $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 43 ladies fall victim to this latest from the twisted mind of the Japanese male. 43 times, a lady is standing in the street minding her own business when a nicely dressed man pulls up next to her. Nothing out of the ordinary, but he ever so slowly and lightly lifts the hem of her skirt, exposing the panties beneath. The ladies are none the wiser and we get a pretty decent panty shot! A couple of times the fiend is able to hook the ladies skirts up (shades of the Mischief series) (73 minutes)
R-528 Forced Cos-play $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Cos-play, where young ladies dress up in costumes - either from the world of anime and manga or in more generic uniforms (stewardesses, waitresses, etc.), is very popular in Japan. But it is usually a college age crowd and only the most odd of those people who do it, but... What if a lady on the street suddenly found her regular clothing ripped off and only a cosplay outfit at hand - well, you can bet she's going to wear it and this video investigates this important area of human behavior. 15 ladies have their clothing ripped off of them on the streets of Japan and are left with only a small flimsy outfit to put on. Our videographer spends a lot of time capturing the ladies before hand - capturing their inner calm and catching an upskirt shot when he can and then the explosive attack on their clothing. Their race to get to the little clothing left them, their effort to cover up as quickly as possible and their escape. Nicely done!(72 minutes)
R-525 Skirt Burglar $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! These "sharking" videos have been a big hit at Nanpas. In this video, 24 ladies while walking around outside or sitting down and taking in some fresh air and a well deserved rest suddenly find themselves without a skirt on! Some fiend swoops in and in the blink of an eye rips the skirt off of the poor lady and runs away, leaving her to figure out how to get home with her panty clad tush on display. Most ladies try to call a friend on their cell phone, and after that do the best that they can to cover up with their blouse tails or pocketbooks (front or back or front or back?) A delightful video! (60 minutes)
R-502 Down with Panties (7) $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Yet more outrage inflicted on the good women of Japan. They work so hard to dress up for us, to find matching panties and bras. To find proper sized heels to make their legs and bottoms more shapely. The exercise (oops - see R501) to get in shape for us, then suddenly, in the middle of their neighborhood in a moment of incomprehension, they have their panties at their knees and their dresses hem at their waist. Delightful! In this video, 60 more ladies get the surprise of their day and we get to view some pretty nice tush and bush (and in one case a maxi-pad is nearly launched. It is hard to imagine which the ladies find more humiliating - to have their panties pulled down in a public area or to have to pull them back up! One lady has her panties literally ripped off and has to spend the rest of the day commando in a short miniskirt and thigh high wool stockings - yikes! All of the ladies reactions are incredible - some just go about their business as if every day some pervert pulls down there panties. Others smile thinking it was a boyfriend or brother (shudder). Some yell "Why?" Who knows, but we love it! (75 minutes)
R-501 Sweat Pantsing (4) $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Can you ever have too many Bad Boy videos? This is another in the series of videos featuring the embarrassment of women in Japan who decide to wear those terrible items of clothing - sweat pants! Yuck!!!! I have to admit, that in this video all of the ladies are out exercising rather than shopping or lounging around, but our best friends in Japan do there best to let them finish their workouts with their bottoms on display. In this video, we get to see 60 ladies have their pants and almost always their panties pulled down to display their tight little bottoms and sometimes a flash of bush. In my favorite scene, an attractive young lady is out cooling down after her jog, walking through a rather hilly campus of some sort. She is wearing sweat pants and an exercise top - a hint of red panties shows at her waist. She has a small towel around her neck. Suddenly the fiend swoops in and is able to in one yank get both her panties and sweat pants down to her knees. Then she makes a fatal mistake and sits down. This is just too great an opportunity to our fiend who must be exhausted by now! He goes for the kill, removing both her sweat pants and panties, leaving her totally bewildered and bottomless. She uses her towel which doesn't quite make it around her hips to cover up and heads home. Top notch! (60 minutes)
R-498 Skirt Ripping $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I don't know how ladies live in Japan! Once again, 33 ladies find themselves walking down the street when some fiend, some cad, some Bad Boy swoops down and rips their skirts - usually completely off of them, and tosses their skirts so that the ladies have to run to fetch them, dressed only from the waist down in their lovely panties. Some try to hide their exposure by pulling down their sweaters or hiding behind a newspaper and crouching in the street until their is nobody looking, but the camera catches all! The ladies all appear in senior high/junior college uniforms and many (like most ladies in Japan) are distracted by their phones when disaster strikes! Watching them try to walk while holding their ruined skirt up is worth the price of the video. (60 minutes)
R-497 Pantyhose Shredding $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The Bad Boys of Japan are back on the streets and this time, they target 34 ladies who are (or at least were) wearing pantyhose. Skirts are lifted, a handful of nylon is grabbed and with enough twisting, pulling down and stretching, the pantyhose are rendered worthless. The ladies can only act stunned and then try to quickly remove the tattered hose in broad daylight, usually discarding the worn item where they stand. When then leave, the cameraman frequently zooms in on and handles the discarded pantyhose. If you like to see skirts lifted in public, pantyhose shredded on the wearer or discarded pantyhose, you will enjoy this video! (70 minutes)
R-496 Bathing Suit Stripping $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Imagine this. A hard working Japanese lady gets a few days off each year to get away from the leering office manager, the chikan in the trains with their groping hands, and the various characters on the street who constantly harass ladies. She stretches out in her new bathing suit closes her eyes and in a flash, she is naked! In this video, 25 ladies wearing as little as "good girls" are allowed to wear find themselves either half of fully exposed. In another memorable scene, two ladies are changing out of their bathing suits in the open using a towel for cover. (I don't know how they do it!) So they are sitting on some steps chatting with each other, still wearing their bikini tops but with only a towel from the waist down, when a guy swoops in, unties the strings holding the tops on, steals the tops AND rips off their towels as well leaving them as naked as they day they were born! They get into their street clothes as quickly as they can (which thankfully is not very fast at all!). Amazingly, some of the ladies initially think that it is a friend's prank, and try to laugh it off, but when they realize what really happened, it is a race to regain some degree of decency! One of my all time favorites! (55 minutes)
R-476 Panties Down $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video features 60 senior high ladies having their panties suddenly yanked down in a perfectly public location. In one of the most amusing incidents, two of the ladies are standing with their backs to a stairway. The fiend sneaks up the stairs and simultaneously, the ladies react as the each feel a their panties being pulled down from the rear. Brief glimpses of bottom cracks and pubic hair, but no other sexual contact. (52 minutes)
R-469 Skirt Lifting - Tokyo Cabaret Ladies $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Once again, 60 ladies find their skirts pulled up and panties put on display in public. This time, the targets are the ladies who make their living looking charming for the business men that visit he cabarets after work, so they are especially attractive and well dressed. Remarkably, despite the initial surprise (usually accompanied by a fairly weak "eek"), the ladies take it in stride and just get on with their day. Lovely! (60 minutes)
R-467 Skirt Lifting - Mature Lady Edition $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The video features those bad boys in Japan sneaking up on ladies out in public, or picking up their mail, or entering an elevator and yanking up their skirts to expose their panties to everyone, including us. There are 60 victims in this video - all of whom appear to be between 25 and 40 years old. It appears to have been made during the warmer months in Japan, so the ladies are dressed casually, but often wearing pantyhose. The ladies are all past the age where they might expect their brothers or boy friends to have done this and often look quite surprised - perhaps flattered - to be the target of such attention, but they look plenty find to me! My favorite is a fairly young and attractive woman dressed in an elegant purple pleated skirt, bent over some flowers at street vendor choosing among the various bouquets when suddenly her long skirt is lifted way above her waist exposing her black pantyhose and panties to all. (60 minutes)
R-461 Hot Pants Pantsing $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Wow - so far we've seen sweat pants pulled down, skirts pulled up, kimonos unwrapped - what could be left? Hot Pants! They were all the rage in Japan last summer, ranging from shape conforming knits to denims worn with the top button open showing off the fine legs of the ladies of Japan. They look so haughty walking down the street flaunting their slim hipped look when suddenly, they find some guy pulling down their shorts and sometimes even their panties in the middle of public areas - streets and stores in Japan. Best of all, the shorts are so tight and their panties get so tangled up that it takes a fair amount of time for them to get covered again. Some great work here, some serious butt cleavage as well as 41 ladies get the surprise of the summer! (60 minutes)
R-454 Chikan with Scissors $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Japan is known for the molesters (chikan) who ride the trains and busses in Japan. Most quietly go about their work, but a few take great pleasure not only in copping a feel, but in the complete domination of their target, including the shredding of clothing with a knife or scissors, leaving the victim in dire straits after the attack as well. This video features 5 such scenes on city busses. One lady was dressed in a nice business suit (she has to walk several city blocks after the attack in full view of many), another in a tight fitting denim jeans, and the rest in a variety of skirts and dresses -- all have their clothing cut up beyond all possible use. (160 minutes)
R-443 The Anti-Crew - 7 More Victims $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! More gut wrenching train molestations where the ladies are groped, have their clothing cut, ripped, or stripped from them, are further molested and then gathering whatever rags remain of their clothing are released onto the platform. This video has 7 attacks from two different angles (generally high and low angles). Most of the ladies are in skirts, but two are wearing jeans which are cut off of them with scissors leaving them with little more than a waistband to walk down the platform. .If you enjoy these types of videos, I don't think you can do better. There are nearly 4 hours of videos here, 2 hours from 2 different angles. PLEASE NOTE - THERE IS SOME OVERLAP WITH THE VIDEO R181. ABOUT HALF IS NEW MATERIAL AND THE MULTIPLE ANGLE ON THIS VIDEO IS ALL NEW. (120 minutes)
R-442 Sweat Pantsings (2) $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The good people at Shuri are back to their evil best, pantsing the good ladies of Japan who decide to wear that horrible item - sweat pants. In this video, 54 ladies find themselves in public areas, taking care of their business when suddenly, their pants are down around their ankles and their panties are on display for the world to see. The ladies reactions are priceless - sometimes a little squeal. Sometimes a smile thinking it was their boyfriend or brother who did this to them. Other times, shocked silence, trying not to draw attention to their plight. I'm convinced that some really enjoyed the attention. In one of my favorite scenes, a young lady buys a snack at a 7-11 and starts to eat it while walking home. When she is pantsed, she spills part of it on the ground, and since there is a lot of social pressure not to litter, actually starts to pick up the mess before pulling up her pants! (52 minutes)
R-438 Kimono Surprise 3 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Those of you who enjoyed R307 are in for another treat. In this video, 60 ladies dressed in their lovely summer yukata (a light, colorful kimono) are out for a walk, on a date, meeting a friend and even visiting the local temple when suddenly they find someone has grabbed the hem of their yukata and in a simple move has both spread and lifted the kimono exposing what lies beneath! Sadly, all of the ladies dress in modern underclothing - that is they are actually wearing panties - in ancient Japan panties were unheard of. (54 minutes)
R-436 (Sweat) Pantsing 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! While most ladies in Japan would not think of going out in their pajama bottoms, this vulgar habit is taking hold in Japan as it has here. In Japan, these are called "Jerseys". Well there are some guys in Japan who are not going to put up with this dress code and in an effort to get the ladies back into skirts have taken it upon themselves to "pants" these willful ladies -- and we are the beneficiaries. Following up on R352 which was such a hit, this video has 55 ladies who suddenly find their pants (and sometimes panties) pulled down in a fully public area. In one of my favorite scenes, a lady who stops to pat a golden retriever suddenly finds her pants and panties pulled down. Mans best friend did not tip off the attack at all! In another, the attacker gets the pants completely off one lady leaving her to drive home (presumably) in her car dressed in her top and panties. Finally in another a lady seems to be really dressed for comfort, having left her panties at home. Great fun. (56 minutes)
R-433 Skirt Ripping - 2 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the popular R387, I was able to acquire the follow-up video from the good people at Phi. Taking the skirt lifting theme one step further, the low life not only lifts the ladies skirt but quite literally shreds it! You have probably noticed that most ladies wear clothes make of very fragile material - it is what makes their dresses flirt with us so wonderfully as they walk along and what makes the wind play wonderful games with us. In addition man skirts have a small slit so that it is both tight enough to show off their figure, but loose enough to be able to walk. This plays into the low lifes plan as he first tries to rip the skirts along the slit, then along a seam, and if need be he uses a sharp tool hidden in his hand to start the cut. In any case, the ladies are left skirtless, their panties on display for all to see. The low life generally tries to drop their skirt a short distance away permitting us to see them run down the street in their panties and then struggle to find enough safety pins to hold the rag together. And if the lady is wearing a dress?!? A top notch video! 36 ladies meet an unkind fate over the 82 minutes.(82 minutes)