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Video Cost Description
R-887 Time Stop in the Newsroom $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A few years ago, "Time Stop" videos were all the rage around here, but interest waned and I started getting fewer and fewer, but last month I saw a preview for this and thought it worthy to be on this site. The first scene features a female TV news anchor who is the victim of a her cameraman with a time stop device at a production meeting. Our hero however keeps forgetting to reset the device, so she is very embarrassed when time starts again and she finds herself topless and the next time it starts up, she is naked and bent over a table with some sticky stuff on her face. Next, one of the field reporters returns to work and is victimized in the ladies locker as she changes clothes. When time starts up, she finds herself naked with a very wet pussy. The next victim is the weather lady from the news show who didn't forecast this attack. Finally, the three ladies are being filmed for a promotion and our hero stops time and he has a grand time setting up scenes with the three and starting time occasionally to the great embarrassment. (120 minutes)
R-866 Time Stop - Family Restaurant, Doctor Office and Night Club $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The Time Stop videos have been a fan favorite here at Nanpa's place for quite a while. In this version, our hero gets his hands on a time stop device and uses it first at a "family" restaurant, where is partially undresses several of the waitresses and maneuvers 3 of them and a customer into an embarrassing tableau before starting time. Also, several times he sets the device to start time back up in 90 seconds which repeatedly starts the time at inconvenient times. In one of the funnier moments, he has one waitress on her back on a bench seat and in the middle of having sex with her, he grabs someones cell phone, and snaps a picture up the skirt of another waitress! A totally dedicated pervert! Next, he has to visit a doctor (female of course) where he wrecks havoc both with the doctor and her nurse. Finally, after a long day (made longer since time stopped) he kicks back at a hostess club where he and a younger cohort sample the charms of several ladies who wonder what the hell is going on with their clothing! A fine fantasy. (120 minutes)
R-730 Time Stop Scenes - Part 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Rocket has produced yet another time stop video following up on the success of R688. In this video, we have 4 more scenes. First, in a convenience store (7-11 clone) where the owner of a time stop watch accidently leaves it on the counter when paying the bill. Another guy picks it up and stops time by accident, freezing the two clerks and customers. He's not the smartest guy in the world, but he figures it out pretty quickly. He strips off the top layer of their clothing then rather strangely decides to stuff their panties with some of the food they are preparing for lunch - noodles, tofu, eggs, etc. In the end, he places them on the counter with their legs spread and does some further examination - even using the bar code scanner for some laser action. All the time, the ladies do a remarkable job of staying frozen. That is, until the rightful owner of the watch comes into the shop and starts time again. Then the two ladies go screaming into the back room. The guys then team up on one of the customers and then again once again with one of the clerks. Next scene is at an eye doctor's office where the female examiner is the next target. When time is stopped, our hero takes advantage of her including cutting her clothes to shreds with a scissor. The next scene has our hero being lectured to by some know-it-all woman. He stops time in mid-lecture and pulls her skirt up to her waist, putting her pantihose covered panties on display. He starts time again and she continues with her lecture - that is until he points out her exhibition. He continues this, eventually stripping her pantihose and panties and after seeing her humiliated goes all the way. The final scene has our hero on a bus with 4 very attractive and very limber ladies. He ends up stripping them and posing them in ballet types of poses - a split across the aisle, one leg on a seat another on the overhead bar etc. I'm amazed that the ladies can stay frozen and put up with all of the abuse he deals out! There are several good pranking scenes, but also a lot of sex. Beware! (180 minutes)
R-688 Time Stop - 4 Scenes $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another time stop video from Japan and this one has one of my fantasies in it. It begins with our hero stumbling across an odd looking watch laying in the street (don't you wish you'd find one of those?) He just happened to be on his way to a cell phone store for service (these are all over Japan and are staffed by very well dressed and attractive yound ladies.) He was getting the usual run-around when he started to play with his new watch and suddenly - everyone in the store froze and it is off to the races. One by one, he exposes the conservatively dressed ladies, rucking up their tight skirts to reveal their panties and hose (and for kicks, shoves a cell phone between their pantyhose and panties (on vibrate mode?) He then takes all of the liberties he wants with the three ladies. If you've ever been frustrated at your cell phone storee, you will love this scene! In a moment of madness, he just fills one poor lady's pantyhose with cell phones. The next scene takes place at a tennis court where he wrecks havoc with 4 ladies. First he strips them all from the waist down then starts time - for some reason, they don't seem to notice their condition as they continue to play. He stops time again and from somewhere comes up with a bucket of water and an enema pump and does a number on one of the ladies. When time starts again the lady immediately voids (cleanly). He stops time again and goes to work on the whole bunch. In the third scene, he is at a water station for a marathon, where it seems the watch has the ability to freeze one person. Finally, we see a scene with a mother and daughter. It seems the mother has been called to school to discuss the daughter's progress and our hero takes full advantage of the situation. A twist here is that he unfreezes them one at a time for a short time so that they are aware of what is happening. There is a lot of sex in this video but it is all somehow interesting. (130 minutes)
R-656 Stop Motion $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! We have a run of three very inventive videos. This video starts with a young man riding his bike. By accident a car hits him and he wakes up a bit later in the hospital. In the bed next to him is someone else who also seems to have been the victim of an accident, but is in worse shape - when they are alone, that man gives him a magic stop motion device and we are off to the races! The next day, our hero visits the nurse's station and has his way with 3 nurses and one female doctor. He gets in plenty of groping and leaves them standing there with their clothing in total disarray. My favorite part is when he restarts time and we get to see the ladies trying to get redressed in a panic. In the next scene, our hero is being examined by a drop dead gorgeous doctor. He stops time on her and does his own very physical exam. Once again, he restarts time with the doctor naked on the examination table. The next scene is pretty wierd. A young lady is undergoing physical therapy, walking down the hall with the help of a walker when he stops time once again. This man has no conscience at all! He fully gropes and strips the patient and starts time with her buck naked in the hallway. For the fourth scene, our hero stops time outside a gynecologists office and takes advantage of the examination table with the stirrups. For the fifth scene, or hero is back in his hospital bed (he must be exhausted!). Still horny, he calls for a nurse and stops time once again. After stripping that nurse, he finds two more and lays all three of them on a bed, side by side in order to do some comparative sampling. There is even a surprise ending! Top notch stuff! (125 minutes)
R-654 The Invisible Man (Part 7) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! After the lovely ladies, what I love most about Japanese AV is how inventive they are. Sure there is enough of the old in and out, but they enjoy setting up fun and interesting scenes. This video features 4 scenes involving "invisible men". Actually, guy who are completely covered (well almost completely covered) in a white body suit that has been used for hundreds of years to indicate ghosts and other invisibiel creatures in Japanese theater. The first scene finds us at a ski resort in Japan. Two guys are trying (and failing) to ski take a break at a vending machine where they find a drink they have never seen before. When they drink it - they notice that they have become invisible! They spy two ladies who are also taking a break and they harrass the ladies both by groping them and by having things they are holding move without any visible cause. It quickly escalates and they take full advantage of them. In the next scene, a plumber is fixing the kitchen sink in a Japanese home. When he is done, the housewife thanks him and he is very attracted to her. He stops for a snack at the local vending machine, finds the same potion and he heads back to the apartment for some R&R, enjoying the pleasures of the miniskirted lady as she tries to get her housework done. The third scene takes place at a local bar, where two somewhat drunk ladies try to play darts when they are attacked by an invisible force. In the final scene, four ladies are heading to school when the invisible man catches up to them in the street, and enjoys some gropes, some skirt lifting, At school, there are 3 more invisible men waiting to sample the goods. The teacher walks in to find 4 of her students seemingly felating nothing. She sends them off to the nurses office and so is left alone with the 4 invisible men. You've got to love this stuff! (116 minutes)
R-618 Time Stop (8) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This series is beginning to show its age, but every now and then, there is a gem of a scene. This video starts with some poor working stiff hurrying to get to a job interview when he literally stumbles over an odd looking stop watch - and finds out it has the ability to stop time. He enters the office and finds 3 lovely ladies dressed in business suits absolutely frozen in time. First he scopes out what is up their skirts, gives each a grope, and then partially undresses each as they sit perfectly frozen and has sex with one of them. Satisfied, he starts time again, leaving the ladies embarrassed to find their clothing in such disarray. Next, he travels to the local 7-11 where he finds a number of ladies shopping and one behind the counter. He undresses 2 of the customers, then goes to work on the cashier. When he is done with her, he puts her apron (only) on her and starts time just to get a reaction from her and stops time again. He puts her on the counter, fully spread and starts time briefly once more to get another reaction. He repeats this several times - much to the ladies humiliation. Finally, he goes back to the last lady in the store and has sex with her. Finally he spies two women (acting as a mother and daughter - clearly both are adults) having a picnic, stops time, partially undresses both of them and then starts time briefly over and over. He finally drags them both into a house to complete the act. The last scene doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the video. Another guy finds the same stop watch. He finds a couple in a car, stops time and has a fine old time with the lady in the car. What I like most about these videos is that the actresses do a fine job of staying still and the plot has the guy starting and stopping time in order to embarrass his victims. I would have liked less sex and more pranking, but all in all, not bad. (120 minutes)
R-601 Time Stop Ray Gun $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a pretty decent time stop video that was requested by a loyal customer. Our hero receives an unexpected express mail package. When he opens it, he finds an odd looking ray gun which, when pointed at anyone seems to freeze time for everyone but him. He uses it on a cute neighbor as she prepares dinner for her hubby, strips her and takes considerable liberties with her in the kitchen before carrying her to the sofa to finish the deal. He has several more adventures during the day (in a lady's room, and a karaoke room), but in his last adventure, he is getting a frozen blow job from one of his victims when two of her friends interrupt. Luckily, his ray gun is at hand and he has a foursome. This poor guy must be exhausted! (120 minutes)
R-571 Time Stop 7 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The good people at V&R have produced yet another great time stop video. While these videos are highly regarded for both having a plot and really good freeze acting I have to be honest and say that this video has less plot than the others, but the freeze acting is terrific. To begin, our hero finds a discarded time stop device and heads directly to the ladies bath. The attendant tries to stop him but he is frozen and our hero gets past him and surprises three very lovely ladies in the large communal bath. They try to shoo him away by splashing him, but he stops them in mid splash and then gets to sample each of their charms in turn. Next, he shows up at a glamour photo shoot. First, he freezes the photo staff and tries to make some time with the model, but when she resists, he freezes her as well, starting time for her when she is in a very compromising position, but when she resists again, she is frozen again. He is in the middle of a time freeze blow job when he wakes her again (playing with fire if you ask me!). The next two scenes are a bit disturbing - a fully adult woman is acting much younger and gets frozen. The final scene has a guy being totally bullied by 3 ladies in a school room. They totally humiliate the poor guy, but he gets the last laugh as he freezes them and heaps as much humiliation on them as they did to him. (130 minutes)
R-566 What If...? Time Stop $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is another time stop video from Alex. The idea here is what would you do if you have a time stop machine. Our hero is stuck in an office full of ladies who are driving him nuts. He dreams of having a time stop machine and wrecks havoc upon the ladies in the office - in the bathroom, kitchen, board room. None of the ladies are safe. For the most part, they are frozen and he takes sexual advantage of them - not too much pranking. In the end, he gets the full office frozen and has to bring in some help. Good fun. (120 minutes)
R-549 What if You Had a Time Stop Machine? (Part 2) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There were just too many fantasies for one video, so the good people at Karma made a second. This one starts in a classroom with 4 coeds and a female teacher. With time stop, he ravishes all of them. Next scene is in a toilet were a lady who was just about to squat over a japanese style toilet is frozen in time, then has her crotch tickled until she pees in her panties. The next lady enters the toilet to check her makeup and is completely ravished. Then it is back to the woman's bath, where our hero stops time at various stages of 8 ladies undressing as well as being a complete voyeur as well as helping the ladies strip and pulling off a few pranks. Later, he gets to help all of the ladies soap up and has some sexual fun and also set up the ladies in some mild lesbian poses. Finally, as a bit of a movie in a movie, the main actors start to imagine what it would be like if they really had such a machine, then proceed to freeze the staff of the movie production and go to work! This is also a pretty outstanding example of really good fun and sexual time stop video making. (Warning - this video has 20 minutes of clips from some of the other Karma videos, many of which are quite hard core) (100 minutes)
R-548 What If You Had a Time Stop Machine? (Part 1) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Oh we can dream can't we? This video (and the next) have a number of scenes showing off the typical Japanese male fantasy about time stop devices and it is not surprise that it is the same as every man's fantasy! First fantasy - meeting a young lady (or two!) in a stair well. First, a guy and his girl friend are frozen. With just a few tugs, one of her lovely breasts are freed from her blouse and the guys hand put close by. They are quite surprised when time is started. When they get over their embarrassment, time is stopped once again. This time, the guy is laid out on the floor and the lady is set astride his face, both breasts out and her hand on his crotch. They are totally confused as to what happened and before they can recover, time is stopped once more. This time they are pranked by pulling her panties down to her knees, unclasping her bra, putting both of their hands on her breasts and (just for laughs) one finger placed up her nose. Time is restarted and once again, they are confused as to how things got that way, but before she can fix her clothes, time is stopped once again. This time, the guys face is pushed into her bottom for a good close look. And that is just the start of this fine video. There are 3 more stair well encounters (one lady ends up with her panties on her head), After that, the fantasy travels to a woman's bath and the pranking get a lot more sexual. Next, the fantasy brings us to a school physical exam (a common male fantasy in Japan) where the girls are dressed in gym outfits and important check are made on their bust size as well as the heart beat at their crotch. Of course, the nurse gets the treatment as well! Then, it is back to the stair well for some more great pranking and stripping of the victims. Next, we visit an office where the office lady keeps finding her clothing in surprising and sudden disarray, then in the ultimate is ravished while time is stopped and then when time is restarted is found by her boss. I think this is one of the best time-stop videos yet! (137 minutes)
R-518 What the... Time Stop 4 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The good people at Next also have a long running Time Stop Series going - they work more in scenes than a real story, but they are fun in any case. This video starts with a dancer working on what appears to be some erotic moves. A guy is spying upon her when suddenly another guy appears with a magic watch. that stops time for the dancer and permits the voyeur much greater access. In the next scene, a guy leaves work for home to find his wife getting it on with a vibrator. The mysterious character reappears and stops time again, giving the husband a chance for some fun. The next scene is of a photo shoot with 6 lovely ladies in bikinis. The same mysterious character freezes them all again, giving the photographers more (ahem) artistic license. While taking some pictures, they get the ladies stripped down and they pick two for some more detailed attention.(90 minutes)
R-517 Time Stop Part 6 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This wonderful Time Stop series from V&R continues. It begins with one fellow finding another in a park, seemingly frozen - something must have gone wrong with the time stop device! In fiddling with the device, the first fellow learns how to use the device and freezes an attractive looking woman in a pants suit in the park. He experiments a bit, groping her and then lets her go, but find himself frozen! This one must have slipped past quality control. A third person finds it, and goes on to meet a friend at a restaurant where they have some fun with the waitress and some other female customers including lowering their panties to their knees while frozen, then starting time again, leaving some very embarrassed ladies! The guys figure out how to stop time for everyone except both of them and then wreck havoc upon the waitresses and customers. However, in mid screwing, they decide to restart time for everyone and find that the ladies are unfrozen and the guys are now frozen in time. The video then switches to a classroom where some miscreant is able to stop time and take advantage of the coeds and their teacher. The video then switches to an office where one lucky guy receives the time stop device in the mail and takes advantage of the 5 office ladies - undressing them, cutting off some clothing and even giving one lady a bit of a pubic trim. He restarts time and we get to view the ladies panic. He eventually gets them all stripped and on leashes. There is even a bit of a surprise ending! Pretty good video, even if the 3 segments are a bit disjoint. (115 minutes)
R-453 Time Stop at the School Physical $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Brill has another go at making a time stop video. This time, the scene is the annual medical exam at a Japanese school, where the young ladies are weighed and measured to an extreme degree (the size of their nipples?), with time stopped at the most convenient times to permit further investigation of the goods. Some of the ladies pull it off pretty well - staying relatively motionless at the proper time and looking surprised and embarrassed when time kicks back in, but some could use some acting lessons. If you are looking for plot or character development, this might not be the video for you, but if you enjoy seeing ladies frozen in time, placed in weird and wonderful positions by a couple of guys who are in total control, then you might consider this video for your collection.(70 minutes)
R-441 Girls Life - Timestop Mischief (1) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I have parts 2 and 3 of this series already (R431 and R339) and have decided to complete the collection with the first. No matter about the order - the story is pretty much the same. At what appears to be a girls high school (all performers are of age). As the day progresses, some sort of demons around the room stop time and amuse themselves with the ladies, lifting their skirts, unbuttoning their blouses, untying side-tied panties, giving the ladies wedgies, pulling down their panties a bit to see some butt crack, etc. Lots of skin, no real sexual contact, but full of fun. (90 minutes)
R-440 Time Stop - Matsuri! $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! From the wonderful people at V&R, another outstanding time stop video! This time, the action takes place at a Matsuri - a festival or carnival in Japan, full of games, food, pretty ladies, and of course, a time stop device. In this video our down and out salary man is worn out from his work, sees a festival and decides to skip drop in. Since it is business time, the festival is loaded with pretty ladies. At one booth, some guy is offering a free vacation to Hawaii if you win a game of chance. Miraculously, our hero wins only to find out that the vendor doesn't have any such prize available. Instead he offers him a special stop watch which our hero reluctantly accepts until he discovers its powers! First, he find another vendor - this time a lovely lady in a revealing outfit - running another crooked game. He challenges her to toss the ring, and in mid throw - Pita - and it is off to the races! He pulls some pranks on her and a guy bystander and eventually leaves her tied up and topless. Then he visits the ever popular (in Japan) goldfish tub and pulls some pranks on the ladies gathered there. Next, he visits the shaved ice booth - always a favorite in Japan and flavors his ice with some pussy juice. He then pulls off some pranks at the sharpshooter booth. He then finishes his day at the half woman/half dog show, playing pranks on the lady, her master, and other viewers as well. Finally, the Matsuri ends with the traditional dance and once again he goes to town, taking care of the taiko drum lady as well a most of the dancers. Phew! A top notch time stop video! (140 minutes)
R-431 Girls Life - Timestop Mischief (3) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the popular R389, Brill has produced another fun time stop video. It begins with a number of ladies in a sex ed class, studying (in great detail) the penis - both drawn on the blackboard and in rather bizarre dildos with a suction cup to hold it on the blackboard as the ladies study blow jobs. Every now and then, the teacher stops time and has a little fun with the ladies. During lunch time, our hero continues stopping time and pulling off some simple pranks and taking peeks up their skirts. Then, through physical exams and room cleanup, the teacher stops time and sets up the students in various tableaus, exposed in weird and wonderful ways. (90 minutes)
R-408 Zapped in Japan - 3 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The makers of R291 and R329 have produced yet another video of teen age angst, awkwardness and revenge! The hero of those two videos is still sporting his supernatural skills of x-ray vision, telekinesis, mind control, invisibility and - oh hell, he just takes advantage of his female classmates (not that they mind very much) in the most amusing ways. In this video, the class takes a trip to the great outdoors and we get to see all sorts of pranks, including skirts hooked on fishing lines, and playing dead (actually, more like playing screwing teenagers) to avoid being mauled by a bear. Like all Japanese videos of this sort, there is a fair amount of school boy humor (stolen bras, lifted skirts) along with some hardcore action. Complete your copy of the series! (115 minutes)
R-389 Girls Life - Timestop Mischief (2) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Japanese Time Stop videos have been a very popular item at Nanpa's place, so when I saw this one by Brill, who makes some other videos that I enjoyed, I sent away for it and I think it is a winner. The video takes place in a Japanese high school classroom which is quickly filled with 14 ladies and a few 'dark presences'. The men in black is not only invisible, but has the ability to stop time at will. We hear (but do not see) a male voice running the class, asking the ladies to read their papers, and every now and then everything freezes and our heroes goes to work - crawling under desks and lifting skirts, unbuttoning blouses, untying panties, exposing butt cracks - you name it.They also play pranks on them at lunch time and as they clean up their classroom (a joy to watch as they bend waaaayyyy over to dust the floor. Some good parts - it is all time stop - no hard core nor soft core) sex. There is some limited nudity but not tons of it. The bad part - the ladies are for the most part very good about being absolutely still, but there are some lapses. Also, I with they would have a more demonstrative reaction when time starts, but I guess if you are female in Japan, finding yourself being exposed in public is not terribly out of the ordinary! I will be adding the first in this series next month. (90 minutes)
R-375 Time Stop Scenes - Part 3 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! From the people who produced R301 and R274 comes the third video in the trilogy. This video has 4 scenes - in a waiting room, in a bed room where one lady is having a little solo afternoon delight, in a living room with a couple smooching, and finally at a desk where a guy is being tutored by a lovely lady when his roommate returns and stops time. In all of the scenes, the time stop premise setup is short, and there is plenty of action afterwards as the ladies are thoroughly taken advantage of, but they seem to remain frozen despite the guys enthusiasm. (90 minutes)
R-360 Time Stop - Part 4 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! They said it couldn't be done, but V&R has followed up on its wonderful trilogy with yet another time stop video. At the start of the story, our hero quits his job in disgust and hops on a city bus. There he runs into the inventor of the previous time stop device. A couple of really annoying ladies on the cell phone bother the old man who retaliates by freezing the ladies. This is a new time stop device - it doesn't stop the whole universe, but only those you point it to. Well, our hero steals the device and it is off to the races as he pranks the ladies on the bus, visits a local high school, participates in a local TV weather report, and interrupts an after work hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party. The video is full of the usual Japanese silliness, grossness and some damn fine story telling as well. I don't think there has ever been this sort of video series before, either in America or Japan. Highly recommended. (120 minutes)
R-345 The Hypnotic Flash $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Its a bit hard to categorize this one - hypnotism? mind control? time stop? Or just one helluva great fantasy. Our poor downtrodden hero is at the bottom of the ladder in some business - even the ladies get to pick on him (very low in Japan). Then he comes upon a magic flash unit that allows him to turn the tables on all those nasty ladies. One flash and they are frozen in a hypnotic trance where he is free to sample their wares. And after some suggestions, they become much more pliable to his charms. He convinces a room full of female executives that he is invisible and has a great time at their meeting. He also has all of the ladies in an office strip naked, but makes them (and the men in the office) believe that they are dressed, until, in a moment he brings everyone back to reality, much to the embarrassment of the ladies. He even gets the mean witch of a boss to give a blow job to three guys in the men's room. There is plenty of sex in between the hypnosis sessions, but all in all a lot of fun. Please note - the hypnosis and time stop purists won't think this is a great movie, but it is a good source of fantasies. (130 minutes)
R-315 Time Stop Device (Part 3) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the spectacular success of R229 and R255, part 3 of the trilogy has our hero as busy as a human can possibly be. This time, he has his way with 3 nurses, has some non-sexual fun with a school girl and her ice cream cone, leaves a woman in the street in complete disarray, brings two ladies up to his apartment for some interesting time stop fun, freezes a woman just climbing out of a swimming pool, and finally uses his time stop ability at a private casino, both to help him control the outcome of a roulette game, then to amuse himself with a high roller's girl friends, and finally to bet (and win) a one hand takes all game with the dealer. (120 minutes)
R-301 Time Stop Scenes 2 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video is from the same people who brought us R274. This video features 4 unrelated scenes where time stop plays a major role. In the first scene, a waitress is frozen while one of the patrons takes advantage of her, and involved another patron, first frozen in time as well and then unfrozen. In the second scene, at a business meeting, the client freezes both the male and female business person and takes advantage of the female. In the third scene, a gymnastics coach freezes time and takes advantage of his student (adult) and in the final scene, a nurse receives the time stop treatment. If you like frozen women being taken advantage of in a variety of ways, you will probably enjoy this video. (90 minutes)
R-291 Zapped in Japan $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Many of my customers remember the movie "Zapped" partly because of the lovely ladies in it, but also because more than anything, teenage boys (and those of us who didn't quite become adults) would like more than anything to have supernatural powers that permit us to have our way with the ladies without all this courtship stuff. This is a cinematic release from Japan in which one geeky loser in a high school class gets the ability to see through clothes, levitate clothes at a distance, become invisible, and is able to control minds. What a dream! Note - sadly, about half of this movie is pretty much a straight "hard core" video, but the parts in between are pretty good. Good thing DVDs can skip chapters. (130 minutes)
R-274 Time Stop Scenes $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! For some reason, there seems to be a flood of ?time stop? videos coming out of Japan recently. This video features 4 unrelated scenes where time stop plays a major role. In the first scene, a house guest is sleeping in late when a young lady comes in to dust the room. She disturbs an antique looking clock on the mantle and suddenly time is stopped and our house guest goes to work. In the second scene, a fellow walking down the street notices that it is extremely quiet and then spots a lady hanging her laundry out to dry and soon she is at his mercy. In the third scene, a young lady is trying on a new bikini when magically time is stopped again. In the final scene, a guy stumbles into a bathroom only to see a young lady mysteriously frozen in time, dressed only in a towel (and then briefly). For the most part, the ladies remain remarkably frozen as they are undressed and ravished and two of the stories end with time starting with the ladies only partially dressed. The stories have more of a twilight zone feel to them - time is stopped for no known reason rather than the fellow having a magic device, but all in all fun to watch. (90 minutes)
R-272 Time Stop - Special Order $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video has three parts, following the daydreams of three businessmen. In the first part, the boss in an office imagines how it would be to be able to become invisible. He goes into a rest room to become invisible where he has to strip (of course). Now a poorer video would only have some special effects indicating the presence of an invisible man, but in this video, we have the special effects and the guy walks around the office buck naked while the rest of the cast acts as if he wasn't there. Initially he just peek under skirts and has some fun that way, but later he manages to voyeur a lady having phone sex, then real sex with another office worker, then sex (while he is invisible) with a very confused lady. In the second part, another office worker has the ability to stop time. He does so on a bus with 3 ladies who he strips and screws. I think the frozen ladies and the other passengers are incredibly true to the genre! In the third segment, a man returns home to find his wife and best friend chatting. He lives out a fantasy of tying his wife up and stripping her friend while she is unconscious and then screwing her in front of the wife. In the end, they all make up. (70 minutes)
R-255 The Time Stop Device (Part 2) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The story continues! Our hero with the device capable of stopping time begins the movie by demonstrating to the man who made the device how it works on a lovely lady walking down the street. Then he finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery. He is able to foil the robbery and collect his reward from the lovely tellers all of whom are frozen in time. He also demonstrates the machine's ability to implant ideas into the minds of frozen people by having one of the tellers find the bank manager very attractive after time is restarted. He later has some fun with a lady caught running up some stairs in mid-stride, another lady on the street, 4 ladies at a hostess bar, a lady in an apartment hallway, and another in her apartment. And a surprise ending as well! Please note, there is lots of sexual activity in here. But it is quite an interesting video! (120 minutes)
R-229 The Time Stop Device - Part 1 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a great find! A video with a story and sex, and the story involves a small device that permits the owner to stop time and a spray that permits him to control other people's minds! Our hero is given a device (without a manual!) and he first has to struggle trying to use it. He is able to stop time on the street and cops a feel, but time starts up too soon and he is busted! With a bit more work, he learns to use the device properly and has a ball! He interrupts a young couple on a park bench and exchanges himself for the young fellow, stops time and put co-workers in ?compromising positions, has some interesting times with office ladies. He also visits a restaurant and manipulates both the diners and waitress and then breaks into a house for some more fun. This video is full of stripping, mixed coupling, starting time with ladies only half dressed and all of the things you may have imagined doing if you had such a device. It even has an ending that leaves us in suspense. I can't wait for part 2! (120 minutes)
R-127 Time Stop $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video has a number of segments where some lovely Japanese ladies seem to be frozen in time and some mean guys have their way with them. The sample image shows a lady stuck in a strange position having her clothes cut off and then having milk poured over her. (Please note - I enjoy embarrassed ladies and thought that this tape would have them, but the ladies never snap out of their trance.) (90 minutes)
X-41 Time Stop & Mind Control by Hypnosis $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I found a new source for Times Stop/Mind Control/Hypnosis videos, so I thought I'd give it a try. Its a bit more X rated than my usual video, so it finds itself in my X category. The video starts with a woman and a man sitting at an outdoor table. She appears to have been hypnotized earlier and programmed so that she "goes under" by just hearing a word. While in a hypnotic state, the hypnotist takes advantage of her by taking a peek under her skirt, unbuttoning her blouse, and then planting a suggestion that she pleasure herself, drop her panties to her knees. The next scene finds the same lady in her kitchen. The hypnotist appears again, supposedly to repair the stove, but quickly hypnotizes her with a match and is able to control her to the extent that she gives another man in the room a zombie-like blow job. Whenever a whistle is blown, she freezes, permitting the guy to take full advantage of her. She regains some control when he claps. In the next scene, the lady is in a living room setting and is placed in another trance and she finds she has to obey the commands of a visitor. He commands her to lift up her skirt and spread her legs and then goes to town. (110 minutes)