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Video Cost Description
R-973 SOD Ladies Really Appreciate Their Fans $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Soft on Demand is known for throwing some great fan appreciate days and this one at the end of 2013 is no exception. This video follows the format of previous fan appreciation days with 10 ladies who work at SOD getting on a bus dressed in their finest office lady (OL) business suits along with an equal number of ordinary looking guys (there is hope for all of us!). 5 of the lucky guys won a lottery on the way onto the bus and get some very special service from 5 of the ladies on the bus. When they arrive at the resort, 3 of the guys get some special service in the bath, 3 guys get a special in-room masage. With everyone relaxed, the party of 20 moves to the banquet where 2 more ladies join the group and every eats and drinks alot. After dinner games are next on the agenda. The ladies divide into 4 teams to compete against each other. For the first game, one lady from each team has to strip their pantyhose and skirt and have a tug-of-war with another lady - but instead of a rope, they use a bungee cord tied to the gusset of their panties. They play it as a tournament so at the end, all of them have had a chance to play. The team with the lowest scores have to play a penatly game - having a balloon blown up inside their panties. Next game is a sumo-like tournament. The ladies strip from the waist down and one of the guys dresses them in a sumo-like loin cloth. Their sumo wrestling consists of trying to bump their opponent out of the cirle with their bottom. The loser is set upon by all of the guys who have a free-for-all for a couple of minutes. For the final game, we have a variation of musical chairs. The guys lie down in a circle holding a dildo. The ladies, after stripping from the waist down walk in a circle around them and at the signal they each try to find a free dildo to sit on. The team that does the worst pays the penalty - having the guys go to work on them with vibrators. Finally, everyone retires to the banquet area for some additional sake and groping. Even the lovely MC has a sip of sake and has to be carried out of the room. For the last 70 minutes everyone has sex with someone and all ends well. The ability of a Japanese lady to give some guy a handjob on a bus and then a few hours later act the shy virgin who is so embarrassed to have to toss her pantyhose to a bunch of guys is amazing.(240 minutes)
R-969 Year End Celebration $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is without a doubt my favorite strip game video of this group. It starts simply enough with a quick recap of previous videos of this type and over the next hour or so, ladies who starred in the previous videos join the group. The first lady takes it upon herself to maintain the tradition of strip rock paper scissors games and goes up against one of the invited customers. The next few ladies prove their skill at hand/blow jobs. Now with 6 ladies (and the mistress of ceremonies), they play some games starting with the egg throw/catch from R955 but most of the ladies have practiced up with that game so only a few articles of clothing are lost. Next up is a hanger toss game. Two ladies (one buck naked) hold a cord horizontally while a third lady tries to toss a cothes hanger so that it catches on the cord. If they miss - they strip, and so 3 ladies risk all. Following this, all 6 ladies play a sort of music chairs - only the chairs are the guys laps and the ladies are mostly naked. Following that, the only lady who remained fully dressed is rewarded by being stripped and screwed in front of everyone. After that, the participants pair off and have sex in a more private place. Just her, a guy, and the cameraman, director, sound engineer, etc. Highly recommended!(180 minutes)
R-963 50 Very Surprised Ladies $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a classic bad-boy video. 50 ladies, dressed in fine clothes are walking down the streen when suddenly they find that their skirts have been yanked way up and their panties are on full display. It is a quick hit and run, but their reactions are terrific. The 50 scenes typically feature a bit of stalking of the victim, the attack itself and an aftermath as they try to recover their dignity and/or call a friend. The end of the video features a section that just has the few moments of total humiliation. Great fun!(90 minutes)
R-962 Stripping One Piece $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 26 lovely ladies. They are dressed nicely in what Japanese call "one piece" outfits - a dress that they wear over underwear. And then 26 ladies are quickly and completely stripped naked by one of the bad boys of Japan. We get to see them stripped and then searching for what they can find of their clothing, then either trying to get dressed as quickly as they were stripped or seeking shelter. What a delight! You will enjoy this video!(94 minutes)
R-956 Strip Rock Paper Scissors to Welcome the New Year 2013 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! R955 has one kind of new years party in Japan, but another kind has the ladies dressing up in their finest kimonos and enjoying a day of dignified celebration and (of course) Strip Rock Scissor Paper. The video opens with the staff at SOD preparing for the new years celebration - all of the decorations and food and drink when they are surprised by the video crew. Within 90 minutes, 6 ladies are buck naked. When the party really starts, these same ladies are dressed up in incredible outfits and break open the barrel of sake to toast to the new year and then ... of course ... some strip rock paper scissors breaks out and 3 of them are again stripped. The last hour is mostly videos of the ladies pairing off with guys. (180 minutes)
R-953 Pool Games - 2012 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I've always been a sucker for these pool game videos. I'm not a pool person, but watching a bunch of lovely ladies fully dressed but jumping in a pool, or a couple of ladies trying to strip each other of their bra and panties, or a dozen ladies playing king of the hill while naked or nearly so makes me wish I was. This video has it all. My favorite part however is a contest where a lady has to walk the length of some floating block in the pool while fully dressed (dress, blouse, pantyhose, jacket, panties and bra). Their goal to to make it to the end of the float but guys on both sides are shooting water pistols at them. When the lady falls off, the guys are more than happy to lift them back up (and cop a feel), skirts are lifted and the ladies try to maintain some level of dignity, but at one point, some guy drags the ladies hose and panties to her knees leaving her on display to all. I could watch this video all day! (235 minutes)
R-951 Game of Life in an Onsen $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I love these videos! I have yet to meet a Japanese person who does not love an onsen (hot spring). I have many good friends in Japan, but if we go to an onsen, they can spend the entire day there. It is both relaxing and sensual, so if you can lure some young ladies into a bathing area --- goal!!! This video has 3 segments and in each a number of ladies play a life-sized board game in an onsen. The first two segments has two ladies playing the game. The third segment has 3. They all start out fully dressed and not in an onsen, but as the game progresses, they get closer and closer to the center of the onsen and lose a lot of clothing on the way. Even if you don't speak Japanese, you can see the peer pressure at work - one girl feels she cannot quit because of the other girl and vice versa! Before you know it the ladies are in far deeper than they ever thought! I love these videos! (175 minutes)
R-947 Shameless Tokyo Park $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Shameless? Just some girls having some fun! This video features 5 lovely ladies playing some very sexy games. Game 1: the ladies are initially dressed in shorts and tank tops and their goal is to change into a cosplay type of outfit. The catch is, they have to get some lucky guy hard enough first that it points above the horizontal. When it ispointing up they can change, when is starts to sag, they have to turn their attention back to the guy. Are the ladies up for the challenge? The Guys? The second game is a bit like charades, but lady has to give the clues while her pants are down to her knees and some lucky guy is humping her from behind. The third game has a train going around a track with a pin on it and a balloon held a few inches above the track. The ladies have to make sure that the balloon doesn't break while at the same time pleasuring themselves with a collection of vibrators and dildoes. The next game has the ladies playing Zenga - a tower of blocks where in turn each person removes a block and moves it to the top. Of course, while they are trying to concentrate, some guy is having some fun with her. The next game is Daruma San Turns Around - a bit like our red-light/green-light game. Only in this game, when the ladies are frozen, the guys (of course) get to go to town! The rest of the video is an all out orgy where everyone has a good time. (140 minutes)
R-941 Bad Boys Strip them Naked $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video opens with a lovely young lady, dressed to keep her warm against the chill of a Japanese morning is suddenly grabbed by two Japanese micreants and before the next minute of her life passes, she is stripped naked (excepf for her shoes and socks) and is rudely "examined" by her attackers and left naked and exposed. Similar scenes take place 15 more times in this classic Japanese sharking video. Even after all these years, I'm stunned when I see how quickly these ladies are stripped, taking them from a state of comfort to total humiliation. One poor lady escapes into a bathroom and tries to wrap herself in toilet paper for some measure of dignity, only to have her attacker strip even that from her. (90 minutes)
R-934 Rule 3 - If You are Late, Your are Naked $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Wow - talke about a zero tolerance policy! The Japanese school system has a reputation for being strict, but this is ... wonderful?!? This is a hard to follow video. All of the participants are very young (teens and up) looking (please note - they are all adults), they are all dressed in school outfits, but several have had to take those outfits off. So what we have is a school gone crazy. The Japanese definitely have a different view of their young people discovering sex, but it does look like fun! The video is a bit harder than I prefer, but if you like the student look... (120 minutes)
R-931 Swimming Festival for SOD Female Employees $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I have a number of customers who love these types of videos! 15 ladies start off dressed in the typical Japanese business outfits and they are joined by 5 other "looser" women who have been in a few adult videos. To begin, everyone jumps into the pool to find some plastic eggs - in the past, these had been on the bottom of the pool but for this video, they are stuffed into guys swimming trunks. Each egg has a forfeit inside mostly meant to separate the ladies from their clothing. The looser women who start off wearing bikinis show a lot more skin to begin, but the office ladies (OLs) soon catch up. Next, a triathalon! Well, not a real triathalon, but a JAV version. First the ladies have to paddle across the pool, then strip down and change into a cos-play outfit. Then swim back across the pool, insert a vibrator, and ride a tricycle to a guy that gets a timed blow job. Next, everyone strips down to their undies and we get to watch a chicken fight as the ladies strip each other's top off. Next is some sumo wrestling as their last item of clothing is stripped off with the losers (?) getting the vibrator treatment. Next, with night falling the ladies gang up on the guys - 3 on 1. Believe it or not, this is only about half way through the video - the rest of the video is lots and lots of sex. Awesome video! (215 minutes)
R-924 Year End Orgy Party of Soft on Demand - Part I $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The custom of partying the old year away continues unabated in Japan. In the US we say that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but in Japan it is more like "what happens in December stays in December". (Some would say November, October, ..., February, and January as well). In fact, the party goes on so long that it needed two disks (6 hours!) to hold it all! The disk starts off with 12 ladies (and Miu) lined up to greet about 16 guys to a resort hotel. The ladies are dressed in their "OL" outfits (business suits) and the guys once they get into the hotel are wearing the traditional yukata. The ladies take care of the guys, making sure they have enough to eat and drink and then the ladies divide up into 4 teams of 3 ladies each. Miu is totally in charge at this point and has all of the ladies slip out of their pantyhose - much to their embarrassment (tossing them out to the eager guys). Then the first game begins - a wheelbarrow type of race where the lady walks on her hands while 2 guys each grab a leg (and do their best to expose their panties. The losing team has to pay a forfeit - first, strip their skirts off then balloons are placed in their panties and filled with air from some hefty bicycle pumps. Next, all of the ladies have to strip off their skirts, then each team has to race to see which team can make one lucky guy come the fastest, using their hands, mouths, face sitting etc. The slowest team has to do the same thing 1 on 1 while all of the other ladies look on. Next game is some female sumo wrestling. The ladies have to strip out of their panties and don the fundoshi (loin cloth) worn by real Sumo wrestlers. Best of all, some lucky guy gets to do the honors and Miu is not at all shy about helping out. Then, two ladies wrestle by trying to butt bump her oppenent out of the ring and the loser who is pushed out of the ring is set upon by a bunch of guys who strip her and do their best to pleasure her. The losing team gets their nether regions photographed by all of the cell phones in the room. Then, to wrap up this DVD, each lady picks a piece of paper from 3 different boxes to determine where, what, and who to have sex with in the hotel and we see 3 lucky guys get the "real-thing" from one of the ladies. See R925 for the continuation. (130 minutes)
R-922 Stripped Naked 2 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the favorable reaction to R885, this video finds 19 more victi -er ladies who are stripped naked by some of those bad boys in Japan. Their first mistake is to be distracted by texting on their phones. Their next mistake is to live in a country where men rule. Plain and simple. The first lady in this video goes from dressed in a flouncy sort of pink miniskirt, black top, bar and panties to buck naked (well still in her boots and thigh highs in under 25 seconds. The ladies are stripped, spread and left naked in a perfectly public park. Yikes! As in the first video, some of the ladies are a bit upset with their treatment and a few are groped. This video includes an additional 20 minutes of excerpts from other Phi videos. (77 minutes)
R-920 Very Silly (and Sexy) Games $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Six ladies, who range in age from 26 to 34 and who are all housewives are invited to play a game that will test their home-making skills. First - as "bargain hunters", they are challenged to gather together as many vegetables as they can. The catch - the only think they can store the veggies in is their panties. Each skins off their pantyhose and has their dresses fastened above their waist and then it is a mad dash to stuff as many carrots, cucumbers, egg plants and diakon in their panties as they can. The next game has them using their bra to play a type of basketball or have a tug of war with their panties, or sumo wrestle. Next, it is off to the kitchen where, dressed only in an apron, they have to make a salad or fold laundry or even the housewifely duty of giving a blow job while other guys try to make them lose focus. Next, each of the ladies has to dress up on a particular costume and act out a sexy scene. The ladies really get into the spirit of the games! (235 minutes)
R-917 Mission Impossible : Recruit College Athletes to be Adult Movie Actresses $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The video starts with one of SOD's female producers going out to a college athletic field where she finds a number of young ladies working out for track and field and she talks 6 of them into being in a video - all related to their track skills of course. To begin, each lady is given a head start running away from some creepy guy. If he manages to catch her, he gets a free grope. Even the producer takes a turn (dressed in her business wear). Next, they play a game where a lady while blindfolded has to recognize the rest by touch - of their breasts or bottoms and eventually the guys by their dicks. The games continue with a capture the flag pole race (you can guess what they use for flag poles). Next, that action moves to the bath where the ladies enter the bath in their cute little track suits, then pick a penalty which ranges from getting a vibrator massage to stripping for the camera, giving a massage with their pussy, Once again, the producer gets into the action having to strip out of her business clothes and put on the cute little track suit. Finally, after nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes, some ladies retreat to a bedroom with the guys for some less public sex while some others get it on in the bath. (180 minutes)
R-916 Skirt Lift - Target OLs $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! If you go to any Japanese city, you will certainly see many office ladies (OLs). They are those ladies dressed in what seems to be a business uniform - kind of boring clothes except if one can imagine what lies beneath or have some bad boy willing to show you what lies beneath! This video has 20 scenes that feature OLs out in public areas in their business garb when suddenly they find their skirt lifted over their waist displaying their pantyhose and panties on display. Several cameras are used to be sure to catch the best angle for each shot. (106 minutes)
R-909 2010 SOD Employee Swim Meet $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Maybe these ladies are involved in the Japanese Adult Video business, but they are all young ladies who remember all of the fun that high school was, with the school spirit and the athletic meets - especially the swimming competitions, so when SOD puts on these meets, it brings back some fond memories for the ladies who have a great time - even with a little sex thrown in. As always, a few dozen ladies gather at poolside, dressed in their usual dress clothes - mostly miniskirts, neat blouses, and pantyhose. The usual Japanese reserve goes right out the window as the ladies jump as a group into the pool, fully dressed! This serves to get the clothing wet and nearly see through and provides some great opportunities for underwater videography showing their short skirts billowing toward the water's surface and exposing their panties. As the video progresses, the ladies peel off the wet clothing and continue to play some more games. The losing teams pay some penalty - either stripping or some sort of sexual favors, but the mood throughout is all fun and leads to some very enthusiastic sex. (230 minutes)
R-906 Maiko Under Pressure $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There is something rather magical about a Geisha. I've never been lucky enough to attend a Geisha party, but I have seen many during my visits to Kyoto. They are timeless - you are in the middle of a city with all of the noise and traffic that comes with a city, and then suddenly a Geisha appears and she floats by - unaware and unaffected by the city around her. How does she do it? This video has one (probably unlikely) explaination. In the first half, a Maiko (Geisha in training) has to run through her daily Geisha practice with a humongous vibrator strapped between her legs. As the video opens, we meet a modern looking young (19) lady dressed in orinary clothes, the we see her being made up and changing into an elaborate kimono. Then, she is fitted with the vibrator and paraded through a city park where many people see her and some even have their picture taken with her. Next, she visits a community party where she practices serving drinks, performing traditional dances, and even playing a game of strip rock scissors paper. The second half has the same vibrator, but the lady is dressed in and working in a standard office. (157 minutes)
R-905 Melting Bikinis at the Beach $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The previous melting bathing suit videos have been a favorite with my customers. This video takes it one step further as the ladies who are wearing the booby trapped bikinis are not in a nice safe swimming pool, but out in the ocean and their nearest cover is a shameful walk across the beach, as naked as you can be. In all, 7 ladies are dressed up in bikinis and told they are having a photo shoot by the water. The ladies are all quite flattered and are eager to pose and follow the directions of the photographer, which include a dip in the ocean. When the ladies are in the water, the crew high tails it back to the bungalo leaving the ladies to find their way back. Most Excellent! (160 minutes)
R-891 Another Bus Tour $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japan, "Bus Tours" are a bit like going to Las Vegas - what happens there stays there, so it is not surprising that so many of the sexy videos are centered around this activity. Both men and women get away from home, can let down their hair a bit and just go wild with no consequences. In this video, 12 lovely ladies provide the entertainment (along with Miu who is getting friskier and friskier when it comes to fondling the talent) for an equal number of guys. It begins as the ladies enter the bus, introduce themselved to the "gentlment" who are sitting on both sides of the bus and take the opportunity to grope the ladies as they bow to each of the guys. They also provide some willing companionship on the long ride to the hot spring resort. Once there, they play a terrific game of red light/green light. If the ladies are caught moving they are either fair game for some playful groping or lost one or more articles of clothing. Amazingly, I think it is Miu who does the most groping - this lady is getting randier by the video! After that, the ladies (who are again dressed in their business suits strip off their panties and play a rousing game of musical dildoes as the guys lay on the floor in a star pattern holding a dildo where their dicks should be (what is that about???) The ladies fight to get on one of them and the lady without a dildo to sit on pays the "penalty" of a nice licking. Finally, the ladies strip down and head over to the mens bath and then the bedroom for more sex, sex, sex. A wonderful romp! (240 minutes)
R-882 Natural Panchira $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! If you find yourself in Japan, catching a glimpse of panties (they call it Panchira) is not nearly as hard as it is in the states. First, high school/college ladies tend to wear vanishingly small skirts - I mean really short! - and going up any stairway or being anywhere on a breezy day is well rewarded. At worst, just go ride the subway and the ladies tend to fall asleep easily and spread their legs. But also, the ladies in Japan tend to squat while waiting giving the clearest up-skirt views known to mankind. Thank you very much ladies! This video features 41 such scenes - ladies in very public areas either waiting for their friends to show up, or distracted with the ever present cell phone, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are flashing their panties right to your TV! Most scenes enclude views of them walking through the city - often dressed in miniskirts and stockings that go just above the knees - 6 inches or so from the hem of their mini. A fabulous fashion! (105 minutes)
R-878 Swimming Tournament $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I really enjoy the swimming tournament videos. 24 ladies dressed up in business suits, a swimming pool, a million yen ($10,000) in prizes and Miu come together to create a perfect storm of somewhat kinky action, fun, stripping and a little sex for 4 full hours. The ladies are all dressed in heels, pantyhose, blouse and dress jacket and skirt - the typical OL uniform in Japan and they are divided into to teams. Capsules are tossed into the water and the ladies jump in, fully dressed in order to retrieve them. The underwater camera work is terrific as we see their skirt float toward the surface exposing their lower half covered only by their panties and hose. Each capsule contains within a penalty that the ladies have to perform or a prize - they can either win $100 or have to strip some clothing or even have to strip completely and put on a very skimpy bathing suit in front of everyone. The next game has the ladies taking a running leap into the pool trying to score a bullseye into a life preserver. Who cares? Their clothes just get wetter and more transparent! In some cases, the ladies even strip some more before jumping, removing their tight skirts or jackets to get some mobility. The losers of the game strip even more clothing. Next is a relay race in the pool where the baton is ... some very happy guys dicks. For the next game, the ladies do a bit of sumo wrestling on a float in the middle of the pool, the loser is the one pushed off. The final match of course is strip chiken fights in the pool where we get to watch them pool off each others tops. The last 90 minutes has the ladies who lost the games satisfying the men. Something for everyone! (240 minutes)
R-876 Bus Tour Gang Bang $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I have many videos that feature a "bus tour" that is a thin excuse for a bunch of guys getting away from the old ball and chain, to have some fun at a resort hotel, usually with a hot-spring and a number of ladies whose job is to make everyone feel very, very happy. This video is similar, but there is only 1 woman who is more than up to the task of keeping the 10 guys happy. She starts off dressed as a bus tour guide. On the way to hotel, she gets to knw the guys a bit better, allowing them a bit of a preview on the bus. Then when at the hotel, she joins the gentlemen in the bath, including a human slip and slide. She turns out to be one very busy woman as each of the 10 guys gets more than their fill of her. Afterwards, is the banquet, where she entertains the guys with a see-through kimono (thats a first!) which she eventually loses in a strip rock scissors paper game. Then, even when everyone turns in (exhausted) for the night, she sneaks into their bedroom for a little "nightcap". This woman is insatiable! By the end of the video, she earns a standing ovation! (140 minutes)
R-868 The Maiko $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! When I first went to Japan, I had high hopes of attending a Geisha party, but the sad fact is, that unless you are Japanese and stinking rich, that simply isn't going to happen. But I did have the pleasure of knowing a Geisha outside of her work - a perfectly wonderful lady who would occassionally give me a taste of what it would be like. Good times! This video features a maiko - a lady in training to become a geisha. She is dressed in an elaborate red kimono and is in full makeup - hair up and decorated, bright red lipstick and the skin on her face whitened. She demonstrates some of her traditional skills, then one of the geisha games where a paper fan is used to knock over a target a few feet away. There are various penalties that the loser must pay - drinking, or stripping or sex (you can see the origins of many of the videos I carry). They also play some pretty complex "jan-ken" and hand games with drinking penalties. All in all, the maiko was kicking butt at all of them, as they are famous for doing. - I've seen several pictures of drunk and naked men at a geisha parties, but never a drunk naked geisha. However, she does lose a few games and has to pay a sexual penalty a blow job and then complete sexual surrender. She still has a bit to learn! Afterwards, we see her in (and out) of her street clothes. A very interesting take on Japanese culture. (130 minutes)
R-867 Kings Request Game $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! We once again find ourselves at a small Japanese restaurant where a number of young adults have gotten together to share a meal, have a few drinks, get to know one another and to get naked and sexy. The excuse is the popular King's Request game where everyone picks a chopstick at random, one has the character for King on it, the other has numbers. The king picks two numbers and an activity and the two have to perform it. As always, there are the initial kissing games (kissing is still quite racy in Japan) but it accelerates quickly with the guys getting to massage/grope/tickle the ladies. When the ladies win one, they have a guy drop his pants and they get an up close view of things. All the while, they are drinking and one lady passes her limit. One of the guys considerately takes her to the rest room where he goes to town. Meanwhile, some strip rock scissors paper breaks out. More ladies pass out from the beers and are undressed after which a complete orgy breaks out. About an hour and 45 minutes into the video, another lady arrives and she is quickly caught up on the groping and stripping that she missed. Everyone goes home happy. (135 minutes)
R-863 Magic Mirror Lotion Wrestling $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! These videos come so close to being my favorite. The magic mairro series features a truck with walls made of one way glass. People outside can't see in, but for those inside, it feels as if you are in a public place. In this video, 20 ladies are recruited off the city streets to participate in a lotion wresting match, dressed in bikini or cos-play (nures, office lady, cheer leader, school girl sailor) outfits. The losers pay a small sexual penatly and the winners make a fair amount of money, but all have a good time. My only issue with these videos are that the ladies, being complete amateurs, have their eyes pixelated and I for one love the beautiful Japanese eyes. (150 minutes)
R-862 Fan Service $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Take 4 Ladies who are up and coming AV stars in Japan, mix in 20 of their loyal fans, place them in a hot spring resort hotel and let the cameras roll and you end up with 4 hours of steaming hot video! It begins somewhat innocently with a photo shoot - the guys have crappy cameras, but the ladies will pose however the guys ask them to. Then the guys head off to soak in the onsen, and the ladies join them. Dressed in their undies, they scrub the guys down, then one lucky guy gets the full treatment from all 4 ladies. Then it is off to the evening banquet where the ladies first make sure that the guys have plenty of food and drink and then have a strip rock scissor paper tournament for the guys. The ladies have to pay some penalties which include some sex in the hotel's lobby, while the other three share their charms with two guys each. But that leaves 15 guys who didn't get any, so the ladies take them back to the bath where they put on a very special show for them including some very slippery sex. Quit a romp! There is a lot of x-rated stuff in here, but everyone is having so much fun! (225 minutes)
R-858 Stripping for Brand Name Goods - 5 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This series remains a personal as well as customre favorite. 15 ladies get the chance to win some brand name goods - all they have to do is risk total nudity. I'm always unimpressed with the Japanese attraction to brand name goods, but I'm grateful beyond all reason that the ladies are willing to give up so much for them! So, lady after lady start off dressed in everyday street clothing and when they win, they get some item, when the lose, they strip. Can it get any better? (120 minutes)
R-856 Poolside Game of Life $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! For some reason, the "Game of Life" type of activity is very popular in Japan. I can't explain the number of videos featuring it - I've never seen the game in Japan. In any case, this version takes place near a swimming pool. There are two games with 4 ladies in each game. The ladies start our dressed in casual clothing and with each roll of a gigantic die win some money and have to perform silly things like kissing a guy, getting groped by a guy, doing deep knee bends over a guys face, stripping etc.The ladies change into a variety of cos-play outfits and continue to play with the penalties getting increasingly sexual. IN the end, they end up stripping in a glass sided pool. (190 minutes)
R-855 Fun and Games at Soft on Demand $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is another 4 hour plus video featuring a variety of activities sponsored by the SOD crew. To begin, there are a sequence of games played in a pool with ladies who start out fully dressed for a day at the office and slowly but surely strip off their wet kits while having some interesting competitions and as the action gets heated, the DVD features multiple angles so that you don't miss anything. After about 2 hours, we find ourselves back at the SOD headquarters, were it appears as if business has slowed down and the ladies who work there seem to have been slacking off. As a punishment, all ladies are forbidden to wear panties at work starting immediately, so in front of the whole office, they have to shimmy out of thir panties in front of their office mates. Throughout the day, the office manager checks and finds out that one of the ladies put on a spare that she had, so he makes her strip completely in the office and work naked for the rest of the day. Other guys sit under a table and amuse themselves with the pantiless ladies as they try to hold a meeting. After and hour of this, the film settles down to a story about and office lady who has an affair with a co-worker. The Japanese are terrific! (265 minutes)
R-854 Floating Cat Fight $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! 8 tough ladies face off in a cat fight tournament, stage on a floating platrom in a pool. The ladies are dressed in bikini and to win, they have to strip their opponent. There is a lot of trash talking, a bit of giggling, but best of all a lot of skin. Just girls being girls. The winner moves onto the next level, the loser gets pleasured by a bunch of guys. I just can't get enough of ladies stripping each other. Some of the action is pretty nasty. (120 minutes)
R-853 Summer's Queen Contest $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video brings back some old memories of spring breaks. We find 8 lovely ladies dressed in bikinis on a stage next to a pool. Of course, the good people have been working night and day to make a bathing suit that both looks realistic and which disintegrtes when wet so you know that the ladies are in a precarious position! At the outset, the ladies are introduced to the audience to get their name and "3-sizes" (measurements). Then, the games begin! First, some playful games - the ladies have to demonstrate their flexibility (and provide some nice views) by showing how far they can bend over. The lady who is the least flexible gets a punishment - being sprayed by cold water. Next an arm wrestling tournament, where the losers also get sprayed down. The third contest is the ever popular quick clothing chance. The lady stands inside a translucent cylindrical curtain and has to change out of her bikini and into another one as fast as possible. There are some delightful quick glimpses of skin and sillouettes. This game did not have a punishement, but now the ladies are in the doctored bathing suits. Next up, are some delightful ballon busting games. The ladies have to squeeze a ballon between them until it breaks. Some they break face-to-face, some tush to tush. The losers have to break a water balloon between them. But here is where the genius of the melting bikinis comes in! The ladies are great sports about it and get quite giggly as they find themselves being stripped. At this point, (about 50 minutes into the video) one of the ladies whose bathing suit melted is taken off stage to get something to wear, but instead finds herself providing the stage crew with some sexual amusement. Next up - Hula Hoops, where even the naked lady has to participare. Loser gets sprayed. Next game - tush bumping sumo and more bikinis melt. Finally, there is some more taditional looking sumo type wrestling with the ladies trying to push each other off the mat while trying to hold onto the scraps that are left of their bikini. In the end, the one lady who almost managed to stay covered is screwed and tossed into the pool by the MC. Great video! (134 minutes)
R-852 The Americans Visit Soft on Demand! $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is one of those Soft on Demand videos that seems to be a mash up of several videos that for one reason or another was not finished. The ever lovely and naughty Miu is still around getting her fellow ladies naked (Thanks Miu!) and there are tons of lovely ladies. To begin, we have a version of the red light green light game, but played as a 4 legged race (three ladies have their legs tied together. When pause, the ladies are attacked by some guys with huge vibrators. If they flinch, the both go back to the start and strip an item of clothing. Next, a relay race where the baton is a dildo. Next, a lot of sexy action around the office with the ladies dressed in only a bra (I love that look!) Then, for the next hour - lots of sex around the office. In the third hour, we see a bunch of SOD fans enter the office and gang up on one of the poor ladies, stripping her and giving her a good time. They also drop in on other meetings, hide beneath the table and have some fun with the lady's legs on up from their hiding place. The fourth hour of this video is wonderful - we find ourselves in the SOD office with the office supervisor telling everyone that they expect a visit from 3 Americans that day to possibly distribute SOD stuff here. Soon, 3 Americans (speaking English!) enter the office - one white guy and 2 black guys. They are met by an all female welcoming committee. They look around the office and notice a bicycle in the office with a dildo sticking up from the seat that goes up and down as one pedals They ask one of the ladies to demo it which she does with great embarrassment and speaks a bit of broken English (I love that too!). Soon, they retire to another room and the American guys don't quite understand the videos so two of the ladies demonstrate a strip rock scissors paper game. It is a total delight seeing them strip in front of the foreigners and to hear their broken English acting so shy. A Winner! (270 minutes)
R-846 Innocent Ladies Play Strip Rock Scissors Paper $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a fun video that has ladies dressed in High School Uniforms (they are all over 18) playing Strip Rock Scissors Paper. They play agains guys, they play against each other. Some strip completely and some get down to their panties, but everyone has a great time, laughing, stripping and getting their rocks off as well. Lots of fun! (130 minutes)
R-845 Customer Appreciation 2009 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another epic video from Soft on Demand - over 4 hours and 30 minutes of the SOD team saying thanks to their loyal customer base. 10 of their lovely female staff are transported to a resort hotel. There, they meet 10 guys with some wishes that range from the simple - "let me take some pictures of you where I can see up your skirt", or kissing with a mouth full of sake, or to enter the men's bathing area fully dressed to clean do a very special soap job. Then it is time for a banquet and the games that accompany a good meal away from home. First, the ladies are required to strip from the waist down. Then, they play a game of pass the pillow over your head with your feet (still naked below the waist), a tug of war with a double ended dildo, and the ever popular musical sit-on-my-face. Next, the ladies finally remove their tops and join the men in the bath. After about 2 hours, we find ourselves back at the SOD office where the female staff first demonstrates their flexibility, giving us lots of up-skirt views. Next, some fooling around with bottoms on copy machines and hand-jobs. Finally, after about 3 hours, an in-office strip rock scissor paper tournament breaks out. Outstanding! (275 minutes)
R-842 Judo Sex $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Take one busty lady, teach her some judo and she can become a very take charge lady - in a good sort of way. The video starts with a scene where our heroine is cleaning her house when she is surprised by a masked thief. She has not problem taking care of his threat and then procedes to have her way with him. Who says crime doesn't pay? Next, she demonstrates her skills in a more typical judo environment beating guys while dressed and undressed. The DVD settles down to be a fairly typical adult video, but for the last 30 minutes, she wrestles with on a mat with a guy focussed on stripping her and having sex with her in a variety of positions. (110 minutes)
R-840 Harassing Bikini-clad Waitresses $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Most of us had been in a restaurant where the waitresses have been dressed in sexy outfits and I'd bet it had crossed your mind to pinch, pat, poke, or perhaps to even push some clothing aside to afford a better view! However, the consequence, facing a bouncer or cop, meant it remained a fantasy. Well there are no such restrictions in Japan! In this video, 6 lovely ladies are hired to work as waitresses in a sea-side restaurant where they uniform of the day is bikinis - very small bikinis, and the hard working ladies are the center of attention of all of the customers (male and female). (120 minutes)
R-836 Sharks at the Beach - Target: Clothes Changing Ladies - 2 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Volume 1 of this video was voted the best sharking video of 2008 and the tradition continues! More than 3 dozen ladies are enjoying the beaches of Japan, where I am happy to report there is a lack of facilities to change clothes from street clothes into bikinis and back again. So, the lovely ladies of Japan have learned to find a wooded area away from the crowds and to switch their clothing while covered by a towel. They are quite good at it (damn!) but that is only if some shark doesn't swoop down and steal their towel at the most (in) opportune time! So the ladies, somewhere between zero and half dressed not only have their towel taken away from them, but in a few cases, their clothing is also stolen leaving them quite exposed! Several times, 2 ladies are hit as they change together. This is an extended length video, but most importantly - a great video! (120 minutes)
R-829 Game of Life at the Pool $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Soft on Demand is back with another "Game of Life" video and once again Miu is in top form humiliating and stripping down a bunch of playful ladies. The venue is an indoor pool, and the game board is laid out on floats in the pool. Not only do the ladies have to worry about what penalties await them when they land on a spot, but the footing is so treacherous that they often find themselves falling into the pool when fully dressed (well that doesn't last too long!). The ladies (a total of 6) are quite lovely and the camera-work above and below water is top notch. They face penalties from having to take off some clothing in the water to getting mouth to mouth with some guy, to giving paizuri (using their breasts to get a guy off) to giving mouth to ... you can figure it out. As always, Miu has a tough time keeping her hands to herself. The last hour of the video is taken up with the some out-of-pool sexual activities with the players. A fun video, especially if you like your ladies soaking wet, both in and out of clothes. (230 minutes)
R-827 Bikini Rape $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Rape videos in Japan are legendary. However, in Japan, the meaning of rape is a bit different than here. The ladies in this video are willing participants - they understand that they are going to have a chance of having sex and that it might get a bit rough. This is a bit of a nasty video however. 4 ladies agree to a bit of a contest. Dressed only in bikinis, they have a "survival race". First, four ladies race through a city passed amazed pedestrians. The loser of the race has sex in front of the other ladies, who look on with consternation as their companion has to submit to some pretty demanding sexual treatment. Next, 3 ladies race, this time with a hightened sense of competition. Then it is down to two. Eventually, the winner emerges, but she is in for a surprise as well. Nasty. (120 minutes)
R-817 Playing with the Wind Part 7 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! One of my customers really loves these videos, so when I got a chance to get a few more, I jumped at the chance. I was recently in Japan and remain impressed with the outfits worn by the young ladies there. Stocking that stop just short of their miniskirt's hem, Light skirts that flirt like crazy with the wind and nice panties (yes - they are easily spied) are all the rage. This video features several dozen ladies who pose for photographs (or so they think) on a very windy roof top. Each lady is delightfully embarrassed - she longs for the opportunity to be in a photograph dressed in the latest cos-play outfits, but she knows that good girls don't let their panties be seen. The photographer tries to assure her that he is just shooting from the waist up, but still... The ladies try to maintain a pose for the camera (the typical Japanese "peace" sign) and hold even thought their skirts are blowing high, they try their best to hold the pose as long as possible. Some delightful embarrassment! (95 minutes)
R-815 Playing with the Wind (Part 5) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! One of my customers really loves these videos, so when I got a chance to get a few more, I jumped at the chance. I was recently in Japan and remain impressed with the outfits worn by the young ladies there. Stocking that stop just short of their miniskirt's hem, Light skirts that flirt like crazy with the wind and nice panties (yes - they are easily spied) are all the rage. This video features several dozen ladies who pose for photographs (or so they think) on a very windy roof top. Some of the ladies are dressed in a waitress uniform, others in race queen outfits, and one is even dressed up as Snow White (I think). They are on the roof and there is a photographer up there to snap some pictures, but all of the "action" is caught on hidden video cameras. The ladies try to maintain a pose for the camera (the typical Japanese "peace" sign) and hold even thought their skirts are blowing high, they try their best to hold the pose as long as possible. Some delightful embarrassment! (92 minutes)
R-807 Exposure Revolution $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The Japanese have always had an interesting take on public nudity and sex. This video features one wild lady who really gets off on being a "bad" girl in public. When we first meet her, she looks like any one of a million young Japanese ladies you might encounter on the street - nicely dressed and displaying a pleasant demeanor. The video makers take her to a small parking area in full view of the street, a train platform and anyone who is picking up their motorcycle. There, they have her flash in front of many people who are rushing to catch their train. Next, they travel to a shopping area which she walks the length of with her shirt pulled up and her bra and later her breasts in full view. Next, she is in a van that pulls up to the side of the road and opens its sliding door. She strips down to her bikini bottoms in full display before numerous passers by. Soom, she pulls down her bottoms as well. She's really turned on by this and for fun takes a quick run out of the van, returning to its safety giggling away. Next stop is a bridge where she gives one of the crew a blow job (again with numerous people walking by) wearing only a raincoat which hides little. Next, we find ourselves in an indoor mall where she goes into a clothing store and photographs (and pleasures) herself in the dressing room. Next, she is back on the street wearing thigh hight stockings and an open raincoat. Next, sex in a park. Then, as dusk arrives, she walks down some residential streets wearing heels, stockings and a smile. What is most amazing about this video is the large number of people who are lucky enough to catch a peek at this lovely lady! (110 minutes)
R-806 Cat Fight Grand Prix $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Almost all of the Japanese ladies that I know are truly sweet and would not hurt a fly. Then there are the few who are distinctly nasty! This video features 7 nasty and one sweet lady in an elimination cat fight tournament. The ladies start off dressed in bikinis and their goal is to first strip their oppoinent, then pin them. The loser gets to be the plaything of 5 or so guys and vibrators. A great video for cat fight fans. (120 minutes)
R-803 Swimsuit Models Play a Clothes Cutting Game. $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There are a number of ladies in Japan who are famous (at least for a short while) for their modelling of bikinis. They don't do nude nor semi-nude photoshoots every - to do so would end their swim suit model careers instantly. However, they do like to play at the boundaries and in this video, that is exactly what we see! Six ladies compete in a game that has them first dressed in bikinis. Next they have to choose some clothes to change into - a top and shorts (no panties or bra) - and change behind a translucent curtain with camerament all about. Sometimes, the clothing they choose to wear is a bit too small. Next, their team-mate has to cut away parts of their clothing in an effort to remove the greatest percentage of clothing. The ladies are lovely and the game is very sexy, but there is not the usual nudity and certainly not the usual sex. A great fun video! (120 minutes)
R-785 Stripping for Brand Name Goods 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! My customers have agreed with me that the first volume of this new series was simply a superb strip game video. The sex is quite minimal (you can quickly skip it if you like) but the ladies are lovely, they are dressed in every-day clothing, they are really hoping to win some cool prizes and are quite embarrassed when their greed leads to them stripping down in front of some very pleased young men and (of course) you and me. My highest recommendation! (120 minutes)
R-784 Sexy Challenges to win 1,000,000 Yen! ($10,000) $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I'm looking forward to the day that the lovely and talented Miu is embarrassed as much as she embarrasses the ladies of Japan. She one again is hosting a number of silly games designed to embarrass young ladies who are trying to win some money and are quite willing to strip to get it. I'm going to guess that this was a trial video for SOD - Miu is dressed quite casually instead of in her short, tight business outfit, but she enjoys separating the ladies from their clothes! She selects some ladies from the street who end up playing a very rigged version of strip rock, scissors, paper (the loser can change their selection) or have them strip down behinad a curtain (only to be exposed later). In their efforts to win, the ladies may have to withstand large vibrators or a sexual encounter with some guy, but everyone has a great time! A great mix of stripping, embarrassment, and sex. (240 minutes)
R-779 Strip Rock Scissors Paper - Couples and Big Tits (2) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The first volume of this (R-733) received many favorable comments from my customers so I happily bought the sequel and I was not disappointed. Since it is the New Year's season, the hostess is dressed in her best kimono and the ladies are as always quite lovely and for the most part quite top-heavy. As in the first volume, there are couples who hope to win some prize money. The ladies play against each other. The first one naked loses and has to have sex in front of her partner. All told, 8 couples participate and even the hostess (once again) gets into the stripping action and enjoys a poke or two at the ladies. (120 minutes)
R-778 Companion Dinner $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! While the bigger celebrations are alwasy a blast (see R776 and R777) a smaller, mor intimate gathering is more common. In this video, 5 guys get together for dinner. Their wives and girlfriends left behind so that they can spread some wild oats - and what better way, than to invite (to be honest, hire) 4 "companions" to bring some levity to the dinner. The ladies are charmingly dressed in matching miniskirts, and do everything possible to make the guys feel honored and happy. Initially, this means feeding them and serving drinks while looking very lovely, playfully touching and grouping, playing some silly games and eventually, after an hour or so, having some sex. At the beginning, the guys are constantly trying to get peeks of the ladies skirt, try to cop a feel every now and again and since the guys are dressed only in yukatas (a light Japanese robe), they tend to flash a bit - all the the great delight of the ladies. It is a mans world! Still, as the ladies show a little reluctance to go all of the way, the guys spike their beer with something that successfully lowers any inhabitions that they might have had and its becomes a free for all. (120 minutes)
R-774 Game of Life - OL Edition $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! These board game based videos have always been a customer favorite. This one is a bit different. 5 lovely office ladies (OLs) play the game starting out dressed in their business suits. Rather than role dice, in thsi video, they spin a human roulette wheel and move about a simple display board. At each stop they might have to pick a penalty or reward. At the beginning, it is all fun and innocent - haveing the ladies do exersizes in their dress clothes, then having to change panties behind a moving curtain or do something that requires them to spread their legs and expose their panties or spell out a Japanese character with their tight little bottoms. However, after 30 minutes or so, the action is mostly sexual in nature. (130 minutes)
R-769 Attack on Ladies Stuck in Mud $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This isn't really a wet & messy video, nor a quick sand video - but it's pretty interesting and a bit hard core. There are 3 scenes in the video. The first has a lady dressed up in a school uniform, the second lady is dressed up as the manager of a mens soccer team and the third has the lady dressed again in a school uniform but this time being questioned by the police. In each case, the lady is burried in the ground up to her knees (give or take), and then she is stripped and (sometimes creatively) ravished while stuck there. Not something you are likely to find on Netflix. (120 minutes)
R-766 Strip Rock Paper Scissors at an Onsen 4 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I love these strip game videos from Natural High! In this edition, we find ourselves at a typical hot spring - a bunch of guys enjoying a break in the water. Two ladies are brought in, fully dressed and play a game of strip rock scissors paper. The winner gets a nice financial prize (about $1000) and the loser has to pay a penalty. Even the winners get a chance to double their money while risking a penalty. This video has 6 separate games with girl-next-door types ranging in age from 20 to 25 all willing to bet it all on some spare cash. An outstanding video! (150 minutes)
R-762 Strip Cat Fight $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There are some cat fights that get pretty vicious. This is not that type. 6 ladies gather in an apartment for a little fun. They wrestle in pairs - the goal to strip their opponents. Everyone is dressed in normal everyday clothing. The loser of the match is not only stripped, but has to perform some sexual favor to the all male crew. The fighting is in fun - the ladies are a bit uncomfortable stripping another lady, but would prefer not to be stripped in front of a camera, but it all works out in the end and everyone has a great time. (120 minutes)
R-761 Adult Red-Light Green-Light (Or, Daruma San ga koronda") $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A common childrens game in Japan is a lot like the American game of red-light green-light with a twist. Like the American game, the players can only move when "it" is hiding their face, but in Japan, when the players are frozen, they are subject to all sorts of abuse to make them move. For kids, this means tickling or making them flinch. For adults ... the schemes are much more interesting. This video features 9 lovely ladies who agree to play the game. They are dressed in jeans, long skirts, short skirts, you name it. To begin, the abuse is pretty - the lady is surrounded by guys who simply blow on her - all over her. Next, they break out the feather dusters and brushes and try to tickle them into moving. While the ladies are frozen, it's pretty easy to get into those normally hard to reach places! Soon, they break out the vibrators, then the water pistols, and eventually, they just help the ladies out of their clothing. The last half of the video is mostly the 8 ladies who lost the game having sex with the guys as "punishment". It has its moments. (120 minutes)
R-757 Melting Bikinis 2 $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the success of R726, a new video featuring melting bikinis has been produced. In this video, 6 ladies are vying for a job as a TV reporter. For their audition, they are to interview a local celebrity who is having a party at a hot spring resort. In the water are dozen or so people - all dressed in bathing suits and enjoying the party. The ladies who are trying to do the reporting of course didn't think they would need a bikini for the audition, but accepts a loaner. However, it had been chemically treated to quite literally melt when it hits the hot water. So nicely wrapped in a bikini and holding a wireless mike, she enters the hot spring hoping to start a new career and within moments, she is the one person naked at the party, with camera and lights and everyone's attention on her. To make matters worse, police soon arrive at the party (naked party goers?) leading to further embarrassment. At the end of many of the segments, there is some sex as the woman has to pay a penalty for her scandalous behavior. A great video! (135 minutes)
R-754 Domination Date - Greeting the Delivery Men $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is an interesting video, but one that is hard to describe. It begins with a woman being talked into following a guy home and once there, is talked into performing some pretty strange dares. First, she changes from her regular clothes (in full view of the camera) into a see through (and poke through) leotard. Next, she phones for the landlord to come and fix her door and while waiting for hime, the guy fools around with a remote control vibrator.When the landlord arrives, she has to greet him and hang about dressed in her filmy outfit and trying to put up with the vibator, She tries to offer him some sex as payment for his work, but the guy refuses. Next, she is convinced to change out of her leotard and exchange it for a towel the can barely cover her front. Yet, even then her companion is not satisfied and shortens it with a scissor. A delivery man arrives and she answers the door with only the towel for cover. She owes on the package and tries to fetch the payment from her pocket book and sign for the package while holding onto the towel. For his trouble, he is rewarded with a hand job. Finally, she exhanges her towel for a frying pan. (I told you it was hard to explain!) Once more, she has to answer the door, dressed in her birthday suit and a frying pan to accept a food delivery. The tip this time is a blow job. A sequence involving the domination of another woman follow involving a bit less treats for the delivery men, but an equal amount of sex and exposure. Very interesting. (150 minutes)
R-748 Bottoms Fine Enough to Spank $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is a new twist on the sharking videos - we see a delightfully lovely lady out walking - dressed in nice short skirts, some have over the knee socks - all seems well with the world when suddenly they are set upon by the urban sharks of Japan. In this video, her skirt is pulled up to above her waist, exposing her panties to the world. But it doesn't stop there - before she can react, the fiend has grabbed the leg holes of her panties and converted perfectly proper panties into thongs. The humiliation of having one's butt cheeks on display is soon overtaken when the lady starts to feel the burn of a pretty solid spanking! While Japanese ladies are used to having to defend their clothing from perverts, but they are not used to being spanked by a stranger. In a number of cases, the ladies, thinking that they are not being observed, lift their skirts and try to twist around to see the damage. Delightful! (180 minutes)
R-740 Loli-Loli Bus Tour (Part 2) $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video continues R739 - very young looking ladies (but of legal age!) are on a bus tour of Japan - what is essentially an all our orgy. This video picks up at the trips banquet - a good meal and an excuse for some sexy games. The ladies are dressed in school outfits and play a lot of silly games and have lots of sex. Of course, they play a game of strip rock scissors paper, but to be honest since they've already been naked for a large part of the day - it seems a bit silly. Everyone retires for the night and as is customary, their is a raid on the ladies as they sleep. In the morning, everyone heads for the communal hot spring baths for some more ... sex. These people are inexhaustable! (225 minutes)
R-731 Bored Office Ladies' Field Day (Voted Best Strip Game Video of 2008) $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Japanese schools have a field day every year and this event is remembered fondly by most Japanese as it represented a day off from the grind of studying. So, when a dozen ladies working in the Soft on Demand offices in mind numbing boring jobs are given a chance at a field day - they jump at the opportunity! Now picture this - at school, they break into two teams. For one popular game, baskets are placed atop tall polls. Each team has a number of balls and they race to see who can toss the most balls into the baskets in a given time. Now the adult game - same baskets, same polls, but instead of balls, the ladies have to toss their clothing into the baskets! They start our dressed in their business clothing and piece by piece they strip down, always trying to stay one piece of clothing ahead of the other team. Eventually most end up naked. The losing team has to pay a penalty - orgasm by vibrator. The next game is a relay race. The ladies start off dressed in their business clothes again. They race partway around the track and have to change into bikinis, race some more with a few more penalties. And then pass it off to a teamate. Losing team gives blowjobs. Next game is a tug of war dressed in panties and bra. Losing teams have to give blow jobs to guys who are also trying to win a tug of war. The losing 3 ladies provide a very special treat for one guy. Finally, we have a buck naked relay race (a real one with batons). The losing team goes all the way with 3 guys while being cheered on by the rest of the ladies. A great video! I especially like the part where they are stripping and tossing their clothes. (190 minutes)
R-723 Grundgy Wrestling $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video features 8 attractive ladies who stage a wrestling tournament. Of course, for it to be on Nanpa's site, there has to be a twist. Each match takes place in a child's swimming pool. Each match has the ladies dressed up in different costumes - a fishnet body stocking, a school girl's gym outfit, a maid's outfit, bikini, pantihose, a jumper, a miniskirt and tube top and finally buck naked. Each match has the pool filled with a different liquid - lotion, jam, eggs, potato starch, something that looks a bit cheesy, something that looks like ink, and finally, chocolate ( the ladies after that one need to be hosed down). And, of course, the goal of every match is to strip your opponent and use a vibrator on her. I think this definitely has something for everyone! The fights are real, but friendly and the ladies have a great time (as will you!) (120 minutes)
R-718 Skirt Attack - Target: Office Ladies $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The people who brought us a number of great skirt lifting videos is at it again. The time, the targets are 67 lovely ladies, all dressed up in the usual Japanese office suit. We see them near their place of work - on busy city streets with many people around. The attackers lurk behind her, waiting for the moment that she turns a corner or heads up an escalator and is briefly out of view of others when they attack, pulling up the lady's tight skirt well above her waist line, and leaving her panties and (usually) pantihose on display. The lady knows she has just moments before she is in a crowd again so struggles (and it is often a struggle to pull ones skirt down over those hips) to quickly regain some dignity. These are all simple attacks - hit and run without any of the panty pulling/breast groping that sometimes accompanies this sort of attack - an excellent choice for those who appreciate that kinder and gentler videos. (75 minutes)
R-716 Water Battles - Underwear Edition $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japanese Schools, there are yearly competitions between the classes and if the school is lucky enough to have a pool, some of the games are played there and are looked upon fondly by all Japanese. So, when a video company - even an adult company invites 12 office ladies and 12 AV stars to a water game tournament - they are all eager and willing to go! The ladies start out fully dressed - the office ladies in their business suits and the AV stars in school girl costumes. The play a number of games and the losing team has to pay a stripping penalty. Eventually, everyone is in their undies (at most) and the water makes them pretty invisible. The beginning games have the ladies jumping into the water fully dressed (pantyhose too) into the pool to try to get as many balls from the floor of the pool as possible. The losing team, strips of their skirts - much to the delight of their opponents who chant Nugu! Nugu! (Strip! Strip!). Next is a relay race and more stripping for the losers. They also play a game of Red Light/Green Light (with guys groping the ladies while they are supposed to be frozen), bra stripping chicken fights, butt writing, who is hiding the vibrating egg (my favorite) and a game to see who can make a guy come first. A rockin' good time - lots of wet clothes some mighty fine underwater video work and very happy people! The winners deserve 12 gold medals! (200 minutes)
R-711 Black on Asian Military Maneuvers $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a bit harsher than most of my videos. 2 petite and quite lovely young ladies play a game. They are going to be hunted by 6 really big black guys (speaking English and dressed in military-like camos). The ladies win if they can avoid capture for 30 minutes - but if they are captured, all bets are off - and the guys are free to strip the ladies and do whatever they decide will be fun. These guys are much larger than the ladies, quite powerful and none to gentle (but there is no physical abuse). Needless to say, the ladies face an uphill battle and probably didn't understand what they were getting into. (120 minutes)
R-708 Skirt Theft 4 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! While some guys like the school girl look, and other guys like the nurse look, I'm most fond of the smartly dressed Japanese female. Being well dressed, she exudes an air of confidence as she struts through the streets of the city - all the more exciting when she is abruptly brought down to size by having her skirt ripped off in a public location and she has to face the world wearing only panties and heels from the waist down. Totally delightful as 37 women are humiliated. (75 minutes)
R-707 Skirt and Panty Theft - T-Backs Save the Day $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japan, the venerable thong is known as a T-back. In this video, 18 Senior HS girls, dressed in their school uniforms are set upon by the sharks of Japan who rip off their skirts, pull their panties down and off (and if possible take a quick peek at some fresh pussy), then, out of the kindness of their hearts, leave them with a very scanty panty. It would be bad enough if they had their skirt stolen but were left with panties that a good girl would wear, but to be left with scandalous panties... It is all great fun to see them bottomless, then struggling into the tiny panties before trying to make sense of what to do next. (67 minutes)
R-705 Mokkori Ladies Play Strip Majong $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Japan is nothing if not a country of fads, and strip Majong seems to be all the rage. This video is from the new and very innovated company Mokkori who seems to come out with a sexy new game each month. This month 8 ladies play strip Majong egged on and teased by two female MCs. To begin groups of 4 play, dressed initially in evening wear. Lose a game, lose some clothing. When 2 ladies are stripped, they are out of the competition and have to leave. For the last game, one of the ladies who had made the final falls ill and is replace by a guy who totally enjoys playing ladies, who rather than being dressed in normal clothing are "wearing" sticks, each stick worth a certain amount of money. When they lose, they have to remove sticks whoes total value equals their loss. As in the other Mokkori videos, at the end, the grand losers have to pay a penalty so the final 20 minutes or so of the video has some sexual activity including one of the losing ladies having to shave her pussy. All in all, these are great videos. I love how the female MCs make fun of the ladies as they are stripping. One can only hope that in the future there might be some payback - stay tuned. (120 minutes)
R-704 Ladies Night Out - Strip Majong $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! More often than not, when married ladies in Japan get together with their friends, it is to play Majong. I always thought it was mostly a night of gossip, a little drinking, and maybe a little bit of complaining about the men in their lives, but this month I've run across two Majong videos that gets me to think. In this video, 8 ladies get together and sitting at two adjacent tables play against each other - the cool part is, the loser of each game has to strip an article of clothing. The surpise is that the grand loser has to be handled by a dominatrix! The video is slow for a while (but all strip teases are), but when one of the ladies is stripped naked, the real action starts. The dominatrix makes the first victim don tight panties and then dumps some little fish or eels into them. The next victim gets a spanking. For the third victim, its back to the small fish in the panties. The ladies then get dressed again - this time in cos-play types of outfits and try their luck again. This time, when the lose, they roll the dice to choose their punishment which ranges from some light anal play, to whip cream that gets licked off by their girlfriend, masturbating, peeing, banana play, and finally a 7 on 1 lesbian assault that just leads to an all out lez fest. (180 minutes)
R-700 Getting to Know You Party $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! A month just would not seem complete without a party video from Soft on Demand. As lovely as Japanese ladies are, it is often difficult for a guy to set up a 1 on 1 date, so it frequently happens that there is a special party with a number of ladies and gents getting some time together in the company of others. But, when the whole bunch of them are horny .... well all hell breaks loose! In this video, a dozen ladies and gent are wisked off to the banquet hall on a chartered bus. On the bus, the ladies play a number of sexy games that has them flashing their undies or skin for the cameras and their future dates. When they arrive at the banquet hall/resort hotel, the men and women separate, 4 of the men heading to the men's bath. 3 of the ladies drop in and dressed in their panties and bra wash the guys - quite thouroughly! Next, is the banquet which starts with plenty of beer and sake. Following dinner are the inevitable games, starting with "musical dicks". The guys lie down in a circle, heads to the center dressed in their yukata and shorts, while the ladies walk around them in a circle. When the music stops, the ladies race to get some guy's dick in their mouth. The one lady who fails, has to pay a penalty, which is to be stripped from the waist down and to permit a guy to pour and drink some sake from their pussy. The next game involves the ladies demonstrating the gripping power of their pussy, the losers getting a full vibrator treatment. Next, a two stage relay race. The first stage has the ladies stripping out of their business suits and into vanishingly small bathing suits or lingerie in front of the guys who are tickling them. Next stage requires them to lick off all of the whipped cream on some guys dick (while sitting astride the guy's face). Then after 2 hours and 30 minutes, they get down to some real sex, with the couples pairing off. As is becoming the custom with these videos, the last 20 minutes has the guys sneaking into the female MC's room later that night and dishing out some of the same treatment she had been orchestrating for the other ladies. (240 minutes)
R-695 Playing with the Wind (Part 4) $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is from the same series a R646 - a favorite with my customers. Ladies, dressed in short skirts are brought up on a roof top which is plenty windy for a photo shoot. The photographer is supposedly only taking head shots, but the video is getting a full body shot and with the wind blowing, we get to see lots of panties and lots of embarrassed ladies. The video features 5 scenes in all with 6 blushing ladies. (93 minutes)
R-691 Outdoor Red Light/Green Light Obstacle Course $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Next to strip rock scissors paper, the game most likely to be interesting is the Japanese version of Red Light/Green Light. In this childhood game, "it" says with his mack turned to everyone "Daruma San ga koronde" and while this is being said, all of the other participants try to sneak up on "it". It spins and if anyone is moving they have to go back to the start. I few of my favorite videos played a strip version of this, but in this video, the ladies (20 of them) start out dressed only in towels. Furthermore their path to "it" is more of a obstacle course and almost certainly the knot they have keeping their towels in place will be sorely challenged! The course is 40 meters long. The first obstacle is a set of bars that they have to go under and over. Then a net that they have to crawl under. Next a bridge with a spray to help wet down the towels and make them heavier for the next obstacle which requires the ladies to jump to grab a ball hanging well above their heads. Finally they have to pull themselves up a ramp with a rope. When the ladies are frozen, the camermen get to do a little exploring. In the end, 15 of the 20 ladies do not qualify for the finals and their penalty is to drop their towels and race to the locker room. Why do they do this? The prize for winning is $30,000! This video is continued in R692. In this video, we only see the competition - lots of cute ladies and skin. For a limited time, you can buy R692 and R692 for a total of $50. (90 minutes)
R-688 Time Stop - 4 Scenes $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another time stop video from Japan and this one has one of my fantasies in it. It begins with our hero stumbling across an odd looking watch laying in the street (don't you wish you'd find one of those?) He just happened to be on his way to a cell phone store for service (these are all over Japan and are staffed by very well dressed and attractive yound ladies.) He was getting the usual run-around when he started to play with his new watch and suddenly - everyone in the store froze and it is off to the races. One by one, he exposes the conservatively dressed ladies, rucking up their tight skirts to reveal their panties and hose (and for kicks, shoves a cell phone between their pantyhose and panties (on vibrate mode?) He then takes all of the liberties he wants with the three ladies. If you've ever been frustrated at your cell phone storee, you will love this scene! In a moment of madness, he just fills one poor lady's pantyhose with cell phones. The next scene takes place at a tennis court where he wrecks havoc with 4 ladies. First he strips them all from the waist down then starts time - for some reason, they don't seem to notice their condition as they continue to play. He stops time again and from somewhere comes up with a bucket of water and an enema pump and does a number on one of the ladies. When time starts again the lady immediately voids (cleanly). He stops time again and goes to work on the whole bunch. In the third scene, he is at a water station for a marathon, where it seems the watch has the ability to freeze one person. Finally, we see a scene with a mother and daughter. It seems the mother has been called to school to discuss the daughter's progress and our hero takes full advantage of the situation. A twist here is that he unfreezes them one at a time for a short time so that they are aware of what is happening. There is a lot of sex in this video but it is all somehow interesting. (130 minutes)
R-685 Public Bath Wars - Office Ladies vs College Coeds (Part 2) $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a continuation of R684. The first contest requires a lady, dressed only in a towel to stand with her hands above her head holding onto a frame. These already places her in a precarious position, but it gets better! The opposing team uses feathers and paint brushes to tickle her. If that fails to disloge her towel, then a super soaker water gun is used on her. And if that fails, then can use a "magic hand" - basically a plastic claw to try to dislodge the towel. Which ever team lasts the longests, wins the contest. The next contest has the ladies changing towels to something that is much thinner and more fragile, then the ladies are sent into a large bath to look for little trinkets on the bath floor, their only cover deteriorating as they search. For the last 15 minutes, we have the forfeit game - which involves some lucky guys getting a blow job from the losing team. There is some great video scenes here - like nothing you've ever seen. (60 minutes)
R-684 Public Bath Wars - Office Ladies vs College Coeds (Part 1) (Voted Best Party Video of 2008) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a wonderfully delightful video - the ladies (10 of them) are pretty, playful, and dressed to expose. The two teams are mostly wearing towels throughout the video and compete in a variety of contests. For the first contest, one lady from each team, wearing only a towel to start with has to take off that towel, using their hands as best they can for cover, and put on an incredibly tiny bikini - which has been compressed and tied into a knot to give us plenty of time to look at the ladies. They try to squat down in a hot tub, but the water is clear and there are underwater cameras, so they can't hide everything. For the next contest, the ladies are once again wearing only towels. This time, they have to lay on a sliding table and their team mates have to slide them to get as close to a wall as possible. However, when the game starts, a guy wearing a loin cloth straddles the path of the table with his crotch aligned perfectly with the lady's face. We get some pretty nice shots of the ladies bottom looking up her towel. For the next contest, the ladies are brought into the men's bathing area and are wearing a towel that barely covers them from their breasts to crotch. Hidden throught the bathing area are small pieces of paper that the ladies have to locate. One piece of paper declares the finder to be the winner. On the rest of the papers is a number that specifies how many centimeters have to be cut off of the towel with a scissor! The amounts run from 2 inches to 4 inches to 8 inches! In the end, many of the ladies are either naked or might as well be. This is a truly fine video that is continued in R685. (120 minutes)
R-683 Magazine Idols Audition - Sexy Survival Part 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This is a continuation of R682. 6 ladies start off the competition. They are dressed in bikinis and each gets to choose an envelope which specifies an item they have to find at the resort. One lady has to get a note on the wall in the mens room above a urinal - while a guy is peeing. The instructs her to pass out towels to the men. Another lady has to go into the changing room for the men's bath to find her task - which of course involves going into the mens bathing area and washing their backs. The third lady has to go to an outdoor bathing area where she also finds some naked male bathers - her task, to give back rubs. The fourth lady has to go up to a guest room ro wake up the guy sleeping there. He is slow to get up so she pulls the blanket off of him, only to find him naked beneath. The fifthlady goes to another outdoor bath and pose with the naked man she finds there. The final lady goes to yet another bathing area where she finds a naked couple having some fun and she has to steal the guy's towel. This is a pretty neat video and will certainly appeal to those who like the CFNM type of video. (60 minutes)
R-682 Magazine Idols Audition - Sexy Survival $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! In Japan, there are a class of women knows as "idols". They might be (not very good) singers, or appear in photo magazines - nude or semi nude or almost nude - and who are simply around because they look fine. In this video, 15 photo idols get into some playful games which involves them wearing either a bikini or a towel. They are delightful to look at and the games frequently have them either stripping or being stripped but [WARNING] they don't get naked and if every some "naught bit" is going to be uncovered a rather nasty pink heart shows up (this is a contractual issue - if they ladies were seen to have been in an adult film, they would never be in a photo magazine again). However, for 99% of the video, we simply get to look at some very lovely ladies showing off a lot of skin. On this DVD, there are 5 games. The ladies along with two male and female MCs gather at a hot springs resort. The first game has the ladies dressed only in a towel and they play a game where they have to bump their opponent off a platform in a pool using their bottoms. They play 8 matches (The odd girl goes against the female MC) - towels get wet and clingy and slip a bit and with a little imagination you can just imagine what the film crew got to see. Next, we find all of the ladies in a hot spring wearing their towels and they have to fight over a number of tennis ball thrown into the water. Once again, towels get very wet. float, slip, etc. These ladies have to be the worlds best teases! Next, we retire to a banquet area where they are dressed in yukatas (informal kimonos) for the manditory strip rock, scissor, paper game. (Nobody gets fully naked, but it is fun watching them wiggle out of their undies. Next, 4 of the ladies have to change into various cos-play outfits (behind a back lit screen). Next, 9 of the ladies do some oil wrestling while dressed in bikinis or a cos-play outfit. A rollicking good time!(120 minutes)
R-678 Remote Vibrator Challege $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It has been a while since a good vibrator challenge video has been added. Here three of attractive ladies have been challenged to strip down, have a remote control vibrator of some sort placed on/in them and then they have to get dressed again and go out in a public area where they have to walk a couple of blocks to a store and back. In the first case, the lady is wearing a long skirt and no panties when she goes out and not only has the vibrator strapped in her, but has a video camera strapped to the inside of her thigh, pointing directly up. There are a few cameramen on the street and she is carrying a stuffed animal with a camera inside to capture close-ups of her face when the vibrator is turned on. When she makes it back to the studio, she is so horny, that sex with the producer is a sure thing. The next two ladies go through similar challenges, but without the thigh camera. There can be little doubt that all of the ladies are brought to multiple, often noisy climaxes on the busy streets of Tokyo. (135 minutes)
R-677 Game of Life - The Office Version $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I have a number of Game of Life videos on my site - this one is a bit different. Miu is back as the MC and the venue this time isn't a studio or a beach house, but the Soft on Demand Offices. The ladies play the game with plenty of stripping and sexual favor penalties as they follow the path right through the work area of the Soft on Demand offices. Surprisingly (and happily!) Miu is more than the MC she actually gets hands on (or should I say fingers in) with the penalties. This video also features lots of half dressed ladies and a bit of embarrassment as well. (150 minutes)
R-674 Bottomless (mostly) High School $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! More great video for the fans of half naked women. I've received a number of requests for this video. that features what appears to be a High School Class (all of the ladies are over 18) which is mostly female but with a few guys as well (they stay dressed). The teacher is female as well. At the beginning, a new classmate joins the class and it turns out she is the only one with anything between her waist and the tops of their socks. We see the ladies go through a typical school day - from a class, to gym, to practice for their graduation ceremony. About 2/3 of the way through the film the ladies appear topless, but after about 15 minutes, we mostly see bottomless action. As in R673, everyone behaves as if this is the most natural thing in the world - maybe it should be! (90 minutes)
R-673 Half Naked Basketball $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There are some guys in the world (and some of them are my customers) that really enjoy the sight of a half dressed woman - and this video will be a total delight to them. 10 ladies gather at a local gym for a game of basketball. We see their team bus arrive and when the bus doors open, out walks a ladies basketball team - all naked from the waist up - acting as if it is the most normal thing in the world! But as an added bonus, all of the coaches, reporters, and even the fans are topless! Now I know that a lot of you are bottomless fans. No Problem! At halftime, everyone - players, coaches, reporters and fans switch from topless to bottomless. To be honest, I prefer a little embarassment to go along with the nudity, but the total comfort the ladies display is quite refreshing. The basketball isn't half (pun) bad, so add a star if you are a fan. (95 minutes)
R-672 Team Building Strip Rock Paper Scissors (Voted Best Strip Game Video of 2008) $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It is that time of year again - Soft on Demand has a bunch of new female employees (they turn over the ladies quite often) and it is time that they learn the meaning of team-mates. At the beginning of the video, the boss greets all of the new female employees - and invites (orders) them to play a few games of Yakyuken - strip rock paper scissors. During this part of the video, the ladies only get down to their bra before chickening out. Then 8 ladies are invited to a team building exersize. First, they have to play Yakyuken against some customers. If they chicken out, they have to pay a penalty. (Actually, even if they don't chicken out, they have to pay the penalty) Throughout, they are judged by their "sempai" - their superior as to how well they did for the team. After all 8 ladies have played, the boss decides that the 4 female "sempai" have to play as well, to show the spirit of the teams. Then comes the really interesting part - the get dressed up in their panties, bra, and pantyhose and form teams of 3. A couple of the ladies really chicken out, so two spots are filled with customers. Each team picks a player who has her hands tied behind her back. Then they play the game again. First the pantyhose goes. Next the bra, but rather than being exposed, the two team mates provide a "hand bra". Next the panties go, but still, one of the team mates can provide a hand cover for the bush. They continue playing, but this time, with each loss, one had is removed. Gentlemen, this is the best example of this genre that I have seen in a long time - it is hightly recommended. (250 minutes)
R-668 Uniformed, Underwear clad, half naked and buck naked school $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video has a little for everyone. Do you like to see lots of ladies dressed up in school outfits? In their bras and panties? Half naked (either topless or bottomless)? Totally naked? This video has a pretty standard Japanese school - lots of ladies - students and teachers and a couple of guys (who stay dressed). You are watching a scene when suddenly the clothes vanish - either partially or fully. It is just like you imagined when you were in high school! The wide screen format works will with HD TVs. (60 minutes)
R-666 Panties Down - Long Socks Edition $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! There is a great fashion trend in Japan - ladies with very short skirts wear socks that go up to their knees or a bit higher, leaving a lucious strip of skin between the tops of the socks and the hem of the skirt. In this video, 61 Ladies are dressed like this and the men of Japan show their appreciation by approaching them on the street, pulling up their skirts and pulling down their panties - often leaving nothing between the tops of their socks and their waist! Excellent! Sometimes it is a typical shark attack, but at other times, the guy chats with the lady for a few moments - asking directions and to like and before she knows it, her panties are at her knees. (75 minutes)
R-657 Gocon Games $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It is about time for another stripping game video! The video opens at a Gocon party - a dinner party where guys and gals get together in Japan for an opportunity to meet. There are usually some games to be played and some of them get pretty hot. In this case, the guys come prepared with some twister games, vibrators, and a few hidden camera to catch the action. 5 young attractive ladies join the 5 gentlemen and enjoy some food and drink and small talk. When the ladies are sufficiently tipsy, they bring out the twister game. This is followed by another game which I cannot quite figure out, but it involves a lot of touching and a little stripping. Next up is some spirited strip rock scissors paper games. After that, the ladies get dressed in some lingerie (or less) and a game of King's requests breaks out - lots more touching of course. (Beware, there is also a brief moment of guy/guy touching - closed mouth kissing and about 10 seconds of one guys hand on another guys dick - it isn't gay - they are both grossed out, but had to follow the rules of the game.) After about an hour, it pretty much becomes an orgy. This video is in wide screen and will look great on your HDTV! (120 minutes)
R-656 Stop Motion $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! We have a run of three very inventive videos. This video starts with a young man riding his bike. By accident a car hits him and he wakes up a bit later in the hospital. In the bed next to him is someone else who also seems to have been the victim of an accident, but is in worse shape - when they are alone, that man gives him a magic stop motion device and we are off to the races! The next day, our hero visits the nurse's station and has his way with 3 nurses and one female doctor. He gets in plenty of groping and leaves them standing there with their clothing in total disarray. My favorite part is when he restarts time and we get to see the ladies trying to get redressed in a panic. In the next scene, our hero is being examined by a drop dead gorgeous doctor. He stops time on her and does his own very physical exam. Once again, he restarts time with the doctor naked on the examination table. The next scene is pretty wierd. A young lady is undergoing physical therapy, walking down the hall with the help of a walker when he stops time once again. This man has no conscience at all! He fully gropes and strips the patient and starts time with her buck naked in the hallway. For the fourth scene, our hero stops time outside a gynecologists office and takes advantage of the examination table with the stirrups. For the fifth scene, or hero is back in his hospital bed (he must be exhausted!). Still horny, he calls for a nurse and stops time once again. After stripping that nurse, he finds two more and lays all three of them on a bed, side by side in order to do some comparative sampling. There is even a surprise ending! Top notch stuff! (125 minutes)
R-655 Magic Phone Booth $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here is another very clever video. It features, of all things, a magic phone booth. As the video opens, we seem to be in a park. A lady is walking her baby, a female guitar player is trying to pick up some change, another lady is on a motor scooter, a business woman is heading for the phone booth, another is sitting in her car and a couple of girl friends are eating lunch on a park bench. Along comes our hero, in the middle of an important phone call on his cell, when the battery goes. He races to the phone booth, rudely pushing the business woman aside and makes his call. When he finishes, the call, he steps out of the phone booth into an alternate universe - a wonderful one - all of the ladies are naked and seem to be quite comfortable in that state. He enters and leaves again - everyone is dressed again, but now he seems to have absolute control over the ladies who are soon stripped again. The second part of this video we enter a world were the ladies are in charge. We are in an office where all of the ladies are in pants suits and they boss around a guy who inexplicably is wearing a skirt! What follows is some of the worst, most vile sexual harrassment there is -- just kidding of course, I don't know what ladies are complaining about! Well, for an hour the shoe is on the other foot and I don't think our hero really minds. Very interesting video. (120 minutes)
R-653 More Naked Sword Fighting $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Given the good response from customers on videos R638 and R639, I've added another sword fighting demonstration video. In this video, a new young lady demonstrates both her sword fighting skills as well as her overall conditioning that has given her a really tight bod. The video starts with a short interview followed by a demonstartion match. That is followed by her stripping off her skirt and panties and staging another demonstration with just her shirt-tails (and a fuzzy mosaic) for cover. Next, she removes her blouse and bra for a zenra (naked) demonstration. Following that, she puts on the protective gear and faces off against another woman for a real match. Next, the two ladies go at it again, wearing the protective equipment, but no clothing. Then things get a bit more interesting. Our sword fighter takes off the protective gear and wearing only her clothing takes on a series of guys whose goal is to strip her without getting sliced. They have to be quick to get in close under her sword - it seems that the guys may not be up to the task! Her first opponent hardly lays a hand on her. Her second opponent is completely out matched as well. The third opponent does a bit better, and at least is able to leave her in a state of disarray. It isn't until the seventh opponent that we start to see some serious amount of skin. After that, most of the opponents seem to be trying to grope her rather than strip her, but she fight on until eventually the ninth opponent leaves her naked. At this point, about an hour into the film, it becomes more like a typical adult video. I really enjoy the first half of the video. Also at the very end, she has some demonstration matches where she is bottomless but otherwise dressed as a police woman, and then in a leather look bathing suit. (120 minutes)
R-652 Half Naked World 2 $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video starts innocently enough with a woman busy at work in her kitchen, making breakfast for her husband when suddenly her skirt dissapears. She not only serves her husband breakfast while bottomless, but her son and daughters join them an the breakfast table, both of the girls bottomless as well (everyone is of legal age). The family sets off for the day, the men fully dressed and the ladies bottomless. At the local 7-11, all of the ladies are also bottomless. Back home, the lady of the house vacuums bottomless, dusts topless, and finallyhangs the laundry and gardens bottomless. The scene shifts to a hospital where all of the nurses are either bottomless or topless. Next, we visit a school where all of the coeds are bottomless. Back home, the wife is watching TV and not surprisingly, all of the actresses on the TV are also bottomless. The day continues at a caligraphy class and finally everyone returns home. About 90% of this video features lots of bottomless ladies, about 10% topless in ordinary situations that seems so natural. If you ever found yourself daydreaming about the ladies around you being half naked, you will love this video! (80 minutes)
R-650 Skirt Attack - 28 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! And now something for the guys who like the bottom halves of the ladies revealed. The good people at Eleven have captured on video 70 ladies begin accosted in the street, having their skirts pulled up high and their panties put on display for the world's (and our!) pleasure. Most of the ladies are dressed in school outfits and are bare-legged - all the better to see the patterns on their panties. Most of the attacks are sudden and swift, but in a few cases, the ladies are lifted off of their feet, their legs are spread wide and a much more expansive view of what lies beneath is displayed. (74 minutes)
R-646 Playing with the wind $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Here's something I like about Japanese ladies - they look great with their skirts blowing. This video features tons of wind blown skirts. The ladies have been set up for a photo shoot, and they are dressed in some typical "cos-play" outfits either maids or waitresses and are brought to a very windy rooftop. The photographer gives them posing directions but those darn short skirt just keep heading north. The photographer keeps re-assuring them that it won't show in the final pictures, but they are still embarrassed. The photographer also asks them to do things with their hands - peace sign, bunny ears, heart, etc. that forces the ladies to let those skirts fly. They video cameras set up for a front and rear view. Totally delightful! (90 minutes)
R-641 Panty Peeks Happenings $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! We all remember the times in our life when we have been blessed by a quick peek up a ladies skirt - maybe it was the wind, maybe a skirt caught on a snag or begin behind a lady going up stairs. This video captures 40 such scenes. We see the lovely ladies of Japan out and about on the street - all dressed in minis. Some young fellow comes up behind them, holding a small brief case and he manages to snag the zipper on the hem of the skirt. While profusely apologizing, he works to get it loose while at the same time lifting it high enough to allow his friend with a video camera to capture the glorious scene. What makes it especially Japanese is that the lady usually bows to the guy and thanks him for unhooking her! In one case, the ladies skirt gets caught while she is over a subway grate giving us a fine display. 25 of the 40 cases has this guy at work with his hook and the remaining 15 have panties on display accidentally. A wonderful video. (58 minutes)
R-636 X-Ray Glasses - The Movie! $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! What a great movie. There is some poor working stiff - a stockboy at Japan's version of 7-11 convenience stores - at the beginnine of the video, he is restocking some shelves, and runs across a new product - X-ray glasses. He tries them on, looks around and suddenly finds that he can see through ladies skirts to see their panties. Their skirts seem to have become translucent. But, then he finds out that there is an adjusment that makes the outer clothing disappear, leaving the ladies (and one gent) their skivies. This is one happy stock boy! Later on in the day, we see him interacting with the female customers and staff, first as they see themselves (fully dressed) and then the exact same scene, where they are as he sees them - naked. The Japanese video makers have a real genius for this. Later in the day, he retires to the back room to watch all of the customers on the security cameras while beating off. (Apparently, they glasses work on TV pictures as well!) While watching the lovely ladies, he catches one stealing! She has put some candy in her pockets, but since he can see through all cothings (but it seems not candy!) she is nabbed and nailed. Finally, as night falls he makes a pass as the checkout girl who is amazed with his technique when she is fully clothed, but he (and we) sees her naked. After this, we see a number of sequences of what someone with those glasses might enjoy seeing in a park in Japan, at a doctor's office (the nurses and patients are quite lovely). This is a great fantasy video! (120 minutes)
R-634 Happy New Year 2008 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Another 4 hour extravaganza from SOD. It is New Years 2008 and an great time to celebrate the achievements of the past year and the hopes for the new year - and the lovely female form! This video start off with the CEO of Soft on Demand congratulating the staff on a job well done. The guys are dressed in suits, the ladies in their finest new years kimono. And when the speeches are over, the party begins! The ladies remain and a number of customers are brought to watch some very sexy games. First, a traditional children's game, a bit like badminton. In the children's game, the winner gets to paint the loser's face. In this game, the winner gets to write on the loser's thighs. The next game is also based on a traditional game - a poem is read and the a card with the last line must be found - but the cards are all attached to a guy in his shorts and the card must be retrieved by mouth. The overall loser gets to give the guy a blow job. The next game breaks the 8 ladies into 4 teams. One member of the team stays put, has a balloon placed in her panties and has the balloon blown up while the other member of their team has to complete some task, hopefully (but not likely) before the balloon breaks. The other tasks that had to be performed - take a leak in a urinal (or help some guy do it), make an "M" pose on someone's desk after stripping off her panties, doing a 10 second handstand in the office (dressed in a kimono of course), or making business calls while being groped by one's office mates. Next, a blow job race, then after that, blindfolded blow jobs. Finally, after 2 hours and 20 minutes, sex in the office as everyone gets a memory to take home with them. (240 minutes)
R-633 The NHK TV Personality Fetish $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Americans have their Hooter waitresses, the Brits have their Nurses, the French have their maids and the Japanese have their NHK TV Personalities??? These ladies read the news, run cooking shows or children's entertainment on the Japanese equivalent of BBC or PBS. They are all very prim and proper - speak perfect Japanese and are prime targets for the Japanese male fantasy machine. This video has 7 scenes, supposed to take place in the near future (2012). Our hero is watching a new report on his TV concerning some material that makes the wearer invisible and we are off to the fantasy. We see another lady reading the new being undressed, groped and screwed on camera, acting (mostly) oblivious to what is happening. The last section is an English Language show that is good for a few chuckles. The acting is pretty poor, but the thought is there as the ladies do their best to keep on script while being stripped and screwed. (100 minutes)
R-629 Mature Women and Madonna Fan Bus Tour - 3 (Part 2) $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! The party continues from R628! The whole group goes out to a nightclub for a little ... sex. What else? The guys go dressed in the traditional yukata while all of the ladies are dressed in "cos-play" outfits. Maids, Students, Nurses, etc. for a little warmup. Then everyone switches to Yukatas and play a rousing game of female vs female naked Twister. Next, a game where two naked ladies are blindfolded and kneel on the seat of a chair and are entered from behind. Then they have to decide which of the guys did it by and intimate examination of all of the guys. Next, a little whale sex (female spurting orgasms). Then, it is back to the hotel for a little ... sex. After nightfall, the ladies go on the prowl, breaking into the guys room and making them very happy. Finally, a little sight seeing and they all get on the bus to head home and have a little sayonara sex. Insatiable! (180 minutes)
R-626 Mature Ladies Bus Tour to a Mixed Bathing Spa 2 (Part 1) $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! I've had a few videos featuring the more mature Japanese woman and they were enjoyed by many of my customers who appreciate the attraction of more experienced ladies (e.g., they don't screech when they see some dick like it was King Kong's.) The first half of this video starts as a luxury bus is loading up for a traditional Japanese holiday to a resort hotel. The ladies are all from the Japanese AV industry and appear to be in their late 20's to early 40s and to my eyes, they look pretty hot. They are joined by 14 guys (but for some reason, one guy is dressed up as a woman). On the bus, they pair up by lottery and then start the games on the way to the spa. First, the ladies strip to their undies and the guys drop trou and the race for the fastest blow job starts. Next, strip rock scissors paper (of course!). When they arrive at the spa, everyone heads to the bath and then the first night's banquet begins - the ladies feed the men and the men pay them back by with a little groping. After dinner entertainment consists of "Cos Play" sumo. The ladies in pairs, do a sexy strip before dressing up in some sort of costume and having a quick sumo match. The loser pays a sexual penalty. Next up - naked twister. Next, 3P (3 person) sex as one very lucky guy and 2 ladies mix it up. There's lots of sexual activity in this video, but I've put it on the "R" section since it is so wacky. (175 minutes)
R-619 Pee Mopping $35Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! If you are a lady in Japan, you are expected to clean up after yourself - even if it means mopping up your own pee with your damp panties. This video opens with a lovely young lady dressed in standard business attire walking through the streets of a modern Japanese city, looking for the office where she has an interview for a stewardess job. She is quite nervous and it is clear that she is having a bit of a bladder problem. She makes it through the interview with flying colors, but watching her feet below the table, it is clear that she really has to go. She is on her way home (to the privacy of her bathroom) when she realizes that she has forgotten her notebook back and the interview. She races up the stairs, but the office door is locked. She cannot hold out any longer and ends up peeing a river through her panties and pantyhose. Just after she finishes, the woman she interviewed with returns, much to the humiliation of the young lady. She ends up stripping off her panties and pantyhose and uses them to mop up after herself. In the next segment, it is the woman doing the interviewing that has the problem. She is a TV reporter and just as she is getting desperate and at the end of the interview, her producer tells her to stretch the interview out a bit. You can guess the result as she disgraces herself on camera, standing knock kneed and pigeon toed while peeing through her panties and pantyhose in front of a celebrity. Next, we meet a stewardess who finds herself with her hands tied, a woman lifting her skirt above her hips and desperate to pee. Next, a lady in a school girl outfit sits down with a tutor, a workbook and a large bottle of water to study. She tries to get away, but the tutor insists that she gets some answers right first. Too late - as she wets the rug and of course has to mop it up. Finally, my favorite segment - two ladies are in the air conditioning repair business. They are called to a house to fix the a/c (which in Japanese houses is usually near the ceiling). One lady (in blue jeans) is left holding up part of the a/c while her mate goes for some parts. She is standing on two chairs, her hands high above her head and she gets the urge to pee. Beyond desperation, she lets it go. When her mate returns, she humiliates her by pulling down her genes and panties to just below her bottom. Eventually, the lady strips them off the rest of the say and mops up after herself. The last 11 minutes are out-takes and behind the scenes shots. A fine video! (96 minutes)
R-618 Time Stop (8) $40Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This series is beginning to show its age, but every now and then, there is a gem of a scene. This video starts with some poor working stiff hurrying to get to a job interview when he literally stumbles over an odd looking stop watch - and finds out it has the ability to stop time. He enters the office and finds 3 lovely ladies dressed in business suits absolutely frozen in time. First he scopes out what is up their skirts, gives each a grope, and then partially undresses each as they sit perfectly frozen and has sex with one of them. Satisfied, he starts time again, leaving the ladies embarrassed to find their clothing in such disarray. Next, he travels to the local 7-11 where he finds a number of ladies shopping and one behind the counter. He undresses 2 of the customers, then goes to work on the cashier. When he is done with her, he puts her apron (only) on her and starts time just to get a reaction from her and stops time again. He puts her on the counter, fully spread and starts time briefly once more to get another reaction. He repeats this several times - much to the ladies humiliation. Finally, he goes back to the last lady in the store and has sex with her. Finally he spies two women (acting as a mother and daughter - clearly both are adults) having a picnic, stops time, partially undresses both of them and then starts time briefly over and over. He finally drags them both into a house to complete the act. The last scene doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the video. Another guy finds the same stop watch. He finds a couple in a car, stops time and has a fine old time with the lady in the car. What I like most about these videos is that the actresses do a fine job of staying still and the plot has the guy starting and stopping time in order to embarrass his victims. I would have liked less sex and more pranking, but all in all, not bad. (120 minutes)
R-612 Super Jockey 2 $45Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! This video is quite similar to R296 - in fact two of its 10 scenes appeared in that video and it is clear that this video collected a number of scenes that were either published elsewhere or have been sitting in a closet somewhere as the Natural High producers and directors improved their skills. Still, it is a really good video - the ladies have to change into various cos-play outfits, then sit fully dressed in a wickedly hot bath - the longer they stay in the more money they earn and the earlier that they bail out, the greater the sexual penalty they have to pay. These ladies are simply delightful as they play the crazy games, wear the outlandish clothing and as good sports, pay the penalties. (240 minutes)
R-607 Panty Thieves $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It must be great to work for companies like this in Japan. The crazy guys at Phi are out once again terrorizing the female population of Japan, finding ladies dressed up in nice dresses and skirts and swooping in on them and quickly stripping their panties off (often ripping them) and running away with them! Yes, the ladies are left "no-pan" - Japanese for commando and probably spend the rest of the day, either in school or the office or just shopping where every breeze and every step they take reminds them that they are exposed and that some pervert has a new treasure. 28 ladies suffer the same fate. A top notch video! (65 minutes)
R-606 Bathing Suit Stripping 2 $30Buy this and get another video of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Following up on the wonderful R496, 27 lovely ladies who are enjoying the sun and cool breezes of the beaches of Japan learn how quickly their bikinis can be stripped off of them! Some of the ladies have their tops stripped, some their tops and bottoms. The thieves are kind enough to leave the bikinis nearby so we also get to see the ladies struggle to get redressed in public. It isn't so easy to tie those knots when one is trying to hurry. A totally outstanding video! (64 minutes)